Monday, December 29, 2008

to a better year...cheers

the year's drawing so much to an end and it made me wonder what a year 2008 has been to me. of course i've had my share of miserable moments but the traces of memories that flashes past my heedless mind puts a smile to my fatface and makes my day.

i guess i'm ready for the new year. *pops confettis*

To the heartwarming memories *raises glass*; (i'm such an alcoholic).

- i've finally learnt to accept the fact that my university life has come to an end after 4 pleasant years lazing my way thru with 2 handful and more of my mates that will contain a part of my heart for the rest of my life

- i fulfilled my dreams and became a mermaid in the deep waters of tioman

- i finally went to bangkok to prove the others right that u can actually return to tanah melayu with a new fashion-filled luggage bag

- i've abandoned my SLK for my sleak myvi.

- i had a brief interaction with clayton cheung. LALALA

- i embraced a new member to the family...and got occasionally harassed from then on
or rather, i harassed? XD

- i received my first ever payslip (intern tak kira)...had an arduous time as a rookie and decided to stay put to fight on despite another really impressive offer

- i lost buckets of tears sending the once baby of the family to another realm of her life.

- i was admitted to the hospital for viral fever

ok apparently the last quarter didn't seem too promising but they don't appear to bother me so it shall just stay on the list as a solid reminder to the peanut that life's not gonna be as easy but we'll come thru it. *raises glass again*

Happy New Year everyone!
May it be a good one.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

losing track

of the dates.
ok it's sunday but oh well it's been sunday since the past few days and i'm njoying the savor of it. and i haven't been sleeping in just in case you were wondering. made full use! POW!

and i made a mistake.
i was in seremban for a night.
sigh...all the way and back. just for that few teeny weeny hours.
it was fun nonetheless.

was uber late and reached there like what...9?!
to miraculously find out that i left my green christmasy top at home, lying pathetically well ironed (no i flattened it with a stack of clothes actually) on my chair.
so i wore my swim suit...and wearing swimsuits DO NOT WORK out of kl.

i stink i know.
my hair's aweful...i took 15 mins to freshen up aka BATHE AND MAKEUP hence...the horrendous overall appearance...*silence*...can i cry? T.T

i shall skip the dinning part. their onion soup rox thou...i had 3 bowls WOOT. had alco sent back to the room so that we could complete the countdown ritual. HOTNESS! we just screamed...and played cards. i think i lost rm3. hmph

i shared my bed with pinkie pie (no i did not name her that it was written on her ID...and yes i brought her along for the trip).

we swam the next morning. i repeat - MORNING. sacrificing the holy sleep for this:

is all worth while. XD

i'm approximately 3.2 tones darker...and the sun was barely peeking thru the silver clouds. EVERYONE GO GREEN!! SAVE THE WORLD. anyway, left late afternoon for sum to-die-for crabs.

dry those saliva. WE SHALL GO AGAIN!!!!!!

i'm so kewl!


Ip Man is so good, i'm buying everyone tickets to watch it.

just kidding. XD. go buy and witness urself saying...'OMFG PX IS RITE! LETS WATCH AGAIN' the moment the credits appear. and i'm convincing sum1 to lemme 'teman' watch the third time. WOOT!

hello honey. stress face from swimming too much. XD

i'd be blogging more but before that, ANYONE WITH PLANS FOR NEW YEAR?!?!?! call me.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seramat Hari Natal

the peanut and family is reaving to allson kelana resort after umteen years!!!
omg i is so happy i feel lke a jakun. *jumps in squares*
i love that place...cos it has the bestest high tea and they chose me as the winner of an art competition. i swear i did not throw any spells. i just won.
ok i came in second but...who cares. i just wanna brag. XD

the holidays begin in...approximately...
erm wait need sum counting...
i think...
wait could it be? omg i can't believe it...IT IS!!!
15-16 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn long. -.-

which alternately means that i'll be work, clients and jr free for the nxt few days!! WHOO HOO!!

and my very neglected swimsuit comes into good hands...very very good hands.
shud i get a ducky float? XD

Happy Christmas everybody!
And to all that will be partying without me, dun do anything too adventurous okay? WAITS FOR MEEEEE!!!

Happy 1st Christmas Chubby! *wet smooch*

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary

the power you had drove me right into you
the promises you made had me lust like a fool
i struggled and wretched; you had my mind pierced through
i could've turned my back but...i convinced myself,
too soon darling, too soon

and then i saw a glimpse of light
that thrusted me to an augmented height
it lifted the sorrows and restored the smiles
i see the future, i do...hopefully down infinite miles
now we shall travel the winding roads
hand in hand until the love within unfolds


happy 3rd month anniversary.
just gip me the fucking confirmation letter, will you.
and oh! my increment! /smack

if you were wondering what the glimpse of light is, i think its the olympus fe-20.
yeah im cheapskate. XD

2 more days till christmas.

hello koala anne!

Friday, December 19, 2008

hello asian

BLISSSSS is how i describe my friday nights.

it usually ends with me falling asleep 1/2way thru a new dvd of the week but...apparently i left them in the car and was left with no choice but to watch watever was running on the tv. so i fiddled thru the channels and WooooT!

looks spicy kan?!?!?! kal penn summore! tot it was gonna be hilarious. ended up bawling at a mooviee filled with currrrrry and sarrrrrinda (emphasize on the Rs pls)...and dahj mahalll.

and it got me some of us are already all of it these days. no i don't blame u if ur ma or pa or gramma or grampa said that speaking english and be as angmohfied as possible is better for your blood but...fold that piece of information and tuck it into ur own pocket...and dun bring it down to ur next generation.

i've met ppl (erm i seriously wanna name him here but er...he doesn't read my blog so fuck it) that thinks that he's pure super power just because he gets to pronounce the word GATTACA in a twisted manner IE ge-tey-ca...which ironically, i found out later that he's totally wrong.

'ello? malaysia? speak...human. thank you'.

yes i hold grudges. bite me! but i dun like being corrected in certain ways, especially by such a dufus.

no, dun interrupt first. i'm not applying this to everyone. i'm just saying this cos it triggered my thoughts on how some people can despise the language when they dun even understand shit about it. lemme tell you this, it's a special aptitude to be able to express urself in alternative ways. i picked up mandarin during uni and i've gained more than u can ever measure. so before you start degrading other people because they shove in their LAs and MAs and cibaikias into their sentences, start thinking about what u've lost...

like...Kungfu Panda in cantonese. /slap

i wished i could shoot this piece right smack into his face. but when he's not so annoying he can be pretty charming. sigh...after all, 1/2 of the blood that runs in our veins do match genetically. i shall keep keep my mouth shut and fingers working.

and no i shall emphasize that i'm not hitting at english speakers. it's just this particular being that irritates the shit outa me...sumtimes. and i also admit that i don't watch taiwanese shows cos i can't stand their accent. XD



the picture does not do justice. and the yellow ones...are supposed to be corn flavored. maciam telur kan. they any other rice balls. -.-

i'm gonna pan fry them tomorrow. they mite be stuck and i'll end up burning everything but...yeah wish me luck. XD

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Extreme Indulgence

*covers mouth to cease myself from losing control*

it should've been on my birthday list. i know la! i'm just slow. but oh well, anyone who wants to slot it into their xmas list for px is free to do so. but tell me first k before i grab it myself. LOL


Have a fantastic Christmas everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

wheerreeeee is loveeee...

Dream Interpreter

If your legs are weak, then you may be feeling emotionally vulnerable. To dream that your legs are wounded or crippled, signifies a lack of balance, autonomy, or independence in your life. You may be unable or unwilling to stand up for yourself. Perhaps you are lacking courage and refuse to make a stand.

Or...I might be hungry? Ptah. I'm so deprived. LOL

p.s- anyone knows where i can get all the 6 seasons of The Nanny? buzz me.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

yuuuuuuuuuuuuuum, seng!

q: how many times can one be attacked by the bug?
a:...many times.

i awoke with this excruciating pain it's as though a root plated in the depths of my throat, clinging on like a parasite, has decided to just stretch and reach out for the sun instead of the gravity. and...i wasn't tempted to get medical leave. BANGGAAA!!!

partially because there's this huge presentation (that doesn't really need me to do the talking but i'm part of it) that i would not opt to miss and...everyone ie the clients are kissing the year goodbye next week onwards therefore workload hampers onto me like an avalanche. and i'm not complaining, pretty in contrast to how i've been feeling a couple months back. XD. the bitterness in px has subsided in conjunction to kwismas!!

on a brighter note, ZE SHUT from the 25 DECEMBER 2008 - 28 DECEMBER 2008 and then some days after UNTIL THE 2nd JANUARY 2008. if you're entitled to annual leaves, shaddap. cos i don't have them yet. will be away for kwismas but please do include my name into ur rombongan list. px nak pigi zoo negara. WEEEEE!!!

i was reading my older posts a while back, just because, and i realized i can be pretty random about things. just like how i blurted out this post that has no apparent objective while waiting for the meds to take effect on my systems. i...sound like an akua. i mite as well just lose the voice wholly. blehhh...

when mommy fed me this last nite, i tot it LOOKED pretty yummy. it's like those rm0.20 fruity jellies u get on the bus. and it does provide a temporary relieve. i took a pill too that apparently works for the itchy bitchy throat. it's so small i think it mite be stuck in the gaps of my teeth. please work on me!

ah pek if you're reading this, ALL YOUR FAULT. my turn to wear shower cap now le. huhu

* dear all, i think the colleague sitting behind me is reading this. everyone say hi.

Monday, December 15, 2008

eh no la...

its like the wild side of me has just decided to jam on the break and hit an abrupt halt draining away all the spirits and desire to party. *hears nat's distant cheer*...
babe how?!?! faster come back!!!
BUT...but...i'm refusing to believe cos...

for fuck's sake i'm only 22!!! is that old? is anyone convinced i'm of that age?
23 perhaps no? 24?...25?'s the genes. hmph
*wails uncontrollably*

anyway, i'm frank as shit here. the loft stinks like turtlepoo immersed in hydrogen sulphide. literally. one could only dance to their music if you've taken 5 doses ajinomoto+coke. there were small steps here and there you'd think you could walk straight but end up falling flat on ur asian face and...the sofa area smelt like puke. perfect.

anyway i drank a couple (not mentioning...not much...dun ask...still sober...not drunk...still remember what palpitation is), tried boogying cos i felt fat, skived to the toilet a couple times cos i had nothing else better to do, camwhored like crazy with he, she, it, they and us and...THE HORROR! i dozed off. so crever. *claps* i think laling dozed off and i stoned...i have no idea but it was terrible i wished i had just stayed home and watched the christmas tree lights change color.

leongchaikin, leongpeixzan, laling channeled to the sleeping mode

the jb gang without the outcasts ie me, me, me and...who else? me?

the leong outcasts pouting for obvious reasons.
there goes our presents from santa. sigh

known as the-ex. tak tau nama dah.

i know 1's rachel and another tammy. but erm...
from my face you know i'm too shy to ask which is which so...

i remember there's 1 lily. and no, not from the Chins.
but apparently her pictures with me are...undetectable.
and there were about 15 other people loitering around. no i dunno who.
i'm gonna watch the lights turn color now.


the office needs to de-germ, if there is even such a term.
an enclosed air-conditioned, carpeted, stessful small room with 20 sick beings and 30% insectiside-filled-molecule air is...terribly unhealthy.
*downs yummy-green cough syrup*

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I can foresee myself being clouded throughout the entire weekend. Reason being:

1) Can anyone tell me exactly why is it that when i type in i'm led to the google portal? -.-

2) Why does the puzzle all fall in place ITSELF though untouched like...WHAM! even when I've decided to just toss it aside and not meddle with it anymore? -.-`

3) Why do all parties come together in the same day? And every party has their own engaging prospects. T.T

I suddenly feel as though I've plunged into this indecisive cave that even choosing my own lunch on whether I wan chicken head or chicken drumstick would be a backbreaker. I'm really being a fat bitch for complaining that I have more positions offered to me at this point. But why la come after I've made up my mind to stay...and worst of all - the offer is inviting. goddamn inviting. *whacks head*

It's like u're super full from dinner and have decided that ok it's time to put the fork down and suddenly, the chef comes out of nowhere and shoves a tub of chocolate fondue packed with strawberries and marshmallows and tells u...'TAKE IT! TAKE IT!' (indian accent) then BOOM! explode for being overfed like a goldfish. no actually, i dunno if the prospects are promising OR overwhelming over at the new place definitely is something i'd prefer doing compared to retarded client servicing. and for toppings, u can choose between a douchebag boss or a complete freak-ass who sings lke the cuckoo of the unwound hanging clocks. perfecto~

BUT, i wan to be part of sumthing prestigious...sum state-of-the-art project that has skyrocketting results. which i dun think movies like mandagascar can provide that satisfaction. NOT with that...'I LIKE TO MOOBIT MOOBIT *shakes ass*'. might as well just really move it, dig a hole and die.

can i just put on my sleeping cap and hit the sack until sum1 pays me at least rm3k? i'll leave. no questions asked. sigh. xmas party was good. it dun feel so left out. yay (monotonous due to the confusion that's restricted the mechanism my voice box)

babi jgn jeres. :D

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Japs Oh Japs...

was the writer deprived of late night outings?
would be nice if jamie chung plays mamak.
*inside joke*

this post is so random.
but i just wanna say i've NOT watched twilight and i'm yearning for it.
and i have this feeling i'm gonna fall so deeply in love with the lame, pale, vegetarian vampire.
still can't believe they termed them vegetarian. ptah!

------------------------------ me how technology works these days.
you know how some phones are so awesome they just work exactly like an amplifier?
oooh laaa nice no need radio jst on my phone and press play. or even better! i set it as ringing tone let it ring ring ring so everyone knows i so power got nice phone and awesome song!!

seriously, nobody wants to know from which prehistoric period u got that aweful tone. i dun think it's even playable on a gramophone. and i seriously believe that calculator-like device of yours has a SILENT MODE so can't you just fucking move your limp fingers, mute it like many other considerate being and...please for mother of all gods, dun sing along. 2 landslides in a month is bad enuff.


Sunday, December 7, 2008


i reread my last post of the previous year and realized i convinced myself that i shall not make anymore resolutions as it usually ends up unfulfilled or...i just don't even remember making them at the first place. yes if you do not know already, i'm pretty oblivious and it's been like that eversince...erm...yeah ends there.

i'm diverging. this declaration shall now only consist of one matter and the only matter that has been circulating my life profoundly that needs severe consideration. yes la crever! one big smooch on ur big arse if u gave a shot at the loathsome noun - work.

and no, althou the fact that i've finally began to be able to think like a being that's undergone a full development in the growth of the mind and soul (besides my absurd liking for ponies and candies and cartoons and...many other things made for human no taller than 60cm) does not mean that i have passion for the job that i'm currently doing. i'm giving myself time. hope. encouragement and hopefully a stint of motivation from the external sources, that the service i'm currently attached to is gonna last me a while before i mentally burn out and decay into a pot of silvery ashes.

and if all hopes are defined, *fingers flexibly & tightly crossed* i hope to be in for the next awards, not knowing if i ever could with the accounts i'm handling and not a screaming siao cha boh that gives standing ovations to my beloved company albeit knowing almost nuts about what they've gone thru. *smacks head*...(u're 2 months old wonky bitch! patience!) ok i hear u screaming that statement so control me when i rant. XD

ooooo! and with the writing skills' plummeting lower than a sunken rut can go, i need to do sumthing. and speaking almost everyday to a client that has problems spelling the alphabet A is not helping thank you. it's like trying to dig the grain of fiber stuck in between the 2 molars at the end of your gum. u've gotta yank ur finger in and fork it out but the deeper you dig with saliva dripping, the inner it goes. how leh? kenot speaking too proper cos auntie no understands. shucks.

hmm...enuff ranting. this is gonna be the last emofied post of the year and rest assured, all postings after this will be about parties parties parties...and parties. why? because christmas is coming and PERPETUAL HOPE IS LOOMING IN THE AIR!! BLISS OH BLISS!!! (and someone is coming back and hopefully my souvenir is as big as promised too. YAY!!!)

to kick off, ikano has sum really pretty decorations with little polystyrene snowballs falling all over i'm pretty sure sum kurang ajar kids will pick them up and toss into their mouths when their parents aren't watching. XD. it's not as impressive as mv's theme but oh well, got carols, got big fat santa, got sexy short skirt santa rina confirm ons!!! so we did sumthing that normally swear we won't do.

one nice happy family camwhoring at a local mall. LALALA

she's already adopted the lansi photographic skill of looking away when the camera snaps

all lovey dovey with maid looking from behind. XD.
ironically, the maid seems to appear in many pics. accidental apparently. O.o

not told that the season is here.

now it's here! c that dazzling hopeful eyes? XD


Friday, December 5, 2008

ponder ponder ponder

have you ever experienced this convulsive churn in ur digestive system that make you go all sweaty and u know u can't let go of anything from the bottom cos obviously sum excretion would follow suit? u're not home and the nearest washroom is this moist, dark and malodorous cubicle right next to the kiosk. u park ur car thinking u've stepped into heaven, grab a pathetic piece of kotex left in ur bag and rush in to do ur bisnes, tiptoeing even with a thick-soled shoe protecting.

while trying to release, an unearthly bug earthworm climbs out from those rusty drain stoppers and works its way towards u. all of a sudden, the indon auntie that chooses to clean the toilet everytime sumone is minding their bisnes bangs on the frail plastic door (locked using a string tied to a screw) screaming at you for taking too much time. u're nervous, the door's about to break open and suddenly, the tummy stops churning ultimately!

u zip up, stare at the fucked up dwarf sized foreign maid ferociously and walk back to ur car thinking everyting's great. u happily stop by the mart to buy urself a ribena on sale, hop on ur vehicle, start the engine, push to D and then...the churn returns. -.-

it's just like working isn't it. there are the ups and downs. when you're inexperienced, the new environment is always clouded compared to home. and there'll always be this punani neanderthal that irritates the shit out of you and they ALWAYS appear to have the authority to do so. and when you're getting slightly used to the disturbing environment, the challenges come lke the bug. it smells fear. the more it piles up, the nearer the threat comes.

2 months back, i'd choose to leave. i'd rather shit in my pants than to digest all the pain and before doing so i'll grab the mop from the maid and yank it into her mouth. but now i've learnt to tie the string a couple times so that the auntie doesn't break open and see my shit half dangling before it thuds into the bowl just like how i'll take precautionary steps to ward off unholy beings in the office. besides, i'll pick up the skill to dart the only tissue i have in hand to divert the bug to another direction (or crash it either way i win) so that i can just shit in peace. i can have ribena as a reward and i leave the toilet a stronger and lighter person. *px folds arms - HMPH!*. and if the churn returns, i'll have pil chi kit teck aun la next time!

many petrol kiosks along the highway have depreciated and of course toilets oso dah kurang. so it's not wise to leave one safe cubicle i've found first, unless there's this super tandas like the one at the gardens kan?

if you dun understand...its just cos u're not at my level. u need to be on IV for a couple days, get ur blood tested and...u must love ponies and cotton candies at 22.


i drank a little champagne and wanted to write. it's such an inspiring tale of how my mind suddenly took a 360 degree turn after i won myself an orimpus camera. how easy can my mind be bribed?! O.o
it's actually pretty impossible to use the camera and take a picture of itself like some of you have recommended, did u realize? so if you're interested, google OLYMPUS FE-20.

i know i know...i was just lucky la. and after a couple months of bitterness i think i deserve a little candy for the tart-y soul! like this:

natural porn. pop them into ur mouth and...they're meat free! so healthy!
fuck i'm gross i know.

@ le meridean sum time back. i innocently believe that i've shed sum light pounds after the fever. my hair's much longer and...i need to lose more.

randomly, yearning for timtams even if it's not the biscuit literally is...unhealthy. tsk tsk. *shakes it off my mind*

on a happier and more 'undertandable' note, IT'S A LONG WEEKEND!!! CAN U SMELL CHRISTMAS ALREADY?!??! neither can i yet la but then oh well...syok sendiri a bit can or not? MV's GIVING AWAY FREE BALLOONS WITH THE PURCHASE OF A FAIRY COTTON CANDY AT RM2.50!! SO GO GRAB UR SWORDS AND UGLY CROWNS NOW!!! (tell the sissy gypsy u dun wan the pink sword. he seems to be giving the ugly tone to everyone).

i can now play lightsaber myself.
supposed to be xmas gift but...oh well. XD

Sunday, November 30, 2008

the chimney's cleared...

for Santa to drop the gifts.

i was showing someone the 2 bags mommy and i bought today and all of a sudden i came across something that pumped up my adrenaline SO HIGH...blood test on wednesday would go cuckoo. *choi*!


*shaddap all of u...jgn's cute*

daddy said he's bought enough and asked me to msg u and PLEAD for you to do the honour. mommy looked into the catalogue and went...'YERRRR'
*puppy eyed*

i promise i won't shove it into anne's face. :D
check out the legs ok. lays flat on the ground. can sleep with me. WHOO HOOO!!!
walao damn gay can cry.


i still have cold sweat and my appetitite hasn't really normalized.
apparently it's something good cos i've been stuffing myself up so much i've doubled my size's a blessing in disguise.
go away!! go away!!!!!!
*running off to down brand's chicken essense and tido*

Thursday, November 27, 2008

the MIAness

i guess i haven't been this inactive in blogging ever since i started the hassle to jot down all my memory before it dissolves into a sorta excrement then passed out and flushed off.

but besides my hectic working life that's been so overwhelming it practically took over...the other parts of my other life as well, i finally fell ill as wished previously just so that i need not get to work. and this time, it's big.

when i mean big, it's big.

this big.


sumhow my palm and foot resembles. cute!

i haven't really been feeling very well for the past week. i was completely flushed a blusher wasn't necessary for my party and then all of a sudden i was cold even when bundled up myself like a swiss-roll with a freaking thick quilt namely used by tom hanks in polar express later that night. and as an evidence to my above mentioned statement your honor, i present to you a picture taken during the party, before the catastrophe hit.

see or not? muka merah mcm buntut monyet, tangan kanan pun merah padam and the heat even triggered an eruption of a tiny acne on my casualties recorded.

then i sumhow felt very much better on saturday cos i knew we were all finally heading to jogoya for our long awaited treat. and despite random comments from you you you and you that the food is no longer as good...ok i agree the food isn't as good but was njoyable. peace. XD

i even stuffed myself with ice cream cake. BASKIN ROBBINS FYI. jgn jeres.


this is why we need blogs because i don't remember what happened on sunday. to all you asses out there that doubt the reason of us taking every single picture of our every outing: i'll reread this 10 years later and question what happened on the 21st november at 10.47pm and u'll ternganga mcm orang bodoh. HAH!


then on monday i wasn't well for work. i had to consult the doctor, i got sum antibiotics, took 1 and thought i'd crash and awaken for dinner feeling better.


i couldn't sleep. i never slept until the entire hellboy 2 finished to only sleep for a moment. woke up and it deteriorated. had dinner, puked all out.

went to all clinics around town and they were closed. even if they were opened they had no docs on standby.


nxt time if you need a doc, head straight for KJMC or KPJ. don't waste time driving around wasting petrol okay. promise. HEW IF YOU'RE READING THIS, DUN PUT 24 HOUR SIGN AND THEN GO HOME AND TIDO MIDO! SUE U THEN U KNOW!

the doc tot i was preggers at first cause my i was vomitting and had no fever. *points middle finger*. i said NO, extending the size of my eyes to the fullest, he knew i wasn't joking and took gave me sum med. returned home, popped them and slept only to wake up 2 hours later vomitting more. damn.

dad drove back and had me admitted. and the worst is to see seconds ticking and u can't fucking sleep. seriously, to those who pray to fall ill just so u don't have to go to work (i know u're out there, i can name a few now)...DON'T!!!!

anyway, i'm still like a worn out sock. it took me a day later to realize it's lynnie's bday and my promise to dedicate a blog post to her failed lke the medication prescribed to me before. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN BABE!! MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!

but not too bad kan...i had SKII drips.

i'm woozy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Terima Kasih

i'm rushing off for tropic thunder dvd in bed.
and pictures from yesterday and a couple hours back are not uploaded therefore,

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

p.s- nigga crazyfrog nxt round for hew's okay?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Epic Fail

my obligation to blog during the weekend failed like the government and local weather forecast system.

i spent the night looking at the slides and cursing even more, ended up watching Jan Lamb's talk show that made my day and then ruined everything again when i decided that i wanted to complete it so that i can njoy my sunday.

double fail.

i couldn't even join the peeps for lat thong cos i slept uber late. did nothing. woke up in the afternoon, SOS-ed for help and currently, i've pulled extra people into the sinking ship jeopardizing the last bits of their sunday.


and i still dunno what i wan and how to celebrate my bday so if u're contemplatng to ask, i shall say...let's mamak. cos redbox plus is to mahiao. and all i wan for bday is a brand new job. good job to last me for a while. *puppy eyed*

i shall watch more Jan Lamb while waiting.

have a great week ahead everyone! -.-

Thursday, November 13, 2008


That's something my boss does...she adds a BOTH OF US at the back which in actual fact, its just for herself cos i have all my need-to-do written down. sheesh!

albeit having this obnoxious pain on my left shoulder/neck, i'm gonna blog about happenings through the past...MIAness. yeah it's totally off track but...fuck with datelines la i've had enuff in the office so i'm gonna take my own sweet time in reminiscing the below during the weekends.

1) kampachi (so late might as well just forget about it but then NO! it's a day to remember cos it's monkey's first time)
2) decanter
3) le meridean
4) hpv

but i've to mention this cos i'm so excited i wanted to record her face down.
like i've mentioned before, i'm just gonna rehighlite that i have this terribly mordant, irritating and could as well be nominated for the worst dresser of the century after bjork's swan who goes ringing into everyone's ears flashing how cute her little daughter is and occasionally yelling thoughtlessly when she's screwed up her own work. fine day, they forced me to drive to this meeting and the following conversation took place...(shortened)

Situation 1:
'we're running late!!! you've gotta go at full speed!'
*enters NO ENTRY lane in the car park just to safe time or else i'd have to go 1 fucking huge round. ironically...never happened before, a huge old volvo drove in*
''s drivers like you that causes...' (she nvr completed her sentence just so she wouldn't jinx herself i supposed...
*px fumes*
'do you wanna reach in time or not?'

Situation 2:
'oh you had a dog?! my mom had a dog too. i'm not really a dog person but then we kept him well and my mom loved him so much. and one day he decided to just run away and not return and my mom was devastated'
'aww...poor thing...yeah i had one...just died though. she ran to us. jumped into my dad's car while he was in town.'
'u mean u kidnapped ppl's dog?!?!'
'-.-...nooo. it was in a really bad shape...chunks of fur gone...thin to her bones and my dad felt the bond so we took her in'
'yaaa...but still...omigosh now i know where Scott ended up...u dog napper!'
*px fumes agaim*
'unless Scott is i don't think i am one.'

moral of the story is, don't ever...EVER mess with anything related to my dog.
i sting.
and i dun mind doing it again if i am edged in the future.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Out of Desperation

i'm willing to be a translator for hokkien movies even if it means i'd have to sit before hua hee dai for a whole damn day.

anyone hiring? i need a new job.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


i'm so happy i wanna just blog and doodle.
i made sure daddy and mommy woke me up early in the morning so that i'd make a trip together with them to max's place (before she climbs into my dream and 'leaks lubricant' onto me LoL!! she will never do that i'd rather she does it at least i get to see her in my dreams). i was scared initially. but it wasn't that bad. i guess its the hormones acting's been acting up for the past week but oh well...

so cantik kan...besides the ugly planks but we're afraid sum other fucked up strays will dig her up. she's after all oni approximately 3-4m down. better not take the risk.

then i came home and had breakfast. i dont' remember the last time i had saturday breakfast and it was INDEED FANTARSTIKKK! nasi lemak with rm15 siu yuk okay!!! erm ok i share share with my dad but then still...SIU YUK IS GOOD FOR BREAKFAST BRUNCH LUNCH AFTERNOON TEA EVENING TEA DINNER SUPPER LATE SUPPER!!!
ok then i retreated to my dark cold room...and watched december boys. tsk tsk...bad choice. daniel radcliffe should only act as harry potter. at least for now. i'm refraining myself from watching equus because lke i told many people, i don't wanna imagine his hairy balls because i love eveyrthing about harry potter. so...STAY BEING HARRY POTTER UNTIL EVERYTHING'S OVER!!

the financial situation of the country has plunged, I BELIEVE, is due to me being caved from splurging and contributing to the flow of economy. therefore i decided to do my part and buy buy buy (i can already foresee nat chanting aloud UNFAIR UNFAIR XD) but yeah...we even went to GIANT...i repeat...GIANT and bot rm200 worth of goodies. yessss!!

i had an intense urge to be...paula tsui. i was thinking i could wear this to ah yeh's weddng but...HEY!! MY BDAY COMING! ok so i'll go sumwhere nice just because i wanna wear this dress. yay!!

omg i love this. cos it's messy and ugly. but i like it so...BITE ME. it's heavy too. i'm gonna train up my neck muscles and be michael phelps.

i also had an intense urge to be ugly...and indian-y cos ive been listening a lot to russell peters. i'm also beginning to stereotype. SUKA!!!

tell me they're nice okay?




i hate doing this but i really gotta tell this to anyone who decides to be nice to little pei xzan cos...

i need to find these 2 books. and if u can find it u can buy it for my bday (linda teach wan ok)instead of getting me sum other expensive makeup or bags or ponies or...any other things. i found it in mph and now it's gone. sum1 stole it...and i'm pretty sure it's not a surprise secret present for me cos...besides natnat no1 knows. *bawls*



it's a bimbo book but then it's funny and about sexy rich vampires so nothing beats it. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE. terima kaseee.

oh mien it's sunday. stress.

Friday, October 31, 2008

ITS WEEKEND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the moment that i've been having my countdown for eversince i inserted my last post.


i'm so relieved it's friday night i just wan this hour to freeze. i shudder just thinking about returning to work. no i'm not whining. and hold ur tongue if u're gonna tell me WORK IS LIKE THAT. or like stupid doctorfriendhew that says LIFE IS UNFAIR...seriously, dun be a psychologist okay. i dun wan the suicides rates to pffft

just gip me a comforting pat on the shoulder if i actually replied your msn messages in a polite manner this week. and when i say DO NOT NUDGE, it's for real. and do not rant that you're sleepy or feeling bored or you can go home at 530 because it'll just make the harsh side of me overshadow my brutal mind and murder u virtually by just typing thru msn. dun laff yes i blieve my highly tumultuous vibes can do it.

daddy said: 'leave if you want to. my daughter's not born to be bullied. not by some incompetent bastards'.
things liddat make me cry. NOT SOME INCOMPETENT BASTARDS THAT ROT THE WORLD OKAY!!! I DUN CRY IN THE OPEN ABOUT POINTLESS MATTERS PLSSS! and i'm not gonna leave just liddat. shows how weak i am. wait la...u wait!

i rant so much i hate myself. until a time where i just see it on ppl's faces scribbling...'shut the fuck up px. no1 wants to hear about ur pathetic, miserable, self-magnified life'.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And there it goes again...

i was desperately waiting for last friday to come.
because i know there'll be a happy drinking session...
i know i'll b meeting my frens that i haven't met for like umteen years...and...
there'll be a long weekend where i can do watever i wan and FUCK THE OFFICE!

so friday came!! and it's now gone...sighhh

anyhoos, i had a really great time. though i dun c any pix up yet from either of the parties which means this post will contain only abcs. we started the night at Decanter. drank...'not gonna mention' amount of beer to tomyam, bot hero a flaming (which made him go cuckoo) and then shifted to ttdi for 2nd round with a bottle of blueberry vodka. hit the sack at 5-ish. HOLY CRAP. damn long nvr sleep so late d okay. lke...since i started work! sigh i is old.

then i ffk-ed. YES I MAKE IT A POINT TO MENTION IT HERE OR ELSE IT'LL GO ROUND LIKE A CAMPAIGN SAYING THAT I MISSED SESI BERLAT THONG. anyway, i pleaded for 2 budaks to teman me until morning so that i wont sleep and the waking up late they dun wan. not fully my fault lor okay. then i woke around 12-ish, went for this beriyani set lunch with monkey. and then...

doop doop doop.

the heartbeat sped on like an unstoppable bullet train i had flashes of images in my mind that it'll 'overheat' and 'overhaul' and then i get heart attack or blah blah blah. DAMN SCARED OKAY!!! then as the monkey had to visit the doc to get her mc (not to mention, she laughed at my rock&roll hearbeat. hmph) i mite as well just convey my worry into words and c what i can get...and i've already got the worstest case scenarios in my mind.

'were u anxious about anything or are u stressed?'
'yahh...i had to come c u of course anxious la! stress oso cos i hate my job'

he pat my back sympathetically. and told me it's pretty normal as certain indian spices contain opiate and one can just go natural high!!! ok no he din say that i assume he meant that cos if i were to attend a drug test, i'd be positive of it. it's either that, or...i googled and it could've been alco indigestion.

in other words, no alco for px for the time being.
and my period is weird. OH MIEN WAT'S WRONG WITH ME!! I NEED A NEW JOB! ANYONE NEEDS TO HIRE AND PAY ME LOADS TO TOK OR WRITE?!?! I CAN WAN U KNOW!! i just got to know freelancing writing css codes can make you a millionaire. i can manage my blog pretty well. thou i decided not to design my own...anyone wants to pay me lke rm10 per hour (pros get like 2.5k/hr okay!) and i make one for u? HUHUHU!!!


the filthy worthless bane of existance that ruined the fucking amplifier of my electric guitar has gone right to hell...i think.
of all freaking places it decided to lay it's nest in my amp and the little rodents failed to live and finally rot in it. the smell that swirled out was so revolting even the maid nearly barfed.

eventhough i haven't been playing for a could've just excreted your future generations of pests somewhere that did not cause that much ok.




but the slow natnat has not uploaded the pix. and i don't think we took many cos we were too busy layaning ourselfs to the food. i guess i had at least 50 sticks of all sorts with chocolate fondue. i wanted to just grab a chair and sit in front of the fountain or extend my tongue for the thick creamy dark orgasm-ish liquid to flow right down ass. holy crap.

ok gotta mandi and pray to kuanyin mommy said. cos i left my wallet on top of my car after pumping gas today and the nice bangla picked it up and returned it. i'm so gonna tip him rm5 tmr. or rm10. with a packet of kitkat maybe. SSWEEETTT!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I...was tagged

by Cherloyy
Those who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by them.
*Tag 8 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.*

Tsk tsk...tags are horrid. i shudn't have done it last time. NOW NOW, dun go saying that i deserve it. i was just trying to get more ppl to blog. see i so nice. ok shutup lets go. (is the pic supposed to be part of the tag? :S)

1. What do you look for physically when you first meet him/her of interest to you?
Fingers...and earrings can? :D...ok i made that question so i'm gonna say the 2 things that u look out for. MEHHH
2. Have you ever loved someone before but never had the courage to tell him/her? i don't believe so. i is power...if i don't confess means to hell with u la...not good enuff.
3. Have you ever have a crush on someone that now, when you look back, you feel silly?
Yes. fullstop. enuff...NEXT
4. God is giving u just 5 more minutes before going back to heaven, IF you love someone special, what will you say to that person?
Baby, let's go together wan or not?
5. What will u say to a person who doesn't want to believe u?
:X...keep my mouth shut. why share my knowledge with shallow people. :D!!!
6. Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
I don't like this question. But i dunno wat to change it to.
7. What' your opinion about someone who's jealous?
I IS POWERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Do you have something special with you all the time? ability to talk? like...non stop?
[[ =PART 2= ]]
*Best place to cry?
Under the shower. On the bed.
Who do you love the most?
1 only? tsk tsk this question is salah oso.
Name one person you'd like to date NOW?
James Mcavoy...or Ron Ng...ok let's make that 2 persons again. YAY!
Ever hated someone so bad?
So bad...i'm not even kidding. Damn bad like until now still hating. LoL!
The biggest & most hurtful lie you heard?
hmmm...that i'm slim? walao damn evil.
The last person you had a beer with?
With a whole jin gang of people. and only one can. tsk tsk...
The last person you went to the movies with?
The last person you talked on the cell phone with?
The last person you hugged? honey? yeah...
The last person you yelled at?
deep down inside i was the duck.
In the last week have you kissed someone?
Danced crazy?
Think of the last time you were angry, why were you angry?
Today in the office. reason need not be stated. whenever there's the duck, there's anger. YES!
If you could do anything or wish anything, what would it be?
Wish for more wishes...hey! i'm just copying the answer from yinng. she made me greedy not my fault.
If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?
Maldives...then trick for an all expense paid trip for my family and a few friends too and REFUSE TO LEAVE!
Where would you wanna be right now?
On the beach, with a long island in hand, lying bside a fucking hot hunk...dun ask doing wat la!
Are you old fashioned?
If you mean do i wear shoulder pads and high waisted pants? Nola i think im not. TEEHEE!
What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?
I do not love them back
What would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
Five facts About Me:-
- I love to rant.
- I hate snakes
- My family is my priority
- I'm efficient in conning money out of others
- I don't like to answer questions liddat because i don't really know what to write. Either i don't really know myself or...I have too mch to say. :D

Five things that excites me:-

- Food
- Liquor
- Sunshine+Beaches+Sea
- James McAvoy
- Clothes+Heels that fit me...

oh sorry got extra. omg no place for Shia place for Ron place for so many things!!

Two Songs Playing in My Head Lately:
- Katy Perry - I kissed a gal
- Takashi Sorimachi - Poison (YES STILL! Don't laugh! It still makes my day hurh!)

Whoever nak buat...buat je la.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eagle Eye


BIG BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you're about to roll your eyes, lift that suspicious eyebrow or your jaw is already down to your knees cos you're just not interested in little shia (which i hear from many especially peeps like..WQL (initials to protect her privacy teehee!) --- they just go...'yer that fella from transformers? tsk tsk'...fold all those back in la! NOW OK?!
get ur arse into the freaking cinema and be awed by it. and remember to bring a bit of your brain along cos it churns the cells and keeps them active from the start right till the credits appear. and dun lemme catch u dling it...cos i know before u can say shit, auntie faye yin will be saving it into her pendrive and sharing it with everyone. TEEHEE!! not that i'm not thankful for that gesture but KENOT FOR EAGLE EYE!! GRRR...
scared or not...? XD

WALAO SO SUKA MIENN!!! like i'm gonna watch this 499 times after Mamma mia's 500 and Transformer's 1000 times. and maybe Ironman 10001 times. sukaaaaaa gilerrrr babi!!!!!!
and ok i admit...i dunno why i like shia lebeouf. but i've watched everthing after even stevens and...i still have the urge to start lining up before the mall opens just so i can get the first tickets for his movies. mayb cos of his curly hair...or his tears...or his facial hair...or...
i know...i like weird ppl.
it's almost 108 hours til friday. so sad it's like plunging into a whole lake of poop.
and i think i'm totally traumatized because no matter where i went and every corner i stepped into, i could smell itik's perfume.
daddy said it's probably the detergent they use to spark the floor in midvalley...she mite be using the same brand so...

Friday, October 17, 2008


This is the time of the day where i'd been desperately looking forward to ever since my lower eyelid made a involuntary error and parted from my upper eyelid on a dreadful monday morning on the 13th October 2008 after the alarm clock went beeping away into my eardrums.

BUT...THE CONFETTIS POPPED JUST A WHILE AGO BECAUSE THE WEEKEND HAS BLADY STARTED!! HOORAY!! *come on get ur sweaty fat arse up from the sticky chair and cheer with me* YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better cheer when u can because in the blink of 1/2 an eye, it'll be monday again and the whole monotonous routine...will repeat. OH MIEN...

now now, it's gonna be a happy post so kenot complain! SAY NO COMPLAINS TO WEEKENDS!


ok i'm so happy everything seems particularly positive. i guess it's due to the enormous Subway i had. px is currently addicted to Subway - Veggie Delight + Onions + Lettuce and +++ Olives. FUH SEDAP GILER BABI CAN HAVE THAT FOREVER.COM.MY. not joking. vegetables causes herbivorous orgasm.

its even better when u're having it in the car, and then have the corners of your mouth torn from the extreme size of the loaf. then during a traffic jam, u look over and then tempt the fucking asshole that refused to let u overtake them as u go side by side and make them drool over your juicy subway!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

it's been storming loads recently. so bad that...water came in to my house again. Just in case you wanted to know what happened 2 years back, check out ---> Here!

But then to make things more interesting (or else i wouldn't mention here), there's this neighbour a couple houses away whose toilet bowl decided to just lose control and blow up. and to make the entire horror epic even more terrifying, everything that the bowl had swallowed shot out all together and filled the entire house right up until ankle level. ok la if you're still wondering, the bloody fucking toilet bowl had berak shooting out like a fountain until the whole house banjir.

and not only that, the house accomodates 500 kids and 600 adults. so just in case you're really free over the weekend and well u're totally in for some charity, do drop by and help them blow dry their school books. damn poor thing ok. sigh. the fecking government is not doing anything. i swear that auntie lau lee ling did a better job. geez...OH YEAH so hero pls dun feel so sad k. just scooping muddy water is not so bad. and welcome home!

jan's having this class project:

It's RM60 @ The Apartment and all ticket sales will be donated to...dunno wat charity i forgot. SUPPORT SIKIT IF YOU'RE FREE!!! There's ribena and soya bean, goodie bags and t-shirt from planet hollywood to be won!! so unless u've got plans like me (and i'd be going right after), just go support sikit k!! TERIMA KASEE...

Monday, October 13, 2008

points to ponder

this is the moment where :

1. i get to watch whatever i want!! even if it's 12am and it's time for NIGHTLINE and i'm channel switching occasionally between 901 and 931 i irritate the fuck out of myself because i can't decide which is more interesting.

2. i've the mostest succulent part of the chicken/pork/beef/mutton/prawns/whale/racoon/goose and huge portions of soup all to myself! (chicken wings uncut with the top portion attached just so i can gnaw the juicy bit of flesh off the fat piece of fowl!)

3. i get to drink shandy right after dinner and mommy will just go...'-.-' (mouth closed)

4. i get to swear in all languages i can manage and everyone will just nod.

5. natnat asks me to take MC.

WORKING ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!


see...the company is screwing my mind upside down i is not joking.

i forgot that tmr's the date where hero's touching down for good (before jetting off for his training that fortes his abilities to do one-night-stands with the hottest chics midair 5000000 feet above ground...all over the globe). JERES!!! i doubt i can save enough money to paris la we go hk at the end of the year oni la ok ok ok?!?!?! :D

i tend to sign off every chatbox in msn saying...REGARDS~ or CHEERS~ and my most used work currently is REVERT.

i wake up in the morning and watch bloomberg checking the latest crude oil price

i actually told my parents that i can't take leave just because i wanted tomoro cos i can't put some of more likable colleagues in jeopardy. *sweat*
i nvr say no to leaves ok.
i's growing old. 0.0....................................................................

anyway, i was just joking about work rox.
it to anyone who's trying or knows anyone who wants to try sum luck in Proximity, BBDO, please get them to contact the banana. i conduct brainwashing classes. unless you know if they're totally drama queens that's never been through any shits in their life. then it's okay. a shit a day keeps the princess away.

it's jst...i'm not even a princess.


Saturday, October 11, 2008


I should've personalized it from the start. The stats have been increasing out of no valid reason and it's making me worry that either BBDO is hacking in to see if i kutuk sial the piece of meat sitting right above me or ISA is poking in cos i fuck too much. NOW...I IS FREE TO TOK COCK AND SCREW WHOEVER I WANT USING THE INTENSITY OF MY VOCABULARY AND ANTHOLOGY OF THE MIGHTY BANANA!!!

stupid la just kidding.

i would like to extend my deepest apologies to those i know who have been contributing to the reduction of unemployment rates before me, if i had ever made any foul remarks that u've gotta get a grip on life and that u're boring all the sleeping souls to death because...*px drops to her knees* i totally have no life now!! it's even worst than the time when i was intern!!!!!!!!! *bawls*

i fall asleep without even switching the tv on, the pc in my room has been untouched i see sprinkles of dust on the keyboard, the frequency of the fridge door opening has decreased SO MUCH because im not home to ransack it for yummy food and fruits, i actually take breakfast every morning (as in real morning when i still see popos and gunggungs taking walks hand in hand to the pasar) - ok exaggerated, and the oni person i yamcha with now is with daddy cos...i is not happening anymore no1 wants to call me for yamcha sessions. *BAWLLSSSSSSS*. but i like yamchaing with the fa-zher cos it's been a while since we've makaned together. fuck work!

so to savour the time spent at home, i stayed up late last nite to catch movies and dramas that i've missed, watch youtube, chat and eat fruits (i'm fruit deprived because the fruits in uoa tower sells out b4 lunch. like everyone got serious case of constipation), walk around aimlessly to see if there're any new members of the earthworm family (we call them lucky) on the floor and slept at 630am feeling very contented. and then...i woke up 6pm today. -.-`

SO MUCH FOR SPENDING MORE TIME AWAKEEEEE. not that i want ok. daddy woke me up for breakfast...(or was it lunch...or tea?)...i dunno la but i jst managed a few...'OKs' then i was pulled back into slumber land. i din even dream!!! haih. so i blamed my dad for not waking me earlier (althou i sorta remembered him telling me that he bot rendang and nasi lemak and tong sui and this and that just so i'd be tempted and banguns) BUT he just smiles cos he feels that his pathetic daughter is having a terrible pathetic life in a pathetic company that treats their employees pathetically pathetic.

and so since he kept quiet, i got nothing to lose and debate for besides my whole saturday. i joined them for tea and had my...breakfast. and the rendang was already sour by then.

i whacked them all. cos it was actually quite tasty leh.
and i wonder if it'll trigger food poisoning.
good oso can apply mc. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

*i can't even find pictures to post anymore cos i haven't been going anywhere. sighhh...

Friday, October 10, 2008

I waits.

it's been a chore ever since i stomped my foot into this office.
not tedious...but it drains me off.

nola nola...i'm not treated as the 'newgirl' anymore, i know what you're thinking. i'm hands-on this project (i think) and the 'term' oni comes around when it's lunch time when they gangup and flock off for a meal sumwhere around kl together while i...shamelessly wait for sum1 to just pop the question if i'd like to join them for lunch and off i go no matter who they are. YAY!!! excuse me i don't eat lunches alone ok. if i'm alone i tapaos subway veggie delight. *peace*

so back to topic, working is like me going for a fishing trip. i thrust the bait into the pond, and i wait. i know i'm waiting for this particular unknown specimen to end my arduous effort but then the question is...WHEN? AND WHAT WILL IT BE? would it be energetic, forceful and enormous making it a challenge to net it up or a pygmy that would make your adrenaline go flushing right down to the tip of your toenails you wished you could've just vamoosed instead.
so metaphoric kan? can't blame me. kenot say things too straightfwdly here okay. what if they document everything like eagle eye and shoo me off the day before i'm done with my probation?! susah tau! anyway i've just did it cos...i dun gip a fuck la!! the most like daddy said i go work for leng's shop, get rm800 and go home for maggi sup sayur everyday to save cost je. tweet!

the span of time i take just waiting for the tasks to come just so i can complete it is absurd. i foresee something coming in...*shakes head*...i just dunno what. cos the pending list is close to infinite i'm not sure which heads the list. surely there'll be something for me...erm...yeah surely...

eat shit la.

so...i'm still waiting for the fish to come. and this time i know it's gonna be an ikan bilis. but i need this small catch to drive myself to the finishing line. SO HOR...

i waits. with my warm, thick cup of milo i'm pampering myself with. HEH!
apparently milo contained in chinese illustrated cans are banned for their melanine content. this is terribly depressing. that means from now on i mst drink Ho! Ho! Ho! ??? YERRR!!!...but our milo is made from haustralia kan? so i assume is safe. therefore...

i continue to waits...

with my milo. :D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Is Ok

maybe just when i'm alone a bit emofied.
but then i drove home fine. i could bathe without tearing so...IT'S OKAY!!! lindachin tak yah msg me everyday d k. i laps u giler babi. u can go happily hockey with sumbody. :D
she hasn't entered my dreams yet thou. so lambat. hmph

can't wait for deepavali.
or rather any public holidays. as many as possible.

hopefully i won't ffk. AHHAhHAhA!!!

this is just a random post so that the other post wont remain sitted on top.
tak baik.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Day to Remember

I'm not gonna elaborate because I don't want myself or any other people who knows how I feel to breakdown whenever they see this...

But you'll always be a part of us. I promise.

And I fucking miss you.

Be good okay...

Play with the fairies and if you know Pepper, tell him we all still miss him too.

Love you baby.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


u totally need to work cos holidays come as though it's the bestest gift from heaven. i've never enjoyed a holiday so much. just lying down there looking at the naked ceiling is fun. WEEE!

i wanna update cos i'm totally in love with the new song i just uploaded. i know when someone passes by and realizes i've not updated, they'd not stay until the song plays hence i'm gonna update just so u can hang on long enuff until meryl streep starts to sing. so nice can cry!!!!! u need to share the love!!! so...stone until the song comes up...and fall in love with it. *melts*

the horeedays have been going pretty well. i went to laundry for a bit of beer. i spent last nite with the random gang with...lots of beer and i totally hate beer now. NO MORE BEER FOR PX! NO MORE! it's all tea and milo now!!! hmph

Mamma Mia!

watever u say, IT WAS SO GOOD...i'm gonna watch it like 500 times in the cinema even if i'd to go alone. IT'S SO GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to admit that the first 1/2 hour wasn't too convincing as i had flashes of bollywood movies in my mind. but it all turned out to be really endearing and totally hilarious!!! colin firth and mr. 007 can sing. ZOMG!!! and now i just wish i'd earn enuff to jet off to the island of Kalokairi, drink cocktails with the greek gods and lie on the beaches watching sunrises (and sets) on a bed of roses with a fucking hot sorry. LoL!

Painted Skin

the only thing that is worth donnie yen which is why we went for the movie. its worthless to even walk to the cinema to just look at the poster. tsk dissapointment. and it was terribly dubbed. might as well just make it english. PTAH! oh yeah the evil wolf hantu zhou xun looked like an elf with her pale skin and hair colour. so we named her legolee. so cute.


Gathering @ Laundry

It reminds me of all the time we've spent together during uni days striving hard for our not sweet in a way but i liked it. LoL!

i'm working now. i had no energy to change after work therefore, i wore a turtleneck to a bar. WTF.

tw, px, nee

mei mei and boi. omg...wat's his name d?! crap.

kk, chaw zee @ 988 :D, mei-ee


this hairstyle of mine is essential for fatface production.

i'm gonna spend the rest of the holidays completing my gto animation on crunchy.
i refuse to buy the dvd. saving it for hotman 2. omg im jap bimbo now. LOL!