Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i'm back...for some time already

china again...was awesome.
so awesome i wished i could be there for a couple weeks more if anne wasn't an issue. cos my arms were itching from pinching her chubby limbs. XD

pictures later la k.
work's waaayyy more laid back now.
and...im now scared of more offers. i guess i have enough of it currently. dun confuse me. i'm scared.
it doesn't only appear in movies. politics do occur. and it's a treacherous journey to go through when u're on the wrong side so don't even get there. i'm sticking to my decision. move off u buggers!! i'm stepping over to the bigger ship. GAHHHH!!!

ok la if u dun understand what i just said, i'll use layman terms.
i'm quitting proximity...and joining BBDO. nonono don't scratch ur arse, many people dun really get what i mean. bt fact is, proximity is under BBDO. so i'm quitting the anak to join the ibu. god bless me. thank you.

and i'm stepping back to eitp.
thumbee ffk-ed me today. bitch. hmph.
we're giving ourselves 5 months.

i had my dinner at 12.40am.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i vants to cry

listening to adam lambert.
for good reasons of course.

the last that gave me this feeling was obviously david cook. and i never really blogged about AI. even fantasia was lke...mehhh...ok la...quite good but this fucking gay-but-oh-so-stunning-u-wanna-just-kill-him-so-he-can-be-reborn-straight is HELLUVA AWESOME ROCKER...singer. ahem.

but i honestly felt that 'mad world' wasn't that good. it was shaky at the closing bit. ptah hate me.

the countdown begins.
in less than about 48 hours i'd be leaving on a jetplane. to the land where i swore i'd never...EVER set foot upon again. there...never ever swear. it'll be the first stop of the trip. rejoice peanut rejoice. -.-. anyways, as always, im paranoid when it comes to flights. just wish me luck and pray that i land safe...and sound. there and back ok. -.-. and that i dun fall sick midway. CHOI!!!

i experienced apparent wooziness after an interview last week. i blame it on MAXIS because they launched their iphone and took up the entire centre court in mv...and i was just beside...the very place i felt the world spin. i had to lean on the glass panel of GUESS to rest. see...rest oso must choose nice place. awesome. anyway, the natnat suggests that it's my stupid cocked eyes and reckons that i shud have my specs on 24/7. sigh. dahlah takde hidung. how to support specs. lazy wanna wear cons everyday cos wake up late. how. -.-. oh apart from that, i couldn't really see well cos i bawled my eyes out watching marley and me and the puffiness took up 3/4 of my vision. double awesome.

it's 11.27pm and i'm having my dinner. i'm blogging cos i'm having trouble tearing the gizzard i'm eating apart. i shall stop typing cos i need to stick my hands into my mouth now. XD

oh and to all kepochis that care, i think i found a job.
with not much trouble.
CHEWAH. ok not jinxing. SHUT UP.

clubbing pix.......
erm...later la.

and just in case you were wondering, yeah i'm going to china with the parents. want anything? list down in the comments area. i'll probably take a look when i'm back. XD

Monday, April 13, 2009


well for once i feel wanted and...appreciated...i guess?
not by the one that i hoped wanted me but oh well...it's almost as good!

i guess i won't be leaving too far after all.
i guess...
i hope...

phuture pix up next.
come back la whoever wants to see. XD

Thursday, April 9, 2009

go away!

have you ever tried avoiding sum1 so bad...you see them leaving now and the nxt corner you turn they're right ahead?

or rather, have you tried getting urself ill but end up running a marathon, winning it without the need of tongkat ali but get hospitalized when you abso-fuckingly need to be healthy?

now, if you had not known, i'll be heading to zhu hai with the parents for a little break from hell next sunday for a week. and ironically, the designer is down with mumps. -.-. i try not make it too apparent that i'm freaked out at the sight of him. i hold my breathe till i go green and try the least the be around him for more than 3 minutes. i waited for him to leave the office before i grabbed my bag and headed for the lift. i took the other exit just so i could waste some time till he walks way farther and the virus will have the time to die down...no i'm not sure if it's airborne i'm paranoid. and as i reach the lift, there he was. he had a short discussion with the other designer therefore the delay. HEY! SUCH A COINCIDENCE. come lets hold hands and walk down!! u get the drift...

no seriously. i'm not evil. i'm sorry he's ill and yet he has to slave his life away working. i wouldn't mind sitting on his lap if it were to be any normal day but i've been waiting for this trip for god knows how long and i can't afford to ruin it.

so now pls excuse me i'm gonna lie on my bed with a can of beer to let my antibody work efficiently and effectively to keep myself virus free for the next 2 weeks till im back from the land of people's republic.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

P.S I Love You

despite the once again heavy eyelids after a full goblet of red wine and some crappy proposal for an upcoming project, it suddenly struck me that it was only 4.30am and...hey it's a saturay night!! nothing shall go to waste.
10mins into the movie, the tear duct decided to just excrete, and my body was spun dry. geeez was it beautiful.

i never really fancied gerard butler. he seemed a little too chu yuk.
i dun remember the book being this good.

i'm not usually accustomed to reading romance novels. or rather i don't read anything that doesn't come with blood, fangs...and a huge ration of humourous good sex.
i shall watch it again. YAY!!


i can't start the countdown because i don't really know when exactly the last day is.
and this fact is getting on my nerves.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

after the storm

there's still rain.
and flash floods continue to occasionally occur.
it's just that i've already learnt to not give it a fuck. :Þ

u know, there's a reason for 'emergency leaves' to be implemented.
the term simply means...'i-am-not-fit-to-work-so-fuck-you-bitches-lemme-crash'.
obviously it doesn't work in the advertising line.

i admit that i did have fun (at a certain point) throughout the arduous 38-hour journey.
like...walking around bare-footed as thou i'm home, lying on the couch yakking on my phone while the rest were slaving their lifes off, morning walks at 430am wondering if we can indulge in sum dimsum breakfast cos we were brain dead and best of all, illegally popping a bottle of red wine that could've cost me my job if it were to be found out.

and the blissful part is- ko-ing at 1130pm after all the mess knowing u have an entire day ahead of u, WORK FREE.

but then this is no disney. it just never turns out right.
sumtimes, u wished phones never existed in this planet.
the loathful sight of the-one-whom-i-refuse-to-name makes me feel like hammering my head on the concrete wall that i have 2 more months down to go. and no i dun mean my client. althou she can be as pain as a rusty nail in the asshole.

now i can't wait to go to shenzhen.

digressing, i'm sorry babi i had to spread this disease but...
MYCHONNY ROX!!!!!!! youtube him please everyone.
and just die laffing.

back to topic, hmmm...i was deliberating...not sure if i shud mention this part. but i'm sitting here in 1 piece and i'm pretty sure i'd like to look back 1 day in the future patting myself on the back for leaving the company with the shit that they've put me into so...

so here goes, i was 80% confident i could drive myself home after everything despite warnings from the natnat, thepig, themonkey, several frens and most of the colleagues that i ought not to. it's indescribable what a luxury it was to finally be able to go home. u think i could wait for anyone to come pick me up and send me back to kjg?!

5 secs in my car, my eyelids met each other and decided to make out and wet.........ok i mean i started to tear from the drought that my eyes were suffering from. i was...falling asleep. i had to sing out loud along deafening music but to no avail. so i thought, hey! since i had no breakfast and lunch and it's almost 8, why not have a bite?! so i drove into kfc's drivethrough.

5 cars before me...awesome...wat to eat wat to eat wat to...zzzzzzz

i was apparently intelligent enough to understand that my mind was giving up so the break was up and the gear was P. next thing i knew, i drowned myelf in drool and the car before me was ordering. REJOICE!!!!!!!!! sometimes i wonder if the cars behind me overtook and i'm like a thousand cars behind now but oh well...zinger burger rocks BIG TIME!! kept me alive that fateful day and brought me home safe and sound.

i love you zinger.
i shall divore quarterpounder.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

38 hours...

and still counting.


fuck you Hotlink.