Tuesday, July 26, 2005


my DAD msged me this morning and this was what the msg said...

'3am. mi heard noise. left room. saw man walking away from the window. shouted. whole nite no sleep. not coming down.'

ok. his msging ability has already reached the peak. so fucking good at cutting short the msg now even i can't understand him sometimes but this is the whole story.

my mom, as usual, heard something in the middle of the night and summoned my dad to get his ass out of bed to check it out. thank goodness he did.

they left the room and headed for the kitchen...and gasp in horror. they saw a man(only his back), holding a stick walking away towards my neighbour's house. my kitchen window(louise windows- just in case you didn't know, it's the cermin berkeping like those we had in class), the lowest one has been removed and they were on the verge of removing the next one. and if they succeed, they might have just entered my house, took away all the valuables. but that wasn't the most hazardous matter...

MY PARENTS COULD HAVE BEEN IN DANGER TOO!! thou they were already in...

my dad shouted and he ran off. and they were awake all night. poor thing...

no use having a dog actually.

besides keeping my parents accompanied and shitting all over the place, she's just one lazy, fat, bitch...HAHA...but i still love her.

back to topic. my dad called the police, worried the bastards might take the opportunity to burglarize our neighbourhood.

Whether or not they sent their ghostbusters troop out...THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

grills would be fixed today. i'm glad but i think the figure of the man...or maybe he wasn't a man, walking away would haunt my mom for the rest of the month...maybe YEAR...hehe

for the first time in my freaking life, i rather they had bumped into something supernatural...telepathic...rather than being robbed.

if the 'man' was intending to drop by my house just for a night, i wouldn't mind. but if u're here to raid...fuck you.


there're a number of things i would really like to do now...let me name some of them. it feels so nice even it's just thinking...teehee!!

1) i wanna straighten the 'devil's snare' that has been holding on to my scalp for almost 3 months now.

2) i wanna get myself more t-shirts

3) i wanna get in shape

4) i wanna swim everyday

5) i wanna watch YUMMY YUMMY

6) i wanna get my VCDs from si mou so i can watch HARD FATE again

7) i wanna complete my PR assignment ASAP and i don't wanna fail

8) i wanna finish reading HARRY POTTER and the HALF BLOOD PRINCE...long-winded

9) i wanna go vegetarian. cos i haven't been eating vegetables for the past whole week.

10) i wanna install a full alarm system in my house and may all the intruders fall and break their nose. ;)

Sunday, July 17, 2005


mommy called me today. told me how the t-shirt looks like and have some vouchers along with it...damn damn damn sum gup to see!!

i wan my t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it wasn't so bad after all...was it...NAH, it wasn't...;)


Starlite cinema wasn't a blast.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

surprisingly, i didn't make any wrong turns and ended rite b4 the big big field at 5.11pm!!! whoa! that's something amazing, considering i have NO sense of direction. not even bad ones...i have NONE. ok. back to topic.

we ate kfc in the car. it was drizzling outside and we were the first to arrive. HAH! how great! *pfft*

got all our stuff and walked under the drizzle, convincing ourselves that the water drops were from the trees..THE BIG BIG ONES! here it goes...

elaine: wei...raining leh.
px : no lar...from the trees wan. u see..the droplets damn big.
linda : yalar...stop d wert. uiks...no wor...u see that side(points to the right hand side where there
was another field for horses to run on). still raining leh...
px : later will stop wan larh...

and miraculously, IT STOPPED!!! dead happy lar! played games for free...threw darts, won myself a nokia WATCH. not a phone sad to say. but i was happy. simply throw and i get a watch. HaHa...each of us got a watch except linda actually...poor thing. she got a notepad. nice one!

had cotton candy for free too...it was delicious. but we were like cheapskate whores going for free food! hahaha...but it was fun! at least we were crazy enuff to joke around...! HAHA. took a pic with the latest nokia phone they were promoting. NOT BAD! but i looked terrible.

rushed to the middle of the field, in front of the freaking crew. same spot like last year's. set out the mats, placed out bags and removed our shoes. in short- we made ourselves at home. ;)

started to drizzle again. but who cares...more and more ppl came. elaine and i went hunting for some cheap snacks but unfortunately, the cheapest was the chachos and mineral water that cost rm3 EACH!! bot 2 bottles of water and 3 packets of chachos...sigh...*better bring ur own next time. don't wanna waste money. THOU it's for charity*

rain got heavier and heavier. our umbrellas weren't big enuff cos we brought the pendek pendek wan that can be folded. and one of it was PINK! hahaha...so sweet! then we had to stand up at the end, around 8.15 cos it was literally POURING. our mats were soaked.

water sipped thru the straw mat and the 'swatch' plastic mat linda brought was...flooded.

damn. poor thing my pink bag from aussie...THE COLOR CAME OUT!!! LINDA!! GET ME ONE MORE!! I DUN CARE!!!

some malaysian rockers-wannabe performed. one buck something. sorry larh! not interested. but then they were indeed quite good! haha...and there were actually ppl cheering, screaming...cis! dunno what they were thinking! raining, movie not starting and they cheer....*burp*

show started around 8.45pm.

Raining, Wet, Freezing, Hungry...Confused.

couldn't stand it anymore. even yook hwa's jacket couldn't help. we left 1/2way. and we were glad we did!!! didn't even see batman, turning into batman. couldn't even pay attention to the first part. it was boring! i shall watch again...someday...;)

reached home, damn tired...tot of going for a warm, refreshing bath.

DARN!! nat told me i stepped on max's shit. and it was all over. darn darn darn!!!

didn't want to clean it cos i was dying of cold...mom was shouting all the way until i dissapeared into the bathroom...*sad*

came out, no more scolding. but had to clean my shoe. thank god she was nice enuff to say...(thou she was fumed)...;p

mom: wash later larr...raining ar.

i love her so much. HAHAH

made myself maggi goreng with eggs and marinated prawns...got scolding again cos i forgot to turn on the fan. whole kitchen damn oily liao...

URGH!! habis makan, watched 'hard fate' til 3am- 5 FREAKING NICE EPISODES...then zzzzzzzZZZZZZ.....


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mass Comm...wasn't so bad anyway

haven't been updating again...as usual. so i shall just roll back to...hmmm...let's see, last fri?!

Fri- Went for War of the Worlds like i said b4. it was fantastic. i really do understand some negative points about the show. how ridiculous some parts were...
for example- the whole city was flattened but their car was untouched...that was really funny. linda and i were laffing our asses off.
- all the cars broke down but they were all nicely lined up at the side of the road, leaving an opening for the FERRIER's car to
- the whole boston was almost wiped out. miranda otto and family hides safely in her house...UNHARMED...NOT BAD!!!

and there were more redundant parts but that's just steven spielberg rite? he's always like that. don't understand the hoopla about how dissapointing the movie is...COME ON! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT LARH?!
but then credits should be given to TOM CRUISE and DAKOTA FANNING...justin chatwin was nice too. they were so gorgeous. and i have to admit that at parts i was just completely freaked out...the honning of the tripods was daunting. and tom cruise carried his part well...very well.

ok...so, very clearly, i njoyed the movie a lot. came out from the cinema and headed to LA MANILA for dinner. had curry chicken rice...AS ALWAYS! hehe...and took some pix...which i completely hated cos i'm at least 3x bigger than ALL of my galfrens! shit...can't let that happen anymore! muahhahahah
fetched them home, and headed to elaine's house for her bday party. enjoyed! didn't expect to. finished all her timun and bawang, ate the cake and bathed.

THEN THE MOST EXHILARATING PART ARRIVED! ALCOHOL TIME!! haha...had a big bottle of tiger beer, a small carl's and was still standing straight. COOL!!! didn't expect that anyway. taking carl's after tiger was like downing skyjuice! BLEK! but then anyway, i was thanking god by the end of the day neither linda nor i was out. cos we had to take care of someone who IT SEEMS wanted to get high but overshot and ended up...drunk.
NAH!! not gonna elaborate...she knows who she is...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...can i post up ur pic? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...
but it was a great nite...swear! ;)


Sat- woke up at...god knows what time. the sun was up...that's all i knew. had sate sos with bread and iced milo. yes...SATE SOS...the kacang thingy. it was nice. ok. that's what happens larh. everytime i'm with leng, we end up eating unearthly food. and we enjoy it a lot. watched a stephen chiao movie i bought in 1U then planned the whole afternoon on where we were supposed to dine...YULEK! how romantic. it was drizzling but our pretty elaine wanted to eat zhu cheong fun...so we ended up at the dai pai dong eating cheong fun and tong sui. YUMMY YUMMY!!!


that's all i can remember. the next thing that flashed past my mind while recalling what i did during the weekend was watching badminton with my family. lee chong wei won of course(for more detailed info, visit cherry's blog. she reported everything herself like she works for reuters...CIS!). beat lin dan in a 3 set game but it was obvious...erm...sorry lar to MAS fans...it was an effortless game by lin dan. but i'm proud. at least we have a good player. lee chong wei CAN play. *thinks of wong choon hann...sigh*

back to today...have been skipping classes to read up on MASS COMMUNICATION. had a mid-term test today and hope it pays off. it wasn't difficult but i've never been really confident about my papers lar so...I WANNA GET 1ST CLASS HONOURS!!! crap...it's as hard as getting slim...fuck.

HEY! i realize i haven't really been swearing lately...*grins*

Thursday, July 7, 2005




gawd...now you know why i can't type the full version out in ur blog? cos i used almost an hour typing the whole phrase up there!! hehe...just joking. it was nice doing it...i swear. HAPPY B'DAY!

ok...let me see what i've been doing. haven't been updating for so freaking long i'm sick of re-reading the same old post everytime i get my fat ass online- even thou the pix of my last post is really nice! HAHAHAH

ok...forget the past few days. they weren't so good. cos i had a mid-term paper, INFORMATION TECHONOLOGY...darn! and there were 50 fucking questions to handle. completed it within 20 mins...or even shorter. hope it went well...*fingers crossed*- the idea of fei telling me she has already 5 mistakes makes me shiver...*grrrrrr*

get back to last night. fantastic! went for initial d...a movie which i wasn't really looking forward to cos i heard the attention was mainly on jay chou...clearly, i'm not so interested in watching a not-so-good-singer-turned-actor outshining both shawn yue and edison chen. pTah!

but outrageously, it turned out to be extremely entertaining! i laffed throughuot the whole show...for almost 1 1/2 hours and what shocks me most is that TAMMY KOO said it was not bad...freak. scary...! the storyline's simple actually.(not planning to elaborate...go watch it urself...NO PIRATED PLS!) it's the cast which made the whole thing look good. and of course, the directors...they're just so talented. it was good. except for a few boring JAY-CHOU-ONLY scenes...i don't like him. even now...;)

should've posted this like...a week ago but...nvm....yes...LINDA's back. so i'd be meeting her in midvalley today to catch a movie...yes...again. watching WAR OF THE WORLDS this time. looking forward to it. nat said tom cruise's acting is awesome. so i shall just ignore the how so-much-stupidly-he-is-in-love with katie holmes and just pay attention to the acting...teehee!!

wanna get myself a new not-so-big(getting addicted to the hiphanated(how do i spell that) words) wallet and throw away the old red kiddy body-glove one i'm using rite now. NO! i can't throw it. it's something special! haha...i tot i l0st it in sunway many many years ago but then i realize a year back that it's been hibernating in my wardrobe...*nice*

can't go any further. i'm in the ICT(it's actually the computer lab in my U. dun ask me what it stands for. i've no idea and i dun plan to know...fuh!) right now and i'm supposed to be looking for some information regarding plastic surgeries for my English later. better get my fingers off the keyboard now...*grins*