Tuesday, July 25, 2006


damn emo.

and my rm7.90 touch 'n' go...:(

first my hp...now the player...wat the fuck is wrong with pj wei...



whole forehead pimple. dinner this fri.


assignments not done, staying up late for it...





yay!! :D

Monday, July 24, 2006

leonardo wilhelm dicaprio

i had 2 beautiful movies.
1 is not so beautiful after all but i like the setting and it reminds me of when i was in standart 6.
the other one is so beautiful i still cry everytime i watch it.

the first is Shakespeare's: Romeo and Juliet, and the 2nd, The Man in the Iron Mask...

both leonardo dicaprio's. i remember how crazily i was over him when i was younger. i even know his freaking full name!!! eh...i'm proud of it ok? right until this moment i still think that he's one lovable actor. considering he was only 22 when he did 'romeo and juliet' and 19 in 'what's eating gilbert grape', he's awesome.

i had 3 HUGE posters of him in my bedroom...which i think if i have them now i mite have nightmares everynite...then i had this donald duck exercise book of all his pictures and magazine cuttings...his interviews, movies blah blah blah. and i have almost all of his movies...those available in malaysia like 'marvin's room', 'romeo + juliet', 'wat's eating gilbert's grape' and etc. but they're all lying sumwhere underneath the rotten wardrobe in the store. :D

and from 'wat's eating gilbert's grape' i knew that johnny depp was the pale-faced, tiny-mouthed gardener, edward in 'edward scissorhands'!!! omg...i miss it so much.


carin's party was great. haven't barbequed for sum time. dun really enjoy it cos it left us all with super rosy + oily cheeks. too bad linda wasn't there. the mom cooked for her. should've went to her house instead. pfft! but considering everyone is leaving so soon...i'd attend even if i know i'll b poured with acid.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

pump it! pump it!

it mite sound disgusting.
actually it looks disgusting unless it's done by a professional. but hell!! i enjoy it!! :D

paid rm25 for a trial month at fitness first and started it off last week.
did some ab-king pro work(thou i have one at home), cycling and treadmills. but the best is still BodyJam and BodyPump. FUH!! shake giler babi...mirrors everywhere...i try to blindfold myself. but just looking at the instructor is good enuff. A LADY mind u. petite malay lady which superb dancing skills. very hot! very modern...very sexy! WAHAHAHAH

i'm starting to miss it already. 2 more weeks and ciao to ff. walking in alone is yeng wei....but rm160 per freaking month? madness.


done with another assignment. 3 more coming up. pengsan...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

kelelam...lam piki piki, lam minchi minchi

i have no idea what it means.
but it sounds hilarious and i still laff everytime i watch the clip in youtube. check it out if u want to.

Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest


i got a mail the day before basically asking me to cut down on the frequent swearing on each post. cos it mite not leave such a good impression on the employers when i'm about to work in the future. and mind you, this is the statement given by sum1 high ranking from the human resources' department.

but then i was thinking...why would i tell my boss that i have a blog? that would minimize the chance of me bitching about anything and everything i want to. and i do not have any profile in the blog stating who the hell i am...*bsides PX here and there which i dun think many people know what it means*.

it's not the norm for people to swear. but it's a norm for people to think that swearing is not such of a big problem. especially when i oni do it in blogs. if i walk around the streets yelling 4 letter words then THAT would b a huge problem. and i seldom post. like...once in 2 weeks? which means 2 posts per month???!! one or 2 swearings in every post...sumtimes none...;~#

i dun know how many people read my blog. at least i know a few listed in my banana's list do. i did not force them to read. they know me more thru reading and i'm glad they do. i feel comfortable stating what i want and i do it, but also making sure it's alrite doing it. i was raised that way and i'm proud of it. ;D


i need to read. i need to read a whole lot!!! my english is deteriorating, running down the drain. it's hard for me to express myself and it took me a whole nite to write 3 paragraphs for my assignment. not good...NOT GOOD!!! throw me a book sum1. i have yet to buy Gweilo. i still wanna read it a lot. I WANT IT!! I WANT MANY THINGS!!! BUY ME THE THINGS SUM1!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

ai!! the line's back!!

the pirate fever is still here.
and i can't believe it...i din like the movie.
not entirely, but it just wasn't as good. i'm not gonna comment. bcause other than myself and linda, everyone tot it was a blady good movie so...i shall keep it to myself...and linda. :)
but i've to say this...johnny depp WAS FUCKINGLY DRUNK HOT!! aaaaaaaaaaa...

*note to remember- the cinema went dark when bootstrap tried saving will turner in the middle of the movie. no idea exactly which part. i was almost dozing off by then. pfft!

thanx to lee kien wai. HE IS GOOD!! everyone...sent ur computers to Technet. the same row as St.John Ambulance's hq. he does everything.


the soarthroat has been lingering for a while now. and it's irritating. sum1 pls help get rid of it. thank you you!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


on a fine monday evening after i woke up feeling utterly distressed about the lost of france to italy, i started checking all my mails in every different account. i have basically, 4 accounts including the yahoo wan. hey! i have a different task for the each of them, savy?!

then as i opened one of them, i saw a mail from Golden Screen Cinemas. there wasn't any topic and it was written by Shaniz. usually, i'd delete it. but that day sumhow i clicked on it and HOLY COW!! I WON 2 TIX TO THIS SATURDAY MORNING'S PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST!!!! wicked...

the other night during dinner i was telling nat,

"can u pls join the pirates contest on gsc for me? i never have that type of luck."

and poof! i got it...the last time i won sumthing from gsc was...like...a year ++ ago. it was a doraemon watch and it never it came to me. and as i was so darn desperate to catch the woolie captain jack sparrow on big screen, i had to win it! HOORAY!!

and even better, i was supposed to have advertising copywriting's midterm that very day. AND IT'S POSTPONED!!! pirate luck. heh!

so considering i have been such a jackass friend, not picking her from the airport and not celebrating bday with her, i have decided to bring Chin Woon Fui Linda along with me!! ;D...told her on the spot i got the mail.

"u got 2 tix? u're bringing me??"

pfft...makes me look so terrible wei.

Sunday, July 9, 2006


20's bday party was nothing but fun. everyone went chaotic, there was ribena, coke, 7-up and rum. there was steamboat, vegetarian hotdogs, cakes, fishballs...and the list goes on.

saw many people...those that came back from america, those tat will be going to america, those from russia, australia...holy moly(tag-suelynn)!!! i'm still in malaysia. :)

it was such a pleasant day...continuous laughter, screaming...and siao-ness.

pix not up. no idea when it'll be up. i just have 3 pix of the crazy boon heng in paperhat. pfft

***the dilemma comes in. there's football final tonite. i have class tmr. darn!

if i were staying alone, it'll b a holiday for me tmr...no classes...just pure sleep in day.

but cos i'm at home, there's daddy, mommy, and nat to settle. most prob i'll sleep at 1+ and get my ass to class tmr. how blady sad.

to make everyone happier, let's look at the happy paperhat boy!!

Thursday, July 6, 2006

one down, countless more to go...

we successfully handed in the Newsletter today.

hell of a job. lacking so much sleep the oil blots on my forehead have no more place to grow. popping up like daisies! I WANT MY SKIN BACK!! erm...i shall not disclose here as my beloved mama reads my blog and i can foresee myself getting sumthing slightly more lessen than spanking. *grins*...can't remember how many more to go. basically cos everything's 1/2way done and it seems the weeks are just flying pass. it's already the 8th week since my sem started. 8 FREAKING WEEKS! grrrrrr...

it's 'CREDIT 20 Bday EVE!!!' shall b heading sumwhere for a small meal and then movie and then jalan jalan for a celebration and at the same time, toasting b4 she leaves for hawaii. haih...why hawaii? OF ALL PLACES MST GO SUMWHERE WITH SUNSHINE, SEA, RUM, PANCAKES AND LAZY PPL!! TATS A PLACE FOR ME!!! MMMMMEEEE!!!!

got a clip from lynn...about these japanese restraining themselves from laughing while watching another jap speaking english. hilarious really!! and check out the jap that got spanked the most. check out his teeth...HOT!!!

Jap English

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Eastin again...England Loses

early celebration for daddy's bday cos it'll b on a weekend and it'll be damn mafan for me to come back or go anywhere for celebration. pfft...i say...i come back everyday so that i dun have to stay there. it's a short distance anyway.

ANYWAY, had a fantastic dinner. left early so that we could come back for the match(sobs!) therefore we ate like mad!!!

thai food, local, itallian, french, chinese, malay, india, blah blah blah. never ending. stuffed ourselves until we could no longer move. mention food...pengsan case...!! but it was really lovely.


damn no mood. say what u wan about me knowing football or not. i still love England.
and no matter who they are against, i still love them.

they fought till the very end and...I'M SO DARN PROUD OF THEM!!! *bawls!!!*

red card rooney 2006, red card becks 1998...same referee...tiu la!


i have been tagged. by an idiot.
so i'm gonna b an idiot...by tagging sum1 else. WHOO HOO!!!

The Rules---> Once you have been tagged you have to write a blog with six weird facts/things/habits about yourself.In the end, you need to pick six people to be tagged and list their names

1. i am freaking scared of snakes
2. i prefer staying home, lying on the bed watching tv the whole day than to go shopping.
3. i always wished i had gills so that i could breathe under water.
4. i love hong kong...and hawaii
5. i can read and write in cantonese.
6. i take the longest to bathe at home...but am fastest among frens...sum frens. WAHHAHAHA!!

linda, lynn, si mou...

i dunno who else reads my blog. and i can't tag those who tagged me. SO SAD!!