Sunday, November 30, 2008

the chimney's cleared...

for Santa to drop the gifts.

i was showing someone the 2 bags mommy and i bought today and all of a sudden i came across something that pumped up my adrenaline SO HIGH...blood test on wednesday would go cuckoo. *choi*!


*shaddap all of u...jgn's cute*

daddy said he's bought enough and asked me to msg u and PLEAD for you to do the honour. mommy looked into the catalogue and went...'YERRRR'
*puppy eyed*

i promise i won't shove it into anne's face. :D
check out the legs ok. lays flat on the ground. can sleep with me. WHOO HOOO!!!
walao damn gay can cry.


i still have cold sweat and my appetitite hasn't really normalized.
apparently it's something good cos i've been stuffing myself up so much i've doubled my size's a blessing in disguise.
go away!! go away!!!!!!
*running off to down brand's chicken essense and tido*

Thursday, November 27, 2008

the MIAness

i guess i haven't been this inactive in blogging ever since i started the hassle to jot down all my memory before it dissolves into a sorta excrement then passed out and flushed off.

but besides my hectic working life that's been so overwhelming it practically took over...the other parts of my other life as well, i finally fell ill as wished previously just so that i need not get to work. and this time, it's big.

when i mean big, it's big.

this big.


sumhow my palm and foot resembles. cute!

i haven't really been feeling very well for the past week. i was completely flushed a blusher wasn't necessary for my party and then all of a sudden i was cold even when bundled up myself like a swiss-roll with a freaking thick quilt namely used by tom hanks in polar express later that night. and as an evidence to my above mentioned statement your honor, i present to you a picture taken during the party, before the catastrophe hit.

see or not? muka merah mcm buntut monyet, tangan kanan pun merah padam and the heat even triggered an eruption of a tiny acne on my casualties recorded.

then i sumhow felt very much better on saturday cos i knew we were all finally heading to jogoya for our long awaited treat. and despite random comments from you you you and you that the food is no longer as good...ok i agree the food isn't as good but was njoyable. peace. XD

i even stuffed myself with ice cream cake. BASKIN ROBBINS FYI. jgn jeres.


this is why we need blogs because i don't remember what happened on sunday. to all you asses out there that doubt the reason of us taking every single picture of our every outing: i'll reread this 10 years later and question what happened on the 21st november at 10.47pm and u'll ternganga mcm orang bodoh. HAH!


then on monday i wasn't well for work. i had to consult the doctor, i got sum antibiotics, took 1 and thought i'd crash and awaken for dinner feeling better.


i couldn't sleep. i never slept until the entire hellboy 2 finished to only sleep for a moment. woke up and it deteriorated. had dinner, puked all out.

went to all clinics around town and they were closed. even if they were opened they had no docs on standby.


nxt time if you need a doc, head straight for KJMC or KPJ. don't waste time driving around wasting petrol okay. promise. HEW IF YOU'RE READING THIS, DUN PUT 24 HOUR SIGN AND THEN GO HOME AND TIDO MIDO! SUE U THEN U KNOW!

the doc tot i was preggers at first cause my i was vomitting and had no fever. *points middle finger*. i said NO, extending the size of my eyes to the fullest, he knew i wasn't joking and took gave me sum med. returned home, popped them and slept only to wake up 2 hours later vomitting more. damn.

dad drove back and had me admitted. and the worst is to see seconds ticking and u can't fucking sleep. seriously, to those who pray to fall ill just so u don't have to go to work (i know u're out there, i can name a few now)...DON'T!!!!

anyway, i'm still like a worn out sock. it took me a day later to realize it's lynnie's bday and my promise to dedicate a blog post to her failed lke the medication prescribed to me before. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN BABE!! MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!

but not too bad kan...i had SKII drips.

i'm woozy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Terima Kasih

i'm rushing off for tropic thunder dvd in bed.
and pictures from yesterday and a couple hours back are not uploaded therefore,

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

p.s- nigga crazyfrog nxt round for hew's okay?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Epic Fail

my obligation to blog during the weekend failed like the government and local weather forecast system.

i spent the night looking at the slides and cursing even more, ended up watching Jan Lamb's talk show that made my day and then ruined everything again when i decided that i wanted to complete it so that i can njoy my sunday.

double fail.

i couldn't even join the peeps for lat thong cos i slept uber late. did nothing. woke up in the afternoon, SOS-ed for help and currently, i've pulled extra people into the sinking ship jeopardizing the last bits of their sunday.


and i still dunno what i wan and how to celebrate my bday so if u're contemplatng to ask, i shall say...let's mamak. cos redbox plus is to mahiao. and all i wan for bday is a brand new job. good job to last me for a while. *puppy eyed*

i shall watch more Jan Lamb while waiting.

have a great week ahead everyone! -.-

Thursday, November 13, 2008


That's something my boss does...she adds a BOTH OF US at the back which in actual fact, its just for herself cos i have all my need-to-do written down. sheesh!

albeit having this obnoxious pain on my left shoulder/neck, i'm gonna blog about happenings through the past...MIAness. yeah it's totally off track but...fuck with datelines la i've had enuff in the office so i'm gonna take my own sweet time in reminiscing the below during the weekends.

1) kampachi (so late might as well just forget about it but then NO! it's a day to remember cos it's monkey's first time)
2) decanter
3) le meridean
4) hpv

but i've to mention this cos i'm so excited i wanted to record her face down.
like i've mentioned before, i'm just gonna rehighlite that i have this terribly mordant, irritating and could as well be nominated for the worst dresser of the century after bjork's swan who goes ringing into everyone's ears flashing how cute her little daughter is and occasionally yelling thoughtlessly when she's screwed up her own work. fine day, they forced me to drive to this meeting and the following conversation took place...(shortened)

Situation 1:
'we're running late!!! you've gotta go at full speed!'
*enters NO ENTRY lane in the car park just to safe time or else i'd have to go 1 fucking huge round. ironically...never happened before, a huge old volvo drove in*
''s drivers like you that causes...' (she nvr completed her sentence just so she wouldn't jinx herself i supposed...
*px fumes*
'do you wanna reach in time or not?'

Situation 2:
'oh you had a dog?! my mom had a dog too. i'm not really a dog person but then we kept him well and my mom loved him so much. and one day he decided to just run away and not return and my mom was devastated'
'aww...poor thing...yeah i had one...just died though. she ran to us. jumped into my dad's car while he was in town.'
'u mean u kidnapped ppl's dog?!?!'
'-.-...nooo. it was in a really bad shape...chunks of fur gone...thin to her bones and my dad felt the bond so we took her in'
'yaaa...but still...omigosh now i know where Scott ended up...u dog napper!'
*px fumes agaim*
'unless Scott is i don't think i am one.'

moral of the story is, don't ever...EVER mess with anything related to my dog.
i sting.
and i dun mind doing it again if i am edged in the future.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Out of Desperation

i'm willing to be a translator for hokkien movies even if it means i'd have to sit before hua hee dai for a whole damn day.

anyone hiring? i need a new job.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


i'm so happy i wanna just blog and doodle.
i made sure daddy and mommy woke me up early in the morning so that i'd make a trip together with them to max's place (before she climbs into my dream and 'leaks lubricant' onto me LoL!! she will never do that i'd rather she does it at least i get to see her in my dreams). i was scared initially. but it wasn't that bad. i guess its the hormones acting's been acting up for the past week but oh well...

so cantik kan...besides the ugly planks but we're afraid sum other fucked up strays will dig her up. she's after all oni approximately 3-4m down. better not take the risk.

then i came home and had breakfast. i dont' remember the last time i had saturday breakfast and it was INDEED FANTARSTIKKK! nasi lemak with rm15 siu yuk okay!!! erm ok i share share with my dad but then still...SIU YUK IS GOOD FOR BREAKFAST BRUNCH LUNCH AFTERNOON TEA EVENING TEA DINNER SUPPER LATE SUPPER!!!
ok then i retreated to my dark cold room...and watched december boys. tsk tsk...bad choice. daniel radcliffe should only act as harry potter. at least for now. i'm refraining myself from watching equus because lke i told many people, i don't wanna imagine his hairy balls because i love eveyrthing about harry potter. so...STAY BEING HARRY POTTER UNTIL EVERYTHING'S OVER!!

the financial situation of the country has plunged, I BELIEVE, is due to me being caved from splurging and contributing to the flow of economy. therefore i decided to do my part and buy buy buy (i can already foresee nat chanting aloud UNFAIR UNFAIR XD) but yeah...we even went to GIANT...i repeat...GIANT and bot rm200 worth of goodies. yessss!!

i had an intense urge to be...paula tsui. i was thinking i could wear this to ah yeh's weddng but...HEY!! MY BDAY COMING! ok so i'll go sumwhere nice just because i wanna wear this dress. yay!!

omg i love this. cos it's messy and ugly. but i like it so...BITE ME. it's heavy too. i'm gonna train up my neck muscles and be michael phelps.

i also had an intense urge to be ugly...and indian-y cos ive been listening a lot to russell peters. i'm also beginning to stereotype. SUKA!!!

tell me they're nice okay?




i hate doing this but i really gotta tell this to anyone who decides to be nice to little pei xzan cos...

i need to find these 2 books. and if u can find it u can buy it for my bday (linda teach wan ok)instead of getting me sum other expensive makeup or bags or ponies or...any other things. i found it in mph and now it's gone. sum1 stole it...and i'm pretty sure it's not a surprise secret present for me cos...besides natnat no1 knows. *bawls*



it's a bimbo book but then it's funny and about sexy rich vampires so nothing beats it. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE. terima kaseee.

oh mien it's sunday. stress.