Sunday, November 30, 2008

the chimney's cleared...

for Santa to drop the gifts.

i was showing someone the 2 bags mommy and i bought today and all of a sudden i came across something that pumped up my adrenaline SO HIGH...blood test on wednesday would go cuckoo. *choi*!


*shaddap all of u...jgn's cute*

daddy said he's bought enough and asked me to msg u and PLEAD for you to do the honour. mommy looked into the catalogue and went...'YERRRR'
*puppy eyed*

i promise i won't shove it into anne's face. :D
check out the legs ok. lays flat on the ground. can sleep with me. WHOO HOOO!!!
walao damn gay can cry.


i still have cold sweat and my appetitite hasn't really normalized.
apparently it's something good cos i've been stuffing myself up so much i've doubled my size's a blessing in disguise.
go away!! go away!!!!!!
*running off to down brand's chicken essense and tido*

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