Friday, June 29, 2007

Sadistic Week

i haven't been wishing for the weekends to come so mch for such a long time.
campaign proposal meetings, presentations, midterms and a fucking flu all in 1 is no blady joke wei. to top that off, my nose was practically running on marathon and i presented cultural having slight fever. and no...i wasn't at all pathetically excused for anything...eventhou i couldn't care less. *rollseyes* ...but the presentation went so well we couldn't really believe wat the lecturer told us. slightly layan maybe in a sense but...mch better than expected. *claps*

and to add salt to the wound, thepig actually got on9 in IFC Mall telling me how mch fun they're having in HK. and right after i received msges fr the boons describing the beautiful weather and crystal clear water in laguna beach, redang. *looks blankly into the air*

but it doesnt matter anymore. because...


yay!!!!!!! i was telling daddy how excited i am this time even if it was jst melaka...he said i am 1/2 a jakun eversince school started...but who cares...i'm so gonna indulge myself even if i were to put on 5kgs or taking assam laksa which will probably make my flu worse. I DUN CARE!!! WEEEEEEE!!!

i was proven to be sadistic this morning when stacy landed her strong fingers on my lebam. i think she aggravated the bruise. and scarily, i njoyed the pain. lalalalalala...

i am terribly hungry due to the sneezing that's been going on for quite sum time especially when there's a room temperature change. therefore, my leg looks so mch like a roasted peha lembu. *sweat*


the member sales (topshop, miss selfridge & dorothy perkins) ended. and i disciplinedly tahaned cos i was way over quota last month after buying the season pass for the World Championship jst to teman sumone to go watch. hmph. ok la...i wanted to go oso. and i confess i'm going for many reasons other than jst sitting down there njoying the game. :D...

flu med's taking in. and the nose is finally dry. YAY!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

so kenot...

partying 2 nites in a row now is already too terrible.
so terrible i'm down with slight flu. *px wails*
the monkey and the leaving for hk tmr at 630 freaking am.
and i'm left bhind...doing blady fucked up assignments instead. WAHHHHHHH!! NOT FAIR!! I WAN HK! I WAN HK!!!

i like me in that pic. it's as thou i'm being blown by sum bigbig fan on a runway. lynnie said everyone bsides me looks very gwaai (not weird but goodie-gals)...pfft

will tok about it more later la...presentation tmr yo...good luck leong pei xzan...(77)

emceeing in canto is not a big deal after went well. thou we had to scream without the presence of the mic.
poppy was okay too but 2 drops of bacardi per person is pathetic. hahahahaha

Thursday, June 21, 2007

i am indeed...talented

in a sense.

confirm i have not planned anything that's turned out ok b4. be it birthdays or surprises or dinners or lunches of badminton matches or swimming classes or movies...dun plan nothing happens. plan d confirm kecot. for an example...eveline's bday. great! i wasn't there.

this time no choice. no1 else is free to do it. i made 100 calls, 100 smses, 100 msn msges...b4 i got total confirmation. i booked the restaurant by making many many calls cos it seems all the branches have gulunged tikar bsides the grand wan in kl. i had to double confirm with each and everyone to c if they were coming cos it seems they had classes and by the time they came back it'll b the following day. i had my own meetings to handle...i had presentations to handle...i think of surprises. *px dozes off*

i so dun like to blow balloons. and jst bcause it's the monkey i forced the pig to do sumthing more colorful in order for the room to be more than usual. wanted banners ok but then confirm out of budget d. so we bot the pump, we gt the balloons, we went all the way from kajang's secret recipe till the Suki bakery in tmn jasmin to look for strawberries bt they were out of it so we ended up buying sum other choc cake. so the pig and me sneaked into her room with oni the knowledge of her parents and started 'pumping the balls'. LO AND BEHOLD!! cos i planned...the ball couldn't b inflated. 2 university students din knw how to use the pump, confirm the pump gt masalah ok. so the pig started using her own breathe...i started searching for bicycle pumps, fans, water...kenot la of course. so i successfully inflated like...6-7 balls and the rest were all the pig's air! and because by the end we were so frustrated we conteng'ed' the sweet la we all!! we were rewarded too!! right after we blew them!!---> thick red painful allergic sworn lips...and today sum ulcers. *px falls of chair)

there're still meetings tmr of course and my plan to come back early at 11 skipping vincent's class has been called off. *px prays for time to makeup*...i haven't done for like...3 weeks since i started the neetha mask thing wei. hmmm...and then there's ivy leongie's japanese bash on sat...i still do not knw the agenda. god bless my cantonese pls. (emceeing in cantonese is different ok. badly done will sound like those daai kum jehs at weddings...puik)

and then after the saturday there's a meeting on sunday so which means dimsum'ing' with the family will b cancelled...and altered to dimsum'ing' with lynnie...yay!!! at least i can have dimsum. then there's a presentation on tue...

holy moly...

Monday, June 18, 2007


i cna't do such a long post because the things that happend since we met and bcame like...twins in standart...form...can't remember are uncountable. and...not to mention, sum very cruel, bitchy and so against the law. but then i still love her.
CHAN MAN WAI...NGO NGOI NEI!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ngo ji nei dou hou ngoi ngo*
i can't do the father's day post here. it's jst nt right so...LATER'ZZZ'!

Friday, June 15, 2007

so cannot...

3rd year sux cos assignments are coming in weekly and i am mixing all the subjects up.

i barely have time to go makan in between intervals during classes cos they'll b packed with meetings and researches and discussions and ETC. but that's not the worst. i still have assignments that i do not knw when my turn is coming and i'd b given approximately 5 days to prepare a 1o page + - assignment on theories that i wouldnt mind not learning at all.

we're flooded by journals that we do not understand. i can quite confirm it's not that my engrish. there are 201 students in my lecture and i am sure NONE of us understood the blady journal. i think the longest sentence had about 50+ words. crap. toking about being short and precise. ptah!!

but then no matter how bz, we still had time to party in neway after a whole week of running around. and i had a very good piece of lamb and chicken that oni cost me rm10. WEEEEEEEEEEEE...with coke summore!!!

i love the mirror. i look thinner than angang.

the pig is back, the boons are back and the smallboon has a slight accent already, the monkey is celebrating her bday now with her frens at hardrock aussie so that she can come back on the 21st to celebrate with us malaysians and si mou jai is coming back in 2 DAYS TIME. *px hops around shaking her ass*

so which means...22nd June to Modestos, 23rd to emcee Ivy's bash and 24th...hangover. and yes i am emceeing the bash at a jap restaurant with lynnie with a total of 100+ guests. fuck. should i wear a tux? i need a new top for the monkey's big nite. *jst an excuse to shop*...HAVE A GREAT NICE BABEH!!!!!
on a terribly sad note...

can play better or not? :(

Saturday, June 9, 2007


SuZhou it seems is famous for it's pretty ladies but daddy said they've all left for bigger provinces and therefore those leftbehind are...not so be nice. *grins*

the West Lake. it's a freaking huge lake tat takes 5 hours jst to go across by SPEEDBOAT mind u and a solid 24 hours to go round it. weeeeeeeee...all their resources basically are from the lake. even water which explains why they taste slightly weird and also why the ppl have friggin good skin. should've tapaoed sum back thou.

i really can't remember the name of this place cos i wasn't really listening in the bus but this place leads to a cave, there are rocks and lilies and pomegranades everywhere and smells like rosewood.

the same place but we did not make it to the pagoda at the top that overlooks the entire lake cos all u c is water.

the cave. i din knw i could be seen even with my lousy camera which explains the bei pose. but there were dragon like natural carvings and stones in the cave and puddles of water everywhere with a temperature low of...20 degrees??!?! but i think none of us in the tourgroup could identify any of the rocks. they normal rocks. teehee!

the lunch was goooooooood. very fresh veges. and this one is grass. we asked for the name and all the waitresses told us there wasn't one. because it's from the roadside. *rollseyes*. we were safe throughout the 8 days.
the entrance to the leaning pagoda. the due to the current year of the pig. it was blady realistic.
i am straight. the pagoda is senget ok. no nails used. it's leaning after a couple hundred years and the weight that's compressing onto the lowest level. therefore no visitors are allowed up.

Clockwise from top left: Mirror used by ancient ppl. oni ancient ppl knw how it's used/ 5 fook lam moon- 5 bats surrounding the word FUK. carved at the frontporch of a richman's house that Emperor Yung Zheng used to visit/ the tomb of...sum1/ THE ROCK GARDEN. I ACTUALLY REMEMBER THE NAME!!! the natural rocks there all resemble lions. it really does. and there was this rock with 27 exits bside the lake. took my tourguide 40 mins to get out if it. i was more intelligent...i jst stood sumwhere near and snapped a pic. dun wanna get lost in china.
the big big rock bhind daddy and mommy...tats the maze. *stone*

Night Market. long winding street with loads of brands. the mini van at the back is to fetch anyone who's tired of walking from end to end. 2 yuan per ride. bt the MCD driver i chose asked us for oni 1 yuan no idea why. :D

the best hotel of all. with SILK SHEETS. and the best of all, there was this big S lookalike tourguide from HK that i saw the nxt morning. oohhh llaaallaaa...

watever it meant, confirm not TURE lor!!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

and here comes Neetah

i have a puddle of sandalwood mud on my face.

and that would happen everynite if first thing tmr in the morning everything turns out good.

which means i'd have to place bubble and my teapillow aside for a couple months until everything turns silky smooth in order not to stain them...*px looks blankly into the air*


it's worth'll work...*chants*

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Flopped Cake, Shanghai (finally) & MOMMY's bday

finally i got myself to edit the pix...cincaily but at least it's edited.
bt before that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! missy gorgeous went up to genting with daddy for Sally Yeh concert and enjoyed a whole lot while i secretly baked a cake that flopped and am down with soarthroat thanx to the curtesy of daddy that spread it to me. hmph...but anyway,
will tok about the cake was...full of blood and sweat. pfft.

the flight departed at 2.15am sharp and arrived approximately 7.45am. it was kinda chilly and the airport was nothing to shoutabout probably because i was too sleepy to notice anything but then the city was niceeeee...

Shanghai has been divided into the old and new. the new consists of more skycrappers where the where the shanghai bund is located. but old and new, everyone spits. *px rollseyes*

1st stop, Nanjing Road. we were given 2 hours to hang around and to shop for cheap books and cds so we opted for a nice breakfast at one of the smaller streets where they sold blady cheap ramen. mine was rm2 for a huge bowl. and it tasted fine. but we werent given any spoons thou so daddy had to pick his bowl up to sip his soup. and we still wonder if the soup is to be drunk. :D
Meglev train. forgot wat the full name is but it's currently the fastest. magnectic and it can go up to 430km/h. mine was oni 301km/h. UNFAIR!! at least lynnie's went up to 400! takes 7 mins to round the city instead of 1/2 an hour by bus. weeee...

i was laffing my ass off in the middle of the busy streets when i saw this. it's like the 7-11s of HK. they're all over china and they're not that cheap. and it's pirated yo.

i really din mean to take this but the bus stopped right bside it and if not for the window, i could've reach and grab it as a souvenir. it appeared to me that there were pockets on them. and they seem to b fine about hanging their undergarments all over the roads...XD

went shopping after that...can't remember where thou but as we entered the buildings we were flocked by people tat were selling watches, handbags and etc. looked a bit like but...scarier. so we minded our own bisnes, held on tight to our bags, quicken our steps and left the building. dinner time!!

the place was oriental and nice. a bunch of...waiters welcomed us by banging on sum pompang like instruments and everyone in the restaurant stared like the prime minister was here. :D. the food was not-too-good and the performance reminded me of mystical steppes. eeek.

IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we went a few hundred floors up where my ears were blocked and i could barely hear wat the lady in the lift was saying. but it doesn't matter...cos i wont understand. but then the niteview was breathtaking wei!! not as good as hk thou (*winks*) but it could send everyone going...'wahhhh'. bot sum souvenirs cos daddy said they were honest. heh! took about 1/2 hour to get down from that building. packed!

done. went back to the hotel, crash damn cepatly and woke up the next morning at 6am. *stone*.