Monday, November 30, 2009


I need an organizer.
To remind myself of everything that I need to do.
Knowing my memory.
And the fact that I do not have Datin or AnneOoi or all those that have been standing in as a part of my memory cell for the past few years.

preferably with detailed time and dates ok? XD

Reminder to blog:

1) Birthday Weekend
- Zouk
- Alexis
- Karaoke
- Hilton

2) My oral gladiators O.o...sounds blady wrong but...yeah!

3) Bulan Baru premier

4) HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIA SUE LYNNNNN (belated)...u is kat HK and i promised a whole long post dedicated to you every year busy so...weekend k!!!

5) HARSH REMINDER: No More Shopping. (Unless...terms and conditions to be applied).

Friday, November 20, 2009


it's soooooooooooooooo not easy.


u better give us the drama we want.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the ultimate fate with the toilet bowl

my leng chai e71 fell into the toilet bowl.
i thought it's a note worth mentioning.
it's so emofying i almost cried. i mean can u imagine how it feels to slip off, crash hard onto the surface of the squatting bowl, slide off, down the dark stinking well and sink right down a hose of filthy disposal?

2 words: traumatizing...and claustrophobic.
le sigh.

ok the toilet was clean when the mishap happened. so no shit no wee.
i hope the previous user flushed. :S

i couldn't reach the bottom, (yes i took off my coat and reached for the shithole if you're wondering) hence i summoned the entire cleaning team for help. and thank god for sending a random bangla that was tall and thin. he sprawled on the floor, wore gloves and scooped my leng chai outa the mess. i was SO CLOSE to hugging him. but my leng chai was more important.

i thought of buying him ferrero rocher but i've not seen him since the tragedy 2 days back.

mayb he's not a worker after all.

bangla angel perhaps? so slumdog millionaire.

the phone's all dry now. but i'll send it back for servicing.
it can still be used. i managed to turn it on but...oh well i dunno if tiny bits of faeces would be stuck in between the keys. what if i speak too long and the heat melts the shit away, flows into the hardware and burn everything? GASP.

let's just hope it wont be too mahiao.

the last my possession fell into the bowl was during the trip to taman negara.
that was my specs thou.
and i'm still wearing it.
the toilet bowl loves me.

Monday, November 9, 2009


ok i'm officially doing it.
fuck jaw reconstruction surgery, i shall remain the asian keira knightley.

mind u, i drove myself to the clinic, spoke to the doc myself, made the options myself, got both my teeth extracted (not done by myself of course, thank god), and drove home all the myself too. clap ur hands pls. a lot of blood lost there k. XD.
and paying myself too. *BAWLS*

notes worth mentioning: (from peanutxz's pov)

- get a doctor that sounds convincing rather than a doc that is scientifically and technically proven correct but freaks the shit outa u that all ur teeth will just fall out by just looking at their faces.

- teeth extraction IS NOT PAINFUL. the aftermath is.

- line ur bed with macintosh if needed cos ur lips will be numb from the anesthetics u wont feel all the saliva dripping until u look down and realize u're almost drowned in ur own drool.

- if u're afraid of blood (like me...SHUSH!! dun mention my first aid qualification), get lke 2 sacks of gauze so that u can discard the soiled ones every 15min alternately. WHY? lemme tell u my story yah...i was resting on my bed after the extraction cos the father said i needed to. after hour i guess, i tot it'd be good to bathe cos i drooled lke a retard and the taste of blood on the gauze is kinda gross la. den as i removed the gauze, i spat out an amount of blood that seemed enough to satisfy a dying vampire. not only that, i swallowed a whole gulp later. in an instant, the toilet started spinning...i tot i successfully mastered the art of apparation. salah. had to squat nicely under the shower to bangunkan myself thinking what i shud do. would i collapse? NOOOOO collapse oso pakai baju dulu pls. den i shot up, wrapped myself with my towel, dashed to the parents room and jumped onto their bed. drenched. the mother had to cover my with another towel, father had to dry my hair and den...they went for dinner. -.-. so much love i tell u. i was fine after a while la but i shall learn to live with that humiliation forever.

- dun eat bread. u need strength to chew it off. go for things like sweet and sour tofu, steamed eggs + shredded scallops, abalone porridge (throw the abalone. the essence is all in the porridge), buddha jumps over the wall (just the soup yah ignore the ingredients)...what else?
ok just kidding. take porridge oni la what u think. diu.

- have food prepared everytime. cos no solid food down ur arse = TAK MAKAN. by the time u're hungry, u're fucking hungry and u can't eat fast = kantoi.

ok too much that...i haven't even attached my braces yet.
next appointment wud be on the 19th.
i know my theme for this year's bday...


sank you.

what color should i do? pink? ev said lilac. i say black den i'd be like jack sparrow.

the doc that extracted my teeth looked pretty cute. OMG HE TOOK OFF HIS MASK. *runs*

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Diary

Last week:
1) Went for Anne's farewell @ Library
2) AAR @ Bukit Jalil
3) Baked cookies

This week (if all goes well):
1) Doktor gigi
2) Detox kat Damansara Heights
3) Cristang with the keluarga (so fail. liddat detox for what?)
4) Head for badminton in the morning on Sunday
5) Pick Nat from airport.

i need to rant.
i met 2 douchebags today.
and they're both men.
short men.
one fucking bangla jaga. and one 'peregrin took' that has a dump for an office.

the weekend's gonna be good.

it's N.O.V.E.M.B.E.R.