Tuesday, May 30, 2006

China Continues...

3rd Day
Location: Error
(but it's either in LokYeung of ZhengZhau. Approximately 4hours drive away from Xi'an...been to too many places here and there. lost count. teehee!)

The Dragon's Gate (briefly translated from loong moon sek fat...there are a million buddha sculptures carved on the cave itself)

The entrance overlooking a really serene pond. there's a really beautiful temply opposite but it can't be seen)

The first cave

the peak. reminds me of the buddha where they used to film 'storm-riders'. damn damn huge.

The tomb of Lord Kwan

His tomb is situated behind the temple. it seems oni his head was found and the whole tomb is a whole big hill. he's potrayed as a red-faced man because the color of courage is RED. he's one brave warrior so he's known as the red-faced lord.

the tomb. my dad was so proud he visited the tomb. it seems he was a really great hero.

Dowager Empress' Dinner
8 starters, 24 main courses. siao!

Starters...Mainly sour. including rabbit's meat. but it was really good. There was chinese wine too. Burnt my throat...and i oni sipped!!!

The first dish. dunno what it was...but it tasted good. HAHAHAH

next: favourite day...

Friday, May 26, 2006

China- Xi'an

By the window...see any fairies?
i think i did. cos the flight was pretty rough and i was seeing stars by the time we were above vietnam...


First Day: Xi'an

Muslim Street

Freaking cold can pengsan dot com
(Reached at 2++...jalan-jalan, dinner...checked in to the first hotel. din wanna stay out for too long. temperature was way too cold)

Second Day: Xi'an

Terraccota City

Thanx to an old farmer (who's earning at least thousands of yuans a day just letting people take pictures with him) who dug out the head of a clay head of a soldier while trying to dig a well.

Lady Yang's Garden

Lady Yang. Supposed to be fat. the Tang Dynasty preffered fat ladies...:)
A place where the king, his price and his concubines bathed. pfft...the blady compound is so big u'll lose ur way inside

Lady Yang's bathtub...it's quite big actually...

the king's...and he bathes alone, the most with a fat concubine...i can snorkel in there mien!!

Bell Tower

A structure that seperates the North, South, East and West in each province.

next: Lok Yeung

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hi Pei Xzan

i've been bugging myself to post about the trip to china...but i can't
cos 8 days is way too long. and i dun even have the pix in my comp...so i'll just do it later.
overall, i had a fantastic trip.

came back from U today, went to kfc with daddy for lunch.
then mommy called and said she needed detergent so althou i really wanted to get my ass home to go on9, i went to town and got her 2 bottles of limau detergent. how sweet! hahahahah

as i was paying, a figure swished past me and mumbled...

'hi pei xzan'

i turned my head immediately but she was out of sight...TERROR!!

then i saw this blue bloused, grey skirt gal walking into the counter of the convenient shop. without my specs i can confirm she's a Pengawas SMKCK.

as polite as possible, i smiled. i'm so sorry but i wasn't having my specs with me and my esticmatism(how the hell do i spell it) only allows me to see how tall u are...and u had rosy cheeks. :)

told daddy and he said...'could b ur st.john member...mayb ur recruit.'

crazy wei. i started moving my fingers counting how many years older i should b compared to my recruits. the maximum amount...5 fucking years...that means she could b oni in form3 now!!!

and she remembers my name!! should i b proud? touched????!!!

i should b actually. afterall i still miss the army training days. and i miss my squad.

but i certainly dun miss the organization. *grins*

Sunday, May 14, 2006

xi'an...lok yeung...

i'm in china

all new impression

xi'an is for old folks. and it's damn fucking cold.

lok yeung is damn cun...why?


when everything was becoming better, got a call from nat...

she chopped her finger...and not the chicken for dinner...haih

toking about cooking. she should just wash and set the table.


i was basically missing malaysia so much the day i reached here. everyone in the tour group was at least 45 and they went to places like...the jade factory. pfft...

then it got better. we visited the terracota city, the place where the concubines during tang dynasty bathed(there was a naked sculpture of her...whoohoo!), raided many historical heroes' tombs(hehe!), the weather got better, the ppl were better and the food was good.

and the ppl in the tour group started toking to each other.

today(took a 4 hour bus from xi'an to here, lok yeung) was the more eventful day. the dinner we had was taken by the only lady emperor, mou jak tin...everything was soupy but tasted very good. 8 starters including...erm...cold rabbit meat and 24 main courses..


Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Not Allowed

*no fork and spoons allowed

*no drinking with straw allowed

*no magic performances allowed

*no raining on shoes allowed (credits to leng ;>)

*no ciggarettes smoke allowed...cigar can

Monday, May 8, 2006

There and back Again by Melting Banana

i'm melting cos it's damn blady hot down here compared to Genting where i spent the weekend with the lovey dovey gals.

were supposed to follow lala and gang up but somehow they had sum complications and we were left to unearth the way up ourselves. the last time i went there was last year...can't remember when. but i was blady looking forward to this trip and WHOO HOO!! it turned out to be such a fantastic one.

it's even more interesting when u know u'd b on a cable car that's mythically said that its dangerous and etc. we had a joyous time camwhoring all the way.

KTM-Bus-Cable Car and POOF!...we were there.

me, leng and el chamwhoring in the bus, scene from the cable car and me and el in the cable car

it was cool. better than i expected. just mist and wind with sunlite but no heat. how nice.

headed to the Hainan Kitchen for lunch as leng remembered we had a spectacular feast the last trip me made...but it turned out to be rather dissapointing. but then no complains. ate, checked in to our rooms as my parents reached(they went so that we could have a room...cos the credit card holder that booked the room needs to be present...awww...how sweet of my parents...mwahhh!)...and our adventure began!

as there were sum not so adventurous ppl in the group, we decided to oni purchase the indoor tix. so we could ride what we wanted to and not vomit our organs out. but of course the first thing we did was to rock climb since i've been pestering like a baby before we even reached that we must do it...it's definitely not easy...and i was friggin' scared! slipped and hung on to the stones with my meaty fingers oni...of course i wont put up humuliating pictures like that...but it was horrifying. it's like u could fall of the wall anytime and land on the ground dead. but after the first try i went for another. this time better. only ending up scarring my toes and muslce aches. *claps* =D

*spider-man banana climbing, finance fei climbing, me and leng, the survivors & the supporters

and then there was the flying coaster. we paid an additional rm10 for it. since the space adventure thing was fully booked, we shall try sumthing new. everyone should try...with an empty stomach. not much g-force but the 360 degree turn would b something worth trying. as we were lying on our stomach, our heads were so close to the turning points i could imagine myself smashing towards the steelbars if the cage went lose. WEEE!!!

went for the boring 3D motion master. they added water and a bruce lee shade to increase the effect. oni the chubby 5 year old kid was screaming beside me. i almost dozed off...pfft!!

we took the indoor baby coaster a few dozen times...screamed, sang, laffed, tried keeping mum...and bruising myself. i slouched myself too mch and my shin banged on the edge of the carriage...blady painful but who cares la...THEY DUN HAVE THE PICTURE TAKING THING ANYMORE!!! we used to pose as the camera flashes as the coaster takes a sharp turn. NO MORE!! HOW SAD!!!

they changed a whole new set of bumper cars!! they're cuter with 4 different colors (red, blue, green, orange), it's slower and it's mainly for kids. the children bumper car ralley closed apparently. and we were among a bunch of 127 tall children, feeling even more excited than they do. toking about being childish! WAHAHAHAHAH

Mission Impossible 3 at 1015. blady awesome. put ur brain at rest while watching. storyline sux. but it's entertaining. so tom cruise. *grins*

strolled in the COLD mist after that, snapping a few pictures where we were covered by big droplets of water...and we slept like pigs after.

woke for breakfast the following day at 830...free breakfast. obviously it was free. everyone rushed for food like they've never eaten. so we joined in and had a heavy wan. HAHAHAHA! met up with lala and gang for a short while, snapped pictures for them as cmy, bLok and ahpoh tried the flying coaster and we left. (pictures...in leng's spoilt-shutter camera)

the journey down was terrible.

Cable Car-Bus-Lrt-Ktm-Yinng's Merc-Daddy's Kembara

and how spectacular. reached home, poof again!! electricity went off. yay...


**more pix here

Wednesday, May 3, 2006


once in a lifetime experience...

u made ur wish??


how it works:
1st Hour
2nd Minute
3rd Second
4th of the Month
5th Month of the Year

Monday, May 1, 2006

Into the Blue

my public holiday afternoon was spent watching Into the Blue with the family.

it was friggin good!!!

most probably it's paul walker and the sea.

if i could have a boyfren like THAT

and live a life like THAT

what more shall i ask for mien!

THINK...being a bimbo surrounded by sunshine, sand, water and laughter with no written work waiting to be completed...