Sunday, May 14, 2006

xi'an...lok yeung...

i'm in china

all new impression

xi'an is for old folks. and it's damn fucking cold.

lok yeung is damn cun...why?


when everything was becoming better, got a call from nat...

she chopped her finger...and not the chicken for dinner...haih

toking about cooking. she should just wash and set the table.


i was basically missing malaysia so much the day i reached here. everyone in the tour group was at least 45 and they went to places like...the jade factory. pfft...

then it got better. we visited the terracota city, the place where the concubines during tang dynasty bathed(there was a naked sculpture of her...whoohoo!), raided many historical heroes' tombs(hehe!), the weather got better, the ppl were better and the food was good.

and the ppl in the tour group started toking to each other.

today(took a 4 hour bus from xi'an to here, lok yeung) was the more eventful day. the dinner we had was taken by the only lady emperor, mou jak tin...everything was soupy but tasted very good. 8 starters including...erm...cold rabbit meat and 24 main courses..


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