Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hi Pei Xzan

i've been bugging myself to post about the trip to china...but i can't
cos 8 days is way too long. and i dun even have the pix in my i'll just do it later.
overall, i had a fantastic trip.

came back from U today, went to kfc with daddy for lunch.
then mommy called and said she needed detergent so althou i really wanted to get my ass home to go on9, i went to town and got her 2 bottles of limau detergent. how sweet! hahahahah

as i was paying, a figure swished past me and mumbled...

'hi pei xzan'

i turned my head immediately but she was out of sight...TERROR!!

then i saw this blue bloused, grey skirt gal walking into the counter of the convenient shop. without my specs i can confirm she's a Pengawas SMKCK.

as polite as possible, i smiled. i'm so sorry but i wasn't having my specs with me and my esticmatism(how the hell do i spell it) only allows me to see how tall u are...and u had rosy cheeks. :)

told daddy and he said...'could b ur st.john member...mayb ur recruit.'

crazy wei. i started moving my fingers counting how many years older i should b compared to my recruits. the maximum amount...5 fucking years...that means she could b oni in form3 now!!!

and she remembers my name!! should i b proud? touched????!!!

i should b actually. afterall i still miss the army training days. and i miss my squad.

but i certainly dun miss the organization. *grins*

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