Wednesday, January 31, 2007

it's abnormal

when i sit down and watch tv bt end up dozing off without knowing

when i c the orange blinking msn chatbox drowning in and feel irritated

when the clock strikes 11 and i feel worried cos it's late

when i dun write in CAPS LOCK in msn anymore...and worst of all...

when the babes tell me that we mite b going to hk this coming summer and...i jst went...'oh'


work is fun but it's so the friggin tiring i'm living an old lady's life where i wake b4 the sun rises and make sure that i have my breakfast...and same goes for lunch and dinner...and make sure i'm on my bed by at least 11pm or 12 the latest so that i can have ample time of sleep. i'm not complaining though

mystical steppes was fantastic. anyone who saw me...confirm i didn't c u. cos i was miserably separated from my beloved spectacles for 3 days which equals to being blind for that long. and the only kajang familiar face i saw was aunty pat whom i gave special treatment by sending her personally to her chair at the other side of the stupid long hall eventhou the lights were still brightly lit.

and i did sumthing way beyond my expectations. given more time to think now, i wouldn't have done it. i freaking touched the 2 pythons that Maliya used for her snake dance. i poked to be exact. stretched out my shivering poor index finger (cos the other fingers were too freaked out) and poked it. ran out of the room 5 mins later after taking pix for miao and felt a bit drowsy. damn

i swear she's nt the akua from thailand. a year younger than me. gawdddd. i look lke a worn out sock bside her.

miao and the few month old burmese python that was terribly shy. i poked him/her. there were 2. bt i can't stand placing pix of them in my blog. i feel lke throwing up now.

a month ago, my nite starts at 1 after everyone is asleep. currently, at 1am...i freak out and get my ass to bed asap.

therefore, off i go. g'nite yo.

Friday, January 19, 2007

WOT---> Way Over Time

10pm is a fucking awesome time to leave the office. don't get me wrong. i'm not as hardworking. i...had no choice.

being an angel (as i've tried to act as 1 in the office...and i think i'm accepted as a partial one WAHAHAHAHA), i had considered leaving a note volunteering to go back today. but if my phone really starts buzzing at 8am, confirm i'll say, 'No Prob. Gip me 45mins'...hang up and start cursing like how my bosses do. :D

i'm not saying i'm not enjoying my work. at least i do not only handle photostating and phone picking anymore. and although i can be utterly blur at times, hey! my work is still handed in in a piece okay?

if my bosses see this lke how my mom said they would go stalking ppl's blogs, i will lose all my tasks and stay with photostating. O_-

but anyhow, i can't fully remember wat i did the past week besides helping to update the ticketing, made 130++ calls until the operator hung up on me (which is even sadder), help allocate seats for the gods high high on the floors above us and go crazy bombarded by telephones juggling 2 at a time.

and as my life was turning superbly monotonous (sleeping at 10++, waking at 7...even my gran doesn't do that anymore), i decided to head to KLBA with fei and miao miao for the badminton match. and holy...............................i finally got so close to my standart 6 sweetheart that lived in my wallet, i can smell him. smells CK-Eternity. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! he's older, he was a little worn out...and he's already a dad. but...WHO THE FUCK CARES MIEN!!!

he was so nice he leaned next to me, lowered himself a little so i won't look lke a hobbit and he SMILED! *faints*...staying in the office for 25 hours doesn't matter anymore. lalalalalalalalalalalallalalala

after that, miaomiao said i dun look so sissy...i was scared to ask them to take a picture with me and needed fei to grab them so that i could speak. so i braved myself and asked him if i could have a pic with him. no idea why i spoke in english bt he smiled and said...'yeah. ok'...damn man. he's so.........cute?

damn. cna't upload pix. the pictures mst b too good looking hence blogger is jealous. wahhHAhaAHAHAH

party tonite. and it's raining. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!....

p.s- HAPPY 21st BDAY CHERRY!!! (backdated to 18th January 2007)

Saturday, January 13, 2007


spent my weekends my saturday sleeping. THERE'S STILL SUNDAY!!!


the past week was super duper truper tiring. no idea why. but everyday is tiring. but worth all the time. althou all i photostating and answering the phones. anyone who misses me pls call the HELP A FAMILY campaign hotline to The Star. confirm i'm damn layan. :D

last week this hour, i was having a nice time in KLCC. but i prefer staying home on weekends anyway. and i get to go for steamboat. HOOOO!!!!

Education Fair...was good. i prefer to be on duty than to be there walking around asking for brochures. :D

Thursday, January 4, 2007

OL Reporting

i'm officially working...
in 2 days, i have become a professional photostater. i knw how to photostate in all shapes and sizes, enlarge, vary in the density, double side up and also to use the L stapler

and 2 days into my work, i realized i'd b working on both saturdays and sundays. how sweet.

"Are u guys free this weekend?" asked the kind and friendly immediate boss.

Being interns, all we want is an A. even working til 13am is an i guess from this point of view, it's fine. :D

slept at a healthy and refreshing 8.50pm on the first day. We were asked to chill and enjoy our very first day and therefore no1 gave us anything to do. we sat on our personal tables (Yes! we have our own tables...AND A COMPUTER, with no internet connection) and read the entire on9 paper. top to bottom and backwards. then a kind workmate introduced us to our new partner. THE MACHINE!!! he was nice...and professional. no complains.

therefore, i'm looking forward to photostating more documents. goodnite.