Sunday, April 30, 2006

talking about shopping

i do shop.

a lot...

was in midvalley with daddy last nite and had sushi king. poor him. just because i wanted to eat he had to teman...:)

i dun buy much when i shop with di. it's always window shopping but then we have a great time together cos i get to hear all sorts of stories. another reason is he would be sitting outside while i spend my nice time looking at clothes. pity him. i rather not. walked the whole mv cos mommy was in tinhaukung supporting her friend who participated in a chinese opera performance.

bought accessories as usual again and a book from MPH. HANNIBAL. i've watched the movie and i expect the book to be as nice. haven't read for since Harry Potter and the 1/2 Blood Prince. I shall read again! WAHAHAHAH

saw a book by Martin Booth named GWEILO. i picked it up and saw the words...'Memories of a Hong Kong Childhood'. seeing the words Hong Kong, OF COURSE I STARTED READING!!

they had explanations of frequently used cantonese at the end of the book which really amused me, making me laugh, scaring everyone around.

chin- money
dai- big
dou- island
dai pai dong- roadside food stalls
nei hou ma- how are you?
gei duk to- christian....and the best was


WHOO HOO!!...but it was too expensive for a paperbag version. so daddy din let me buy. :(


woke up so early...2.30pm.

left for sg wang and bought a jacket, tshirt, jeansskirt (yes i got myself a skirt), and a pair of beach pants. the best thing about shopping with mommy...

try, fit, pay.



dinner at HOT MAMA again. tried the Nasi Pyramid. FUH! bagus giler babi.

Friday, April 28, 2006

3 fast 3 furious

slept at 5++ almost 6...hey! i was having fun...

woke up amazingly early at 11.

went for lunch at kopitiam with fei and soo yin...actually, i had a cup of juice cos i din bring enuff money back this week and most of 'the other' money went to the accessories and food that i plunged myself at last nite. so worth it!

was travelling happily along the cheras highway when suddenly this stupid huge truck overtook me and covered my beautiful view. i was kinda scared...due to inferiority of my petite car obviously. i was driving a kancil wei!! not even 1/4 of that bugger's size when all of a sudden...


blady hell...sumthing exploded and i saw pieces of rubber flying everywhere. i was so fucking scared i almost swerved out of the lane. NO CARS!! thank god...but i held the steering tight enuff and looked into the rear mirror. those big-car drivers must be scared too cos they were almost a mile away. i got hold of the situation...*claps*


reached home, set up my computer immediately, peeled and orange, turned on the aircond and i'm now enjoying the holiday.

*E noho me ka hau`oli.* ---Be Happy in Hawaiian

Thursday, April 27, 2006's over



went to loads of rubbish...vietnamese beef rice, ice cream, bing tong wu lou, green tea etc like i've never eaten for 100 years. it's so nice to eat without papers and exams in happy fei and i lost our ways and took MOONS trying to come back to pj. damn mien...from kl back to pj...losing my way. shameful.

HAHAHAHA!! nw i can on9 without guilt, throw all my notes away...and pack!!

the rest of the house still has a paper to go besides me and fei...



besides planning for a getaway with the gals and to xian, i really have to find a day to lepak at petaling street with daddy, go to sg wang and get blingblings with nat...and shop with mi cos she's the finance minister...WAHAHAHHA...and i wanna have lunch together at kiwis too..the fried squid or sumthing...WHOO HOO!!!
(this is a leongpeixzan@dancingbananas service reminder. thank you)

and i sincerely apologize to those i screwed this morning...

manickam was so nice...she smiled at me like...4-5 times...

which scares me at times...


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

it's 11.45am, 27th April 2006


in approximately 2 1/2 hours more(i think), i'd b taking the Public Opinion and Persuasion paper and no one would understand besides those who would be sitting in the exam hall with me, how disgusted i am with the subject.

i can't wait for the invigilators to say...'Put your pens down.'

forget it la...i'll just throw the paper and pens at you.

and to the person that invented public opinion and persuasion, god bless you. u're such an idiot...


HEY! it's exam time ok? i'm counting down now. so u can't blame me for critisizing. at least i din swear.

mayb i'll apologize after the exam.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

it's official...


it's not that genting's damn cool. but then at least it's situated in the higher lands and there are things that attract me rock climbing and the latest SPACE ADVENTURE thing.

nat just came back this afternoon from a night's stay there. and it seems she had a full load of fun. and i can't wait to get my ass there with the gals and the gang. HEH!!

at least there's sumthing nice to do...!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006


my eyes are brain is running wild

save me...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

First time in my life...

i missed a finals paper...

was down with viral fever on monday morning.

sitting for the paper next sweet of wonder i hate them more now...

and next time, pls find sum1 who doesn't stutter so that i can get the information i want in a day.


advertising paper today is fine...thank god...


really wanna post about the dinner we had on saturday at eastin. but then considering mommy told me my viral fever might be cause by the huge amount of oysters i ate, i better not...tee!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

toking about friends...

most of my close frens have left malaysia...

one's in america
one's in australia
one's in russia

and one more is leaving to hawaii...which is also america la...pfft...

and i'm still here in malaysia. stuck in a university which i have to admit has lousy lecturers. not all. but in every sem, there's a weird wan. and that's bad enuff...

back to frens. i so miss the times we spent together. sum i oni became REALLY REALLY close b4 they left. sum i've known them since i was born...sum are not even from my school. but i love them all...

it just occured to me...i have...different types of frens.

friends where u can stay quiet but know exactly what they wan
friends that are miles away but still feel the bond
friends that seem so close but then there's an invisible gap
friends that do not differ from the enemies...oni the surface is left
friends u've just met...but know the relationship will last.

i have to agree that the pressure that i have to endure ever since i entered the university has increased tremendously. many things are much more complicated than i think they are. but at least i have my group of friends to turn to...other than my sis...and my family of course.

it's always during the exams when i have ridiculous posts like this that absoutely spoils the atmosphere of the theme of my blog. many things happened this sem. so many that si mou asked me to consult 'so man fung'...but i'm done with it. the holidays are coming and i can almost smell the air if XIAN!!! and my gals...unfortunately returning when my classes starts. toking about fate...pfft!

but the thinking of hanging out with them...without so refreshing. so refreshing...that i think i can plunge my ass back to my notes and stop emoing...HEH!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


after breakfast the other day, we were in the car blabbing off about how cheap the dimsum was, what if it rains and the clothes are left outside and what should we eat for lunch etc...

and then, as we passed UPM, mommy and i were so delighted by the horses running free...and suddenly daddy chipped in...

'15 years ago, when we pass this place, xzan will say...daddy...look at the COWSes...'

and they laffed histerically...hmph...

at 4++, i knew how to use plural in my sentences...

great ok?

Monday, April 10, 2006

eight hot!

had a very enjoyable weekend. went for 'Eight Below' with my parents.

reached damn early cos we booked our tics so we wanted to collect earlier. headed to Kenny Rogers for lunch then shop shop.

HEH!! got a huge gold bag and a tee.

'eh! i tot u wanted a gold belt?! how come ended with a gold bag?'

my sis always has sumthing to say when i buy sumthing. HAHAHAHAH!!! i bought the tee cos if i dun, the bag would cost rm79.90. if i buy a tee, i'll get a 30% off. blady shops really know how to do bisnes. i ended up buying a tee then.

bought a cup of hot milo and entered the very very small cinema no.16. first row, right in the middle. NICE SPOT!!

the show was so nice can die dot com. i practically started crying in the middle of the show when paul walker had to leave the dashing dogs behind. and considering it's almost a real story, the dogs are damn kao cham wei!!

not gonna elaborate. but everyone MUST go for the movie. MUST!! if not for the dogs, at least go for paul walker. he's so hot he can melt the eskimo and make 'the day after tomoro 2'.

my parents were so darn proud the so called lead dog star was named max. pfft...

Max- survivor and leader of the pack

Max- bitch of the house...but i still love her :)


everyone is not working so we're going for dimsum in the morning!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHHA...

Saturday, April 1, 2006

April Fool

From Wikepedia

April Fool's Day or All Fools' Day, though not a holiday in its own right, is a notable day celebrated in many countries on April 1. The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends and neighbours, or sending them on fools' errands, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible. In some countries, April Fools jokes must only be made before midday.


For more info, go to wikepedia and look out for it urself la k?

for me, april fool is total rubbish. especially when it comes to fooling sum1 regarding one's safety and health. it's not funny. and i dun understand why such a day was made.

hmph...when i say sumthing like that, so obvious i was foolishly punk'd by my friends. hmpf...

this post is to remind me to swictch my phone off next year so i do not receive any calls or messages...not about anyone!!! especially when i'm sound asleep.
emergency, pls dial 03-87360685.

jahatness wei...worst is when u pick up the phne and hear them laffing. mien...feel like throwing the phone away and smacking urself on the freaking head and ask why the fuck u're so foolish. heh!


PR WRITING PRESENTATION OVER!!! everything went so smoothly it was unbelievable. ONE FREAKING DAY. ONE FREAKING FULL REHEARSAL...done. we were practically the best group...for the time being. to me la...WAHAHAHAHHA...but then it doesn't always turn out so prefectly. sumtimes, there are cases where u meet bias people and receive bias marks. pfft. i'm glad with what we're done. i love my classmates.