Monday, November 28, 2005

one fucking week of influenza

it's been a week.


and it's still here. blady flu...

tissue papers that i've been using are enuff to cover up every side of the wall, including the carvings on the window pane. and mind you, i'm using toilet paper so that i won't waste boxes of expensive Kotex thou my nose is now burning like hell. phlegm is up my nose and mucus is down my throat. they've mixed disgustingly while i sleep without my permission. ;-
i'm blaming it on the senseless old bastard that sneezed right on my face on sunday. actually, he sneezed behind me to be fair to him. but i could see the bacteria hunting for me with my naked eyes. as i was on my verge to recovery, my immune system is definitely lower than usual and BANG! i'm trying not to sneeze on someone else's face. fuck that blady mindless old pot!!! *achoo!!*

Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Lynn!!!

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to Chia Sue Lynn
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

in a few hours...lemme count again...approximately 18 hours ++, i'll b heading to her house for a PARTAY!!!. BIG ONE...RITE?!! RITE?!!!

wasn't supposed make it cos i, by right, should b in Singpore, preparing for Lily's reception. but then this biatch's wishes came true and i fell terribly ill on my Birthday!!! *sobs like mad*

not gonna make this post a very long one...everyone knows what a wonderful person she is...;)
i've been waiting for it to be after 12midnite so that the date of this post would be on the 25th November 2005.

All the Best Gal!
And the angels would always be over you...watching and ensuring you with all the richest things on earth. MUAHH!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005



YAY!!! i'm officially 19.

i'm lack of attention...what TT defines as LOA! WAHAHAHAHA...SUKA!!!

had a great day today. despite the irritating soar in my throat.

woke up around 11+ today, worried sick that i might fall ill. i was shivering in the shower thou the water was up to 100 degrees...until i put on my jacket.

left for the pj, picked fei up and headed to The Curve.

MAKAN KIM GARY!!! can u freaking blieve it?! i can't believe it myself. i actually requested to eat there...cos i wanted something with soup. and i ate the 'minced pork with vegetable'. BAGUS!!
then masuk Redbox. sang from 3-6.45pm. sounded like a turkey cos of my throat. TAK BAGUS!!
mei-ee n jw joined us around 1/2 hour after fei and i started getting high!! WAHAHA

then went to Midvalley. supposed to eat in Itallianies but then MingYang didn't have transport there so changed our minds. ate in San Francisco. had spaghetti bolognese. damn HUGE portion. with loads of cheese and minced beef. FUIYOH!!! so 'jai' wei. but then it was really good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

jalan2 around mv after that and left around 10++.

reached home. bathed. 12am, got my presents...WAHAHAH...happy giler. got an mp3 player that i've been wishing for since dunno when. I LOVE MY SIS!!! a watch from cm and i finally get to use my Guess bag from my parents...LOVE ALL OF THEM SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

uploaded the pix. unarranged. check out la...
19th B'Day

and thanx to all the pretty babes and the 2 handsome hunks for the cropped jacket. LOVE U GUYS! MUAH!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

happy bday to me! early bday i mean...

i wanted to put the title in caps...
but then everyone who reads it would say i'm this attention seeking bitch.


can't believe it. i'm gonna b NINETEEN in...lemme count...maths terukness...22 hours.

went to Eastin for an early celebration on saturday nite cos everyone would be working on tuesday and by the time they reached home it's already late evening so we celebrated earlier on. and also because we wouldn't be able to biatch around til late at nite cos i'd b leaving to Singapore the very next wednesday morning.

i have always loved going to Eastin. the journey there would always b very noisy cos nat and i would blab non-stop. i love the spread in Eastin. they never dissapoint me. I HAD MY FAVOURITE BIG BIG OYSTERS!!! ate like so many until i lost count...salmon...sashimi stuff and assam laksa. GAWD! they knew it's my bday. TEEHEE!!

and most fun of all is...EVERYONE GETS TO DRESS UP TO KILL! WHOO HOO!!!

took loads of pix. b4 we left, in the car, in Eastin and on the way back. we go to Eastin like a few times a year and everytime we go we take idea for what but i'm telling u it's damn freaking fun! and this time we bought a tripod along. professionals we call it. PTAH!

i'm currently in a lazy mood to upload the pix to my multiply.
i~~ my comp's down (again) and i'm using my dad's which is slightly slower.
ii~~ it's 2.19 in the morning and i should b sleeping but i'm here doing nonsense...
iii~~ blady multiply's down...pfft

Image hosted by
first row standing~~cm, nat, *ahem*ME!
sitting~~mommy, daddy...


went to Metrojaya today. bought the top from Somerset Bay that cause rm109.00

so mi told me today:

'u spent almost 1k every month'
'chiseen!! where got so much?!!'
'are you sure? how many pre birthday and christmas presents do you have d?'

i give up. i did spend a lot. ;)

Friday, November 18, 2005


the movie was such a blast.

Image hosted by

it's so well-groomed i'm trying not to mentioned the insignificant parts.
everyone's so growned up, Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter's acting has definitely developed with the maturity of the character, Rupert Grint aka Ronald Weasley...he's sssssooooo damn cute!!...most probably cos i'm supposed to resemble him(which i will take it as a compliment, hmph!) and Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger looks as bitchy and stucked up as ever...*thumbsup!*

and i've got to mention...ROBERT PATTINSON IS FUCKING HOT!!!
playing cedric diggory...he didn't really appeal to me at first glance. i thought Stanislav Ianevski who plays Viktor Krum looked more fiery in the posters. and i now agree that good cameraman does help. That BULGARIAN is like a BIG, BULKY POTATO!!! he's supposed to be lean and lanky in the book if i'd not mistaken. but then he pulled off well. so he's forgiven. ;) looked vicious enough for a dumstranger. Michael Gambon sucked. TOTALLY indefensible!!! he made Professor Dumbledore such a lame old...coward! an utter disspointment. :(

he seemed to lose his head and direction everytime they face problems. appearing so agitated when Harry's name was spat out from the goblet, it appears so demeaning. If i were Voldemort, he'd be the first one i'll finish off. forget the fact that 'the dark ass lord' is supposed to only fear the headmaster. NO GOOD!

but other than that, the movie was fantastic. the dragon scenes and underwater shots were well CGed. Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy is as charming as ever and the touchy scenes were flourishing.

but then again, considering i'm a Pottermania, no matter how badly the movie is made, i would still give it credits. ;)...i agree...i'm biased!

i love Harry Potter...WHOO HOO!!!



Click here for New York Times Review

Monday, November 14, 2005


my weekend was a blast...quite a blast. :)

spend a night in Port Dickson with my family. haven't been there for some time now. the last time was...MARCH! fuh! giler...

left home around 1++. no jam...nice weather...loads of space in the car cos we drove 2 cars down. max the bom bom needed more space for her to stretch her injured limbs. pfft...
reached an hour plus later and had lunch at a local restaurant. it was...REPULSIVE!!! flies flew around us like we stunk and there were ash-like dirt on the tables. and before we sat down, the pungent smell came whirling...the maid was kind enuff to tell us...

'OH! SAMPAH KAT SANA!'...a trash heap...a few steps away from us.

but we sat down anyway. cos there were indeed people devouring their meals, ignoring the sickening atmosphere.

fortunately and surprisingly, the food turned out GOOD!!...but still smelly la the place.

reached the apartment, lepak for a few hours then we rushed down the the pool like we've nvr swam before. but then the sea looked more appealing so we decided to take a few more steps. SHIT! we used to walk on the beach last time when we were there and it took us almost 5 mins to reach the water. but the water was right up to the edge of the steps, almost reaching the divider which means the beach was almost fully covered...SCARY WEI!!! waves were damn strong and the sky was getting darker. nat and cm jumped down and immersed their feet under water. me? i realized my 'Thalassophobia- Fear of the sea' was getting worse. images of Tsunami kept flashing past my mind...and negative thoughts coated my stupid brain. takut giler. went back to the pool.

went for dinner at a better restaurant. damn expensive. 5 dishes...rm100++. mahai. even if we had it in kl, it would have cost the MOST rm50-rm70.

back tot he apartment. watched a bodoh chinese vcd. tahlah ape nama. but quite funny la. then watched 'the island'. tidur.

the blah the next day. damn tired. but took lots of pix. we should have more trips like that. so i won't end up in midvalley or 1U, spending money worthlessly. :)

still trying to upload pix. blady multiply. getting slower and slower...URGH!


pix are up...PD Trip

Thursday, November 10, 2005

more shopping and an even more miserable max

can't really explain what i've been doing for the past few days. COS I DID A WHOLE LOT!!!

mainly shopping...more and more bitchy shopping. can't stop shopping.

but there are of course meaningful things that i've done.

it was so damn good i wouldn't mind going for it again. it was hilarious and the plot was fresh- thou they kinda took bits out of 'war of the worlds'.

went shopping shopping and shopping with nat. parents were enjoying themselves in genting while we were stuck down here with the pathetic max.

little maxellina has been acting really moody these few days. FIRST, we tot she was really missing 'her' parents but then she din seem to change much even after they returned which really started to worry us.

di brought her to the vet today...dr.nancy. sweet lady.

spinal injury *cos she's been arching her body slightly when she walks*
pancreas problem *but then she wasn't vomitting and etc so no chance*
kidney problem *her urine was clear---OUT!*

then di reminded dr.nancy that max injured her leg sum time ago and screeches like a baby everytime she jumps down from sofas.

BINGO! her kneecap is lose it seems. poor baby. not gonna take the chance. bringing her to UPM tomoro for further diagnosis. might need a surgery if it's serious. CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!

for those who know how active she always is, this is how she's been behaving since.

Image hosted by

cm said she's probably overweight. which i sort of agree...

ok fine. I AGREE!!! she's 8kgs!! AND SHE'S TOY BREED!!

DAMN KAO HEAVY WEI!!! and she thinks she's miss universe, still young and slim, jumping up and down the furnitures everytime she feels high. and BANG!

now she'll know how to behave.

Friday, November 4, 2005

TT and Barney

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i couldn't find bananas-in-pyjamas. and i dun think they're coming for the barney show too. sadness.........

Birthday Pix ARE UP!!! NICE!!! TT is good...TT did her job...TT is no procrastinator...!!

Image hosted by
Chicken Little Chocholate Cookies from Glitters. Tastes really good. and surprisingly, it's 'Made in Malaysia'. i'm surprised.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005



the surprised bday party at chillis wasn't really a surprised after all. but i guess the bday boy and gal had fun.

ate like mad, talked like crazy, and headed to castle in bangsar for a drink after midnight. not a bad night thou. haven't being seeing my mates for about a month now. they look great.

REWIND- went to 1U b4 that and bought a shirt at for rm26.70. it was rm130+ but then the crazy sales clamped my mind and tammy and i ended up buying the same tee. how sweet!

headed to FOS. got myself a pink top which definitely was comfortable. and thin.

i shall stop shopping...

yesterday--> invited tammy back to kajang so she wouldn't have to spend almost a whole day herself during her bday. brought her for kajang sate...had 15 sticks(she 8 and me 7)...:)
and we swear we were so full we could stay away from food for 3 days. or so i say now(i had a heavy lunch today!) teehee...then introed her to my kawan-kawan from kajang. took pictures cos...*sobs*...stephanie is leaving to russia at mignight. gonna miss her like mad.

pictures will b up later. when tammy reaches home and gets enuff of procrastinating, she'll upload and send them to me...:)


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The Harry Potter website is completely up. Before that there were a few 'coming soon' areas but now its all set. can't wait to watch is cause the settings are really really awesome and the new casts all look hot!