Sunday, March 29, 2009

the long overdue & the good and the bad

so since i'm uber bored on a slow sunday evening (AWESOME!! I LOVE BEING BORED ON A SUNDAY! honestly. i'm serious.), i shall update on the long overdue.

The Slasher @ HeadQuatrs, Jaya 1

seanseantan & px

budakevan-who-stole-my-stress-ball & px

jackie ze traffic, NINA!!! omg i love you. and i'll miss you.

werns. sean loves you. LOL

ahpek, seans, px

he's most probably the most hamsap woman i'll ever meet. EVER.

that's what i mean.

mooky, ivan, me no i'm fine, sean

sean, she-who's-refused-to-be-named-by-px, ahpek

vic aka zeboss, lin aka very goth, big head px

obviously we're sober. -.-

obviously he's sober as well.

tadaaa!! semua orang old and new, staying and leaving.


movies over the weekend are generally enjoyable.
SLUMDOG was freaking awesome. i agree. even if i could almost smell the dirt and poverty that was oozing throughout the entire was hawt! YAY!!!
they killed justin chatwin's career. /sedey.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Laugh Out Loud

so one day the banana came home from work, she decided drown herself with a can of beer cos the frens were clubbing with the 'bf' and she was home partially working. hence...the emo sipped in again.

then all of a sudden, sumthing stupid (so shallow she doubted why he's still her fren) came up and she promised herself that the weekend is solely for party cos the dumb fren needs more exposure.

it's almost a 1 way communication cos she could only laugh at his words. mayb she was high.
after ONE can of carlsberg. -.-

so beginilah ceritanya: says:
please forgive this dumb boy here says:
i was so dumb until i dont know what is barcelona says:
when my khs friend asked me to go says:
i was like..FOR REAL says:
u wanna go to barcelona says:
ok, i will book the plane ticket says:
and kao tim the hotels says:
i know where to stay

so the boy that i thought had the most holy mind on earth, has been contaminated and overpowered...he's just agreed to cross over to the dark side and join the living dead.

clubbing is powerful.

therefore, Heineken, HERE I COME.
fuck work.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


self pity sips in when everyone is enjoying bak kut teh and i'm stuck in my cubicle muching raw lotus roots, sweet and sour popiah and an overly done egg.

and worst thing of all, the food actually tastes gooooood.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

there...that's all

it was a plan way before i tendered my letter that i'd blog everyday as a countdown before i finally step out of proximity for good.

initially, i tot i'd be able to blog infinitely.

rupanye salah. it doesn't really matter currently cos workload's still overwhelming. i shall tahans!!!!!!

ok back to job hunting.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

it's final




*throws confettis*

have a feeling i'm gonna least a little.
but nothing beats the joy of slapping the piece of letter of her face. YES!
and i'll miss the peeps there as well.
but argh, the star says that something comes to and end today and i'm ahead for something bigger and better. WOOOOOOOT. i trust you. if it's fake i'll get mommy to resign cos they failed me. Hmph

OK can start calling me again.
i think i can layan now.

digressing, i is sads i can't go for Disney Princess on Ice.
it would've been so much better than A Mei. I guess.


** btw, i need to give a 2 months ++ notice. Why ++? cos i was being nice and said yes for her to find sum1 to replace me before i leave. BUT anything more than that, just kiss my bit fat fair arse.


Monday, March 23, 2009

and the upside is...

the oni positive aspect of working for a fucking agency is that u're so pampered by the family the feeling's waaaaaaaaaaay beyond heavenly.

i'm gonna miss it.


Thursday, March 19, 2009


i'm naming the new puppy that i fed chip.
initially cupcake. but then it doesn't look that yummy.
he looks like a chocolate chip therefore...there.

the office blacked-out.
ahben and i went downstairs and smelt sumthing burning.
do u think it'll burn the whole company down?
tat'll be nice!
janji building is evacuated la.

amei concert tmr.
who wants to go on behalf?
i got media pass.

sumbody remind me to blog on the HeadQuarters party please. XD

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

that was nice of me...

i fed a puppy.
it's an ugly pariah with heavy drooping lids, scattered uneven brown spots and weak legs,
but its eyes told me that he loved me.
so i decided to pamper him a bit and gave him all the bones, leftover from my lunch.

yes my lunch.
i had 3 pork ribs for lunch.
awesome stuff.

took a break off work at 730am.
came home, had a nap and returned to work at 1pm.
it's now 12am, and i jst had my dinner.
tmr's feckless meet with the biggest douche of the galaxy starts at 9am.


start panicking on behalf.

this is a random post.
as always.

when will the happier ones come?
i pray to dream of ron ng. he's one fucking hot stuff.
thank you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

erm...what's that again?

i had this very idea of what to blog about a moment ago.

as soon as the page completed it's process of searching and loading and displaying and getting all done and setup for me to start typing, it...

what was i trying to say...?

oh yes the idea of going thru stacks of fucked up photostated notes during uni scrutinizing all details with a cup of noni tea, highlighter and rachel ray running on tv the very day before my finals is wayyyy more exciting compared to what i'm going thru now.

with the brain almost failing on me, lids arduously fighting to stay apart and ruffled hair, still being at work makes me realize that the level of profanity that i can peak is amazing. i'm just trying to keep it really low. it's like i'm in a parallel dimension. it would really interest me to let it all out to the imbecile who has gone home, wrapped cozily in the arms of her loved ones and floating deep into slumberland.

u wait...u just wait. GAHHHHHHHH

whoever thinks that studying sux, come over here. px's dry hands have healed completely to give u that jumping kamehameha slap. and i'm giving you another chance to reconsider that statement before i execute a more massive stunt.


the creative director is playing feng tau songs.
with the state of my mind right now, it blends in perfectly.

px signing off ~

Monday, March 16, 2009

and the voting...continues

yeah i'm super hardsell.

if i'm a pro blogger, i'll be exploiting it to make my readers help me win bucket loads of money.

anyway...the niece, has grown profoundly into a squeaking dinosaur.
therefore, we've come to the fact that we can't hide her behind caves anymore. she's gonna be exposed. Lo and Behold...

oh sorry that's not the link. Click here to vote.

Just in case you were wondering, she's HEE VING ANNE. and she's sitting next to a bear...mouth obviously open cos she's perpetually laughing and roaring. it runs in the family u see. ok enuff reading d!! go vote la!!!

Arigatou gozaimasu!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


and it went something like this...
'the moment you post the pictures u kehilangan satu kawan sejati'...
u actually think that's gonna stop me?
u thank god that facebook failed therefore the pictures were not loaded!!!
i guess it's a reward for your sin-less hours. WAAHAHAHA

so here goes.
dun hate me. i love the pictures i'm printing them out and plastering them on my walls.

snickers would be so proud. *sniff*

i luv u too babi. XD

1/4 of babi's face = 1 thumbee's head
mayb = 1/8 px's forehead. -.-

but there are the nice shots...

anyone noticed my huge ass boobies from this angle?

and then...our friendship ended.

mortified position

mou diu position

stuck-kao-in-the-middle position


end of story telling sesi. back to New Moon that i shamelessly admit i'm currently reading and Body of Lies. YES!!!

it's monday. sigh.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

check your fly

no i'm not obliged to actually.
and i'm not paid.
neither did he ask me to.

BUT then we is family.
and i think he deserves it all.

vote d?
refresh it. and vote again.
then again. and again...
did i say again? no?
ok again.
oh and forget about the other videos. -.-
refresh the page as often as u do to ur facebook.

win d i try to get him pay me 0.1%. and mayb i'll buy all of u that's voted a new mouse, to extend my deepest gratitudes on behalf.
agree big boy?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

tak berguna pun

star stressball...
heart shape kena curi evan low.
picit picit bila rasa tertekan.

swear it doesn't work.
look at my stray dog eyes and phat phase. -.-

i nak tido. tapi baru makan malam.
cam mana?

~sign off~

Monday, March 2, 2009

i'm updating...

just because i want to.

and also because my hair's wet and...

i'm watching vids of Twilight on youtube.


i didn't like the book. it's lame.

but it was interesting...somehow or rather.

it's where you can't stop flipping, holding your lids firmly apart, sacrificing ur invaluable sleep just to know if they pashed or if that sharp teeth, that i wished i had, sank into any skin draining the thick scented blood out of each other.

apparently not that dramatic.

i expected more.

but then i have a feeling i'd fall head over heels for robert pattinson just because he's a vampire after watching the movie.

YES if you're asking, i berum tengok. cos takde orang teman and takde masa.



i'm trying not to jinx it but i'm heading to chu hai in april.

and i'd be stopping at shenzhen...sum place i swore i'd never return.

ironically, i'm not only returning to the land itself, i'm even revisiting some of the rotten factories that i'd stopped by 4 years back.

holy mama