Wednesday, March 18, 2009

that was nice of me...

i fed a puppy.
it's an ugly pariah with heavy drooping lids, scattered uneven brown spots and weak legs,
but its eyes told me that he loved me.
so i decided to pamper him a bit and gave him all the bones, leftover from my lunch.

yes my lunch.
i had 3 pork ribs for lunch.
awesome stuff.

took a break off work at 730am.
came home, had a nap and returned to work at 1pm.
it's now 12am, and i jst had my dinner.
tmr's feckless meet with the biggest douche of the galaxy starts at 9am.


start panicking on behalf.

this is a random post.
as always.

when will the happier ones come?
i pray to dream of ron ng. he's one fucking hot stuff.
thank you.

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