Thursday, May 28, 2009

One more to go...

i mean days...
before i officially join 'the dark side' .

2 months back, i waited in agony for this very day to approach.
a month ago, i finally handed over 70% of my work and for the first time in 8 months of working in proximity, i actually HAVE leisure hours to chat with my friends on msn, berbonding with my beloved *yes nora if u're reading, U* *sobs* copywriters, cracking up with other colleagues, coming home earlier more often for dinners with the family and even heading back to eitp. NOT to mention ultimate badminton games and...teehee! belly dancing. i kenot dance on the podium so...better not make me before i gross everyone out.

it was fun to plan faraway lunch outings, watch youtube and watch illegally downloaded movies *hush* secretly, walking to the art director's table and standing there smiling just because he's busy and i'm not XD...and leaving the office at 7pm, guilt free...OH and entering the office at...erm...11? it was 2pm today. cos i 'worked late' last night. which is true la okay...have to cross check when the page went live. i is responsiblesss. hmph

it suddenly dawned upon me that i have just 1 more day left in the first ever company that i've worked for (besides thestar) and althou bbdo is just a step away (literally), i admit i am feeling a little...*thinking of the very word to describe*


*clock ticks*



yeah odd. perfect word. to be exact i'm slightly saddened by the fact. *sniffs*
i don't really know why...but when proxi was addressed as THEM during the team briefing with BBDO this evening, i felt...WUEHHHHHHHHH!!!


nola i think it's pms.
yeah PMS.

note to everyone who's laffing - i dun hate the company ok. i just dislike 2 women.
ok i'm going to bathe and head to bed early just so i can emo.


Sunday, May 24, 2009


SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone wanna teman? *puppy eyed*

sigh i know takde.
i go myself.

*imagine if i could do that. do you think i can go full pro, make loads of money and quit my current job? XD

speaking of which, i have exactly 1 week left at proximity.
good luck peanut.
good luck BBDO.


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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Last time this year, I was popping champagne bottles over David Cook's victory. This time around, I was totally dumbfounded and deep down inside, *so dramatic but true*, I feel utterly disgusted, depressed and entirely snipped away from reality that a church singer garnered over a hundred million american votes.

I thought Kris performed really well for the first round singing Ain't No Sunshine (later recalled that Shawn Smith's performance from Britain's Got Talent was wwaaayyy better *rollseyes*), but he blew it off when he started strumming his guitar AND kicking his legs occasionally especially while trying to peak high notes singing What's Going On. Do I need to revive your memory on how bad No Boundaries was? Ok la I is fair. That song was bad!

OOO OOO and everytime he reaches the highest note of the scale, his mouth opens wide and tongue flips to the right like this:

Can't see? Zoom urself la. XD

Anyway, this is so dramatic really I never thought I'd be this attached. All of a sudden it feels pretty empty not to have new astonishing videos of Adam Lambert anymore. And I think I'm ranting mostly because:

1) I like to rant

2) I am so in love with Adam's voice...and...

3) I kinda challenged certain Kris' fans. Due to the kiasuness in me...this post is formed.

Sigh...I'm gonna use up the 80gb of my iPod with Adam's songs and replay them until it burns.

*** We saw a head scratcher, where the guy who eventually makes the biggest mark lands, inexplicably, in second place...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009







Friday, May 15, 2009


Honestly, with the amount of time I spend at the gym and studio weekly, all the alco that I had today would have destroyed the entire plan. SIN! Tapi maciam lama tak minum. Gembira tau! Hmph.

Pix with evanboi. I'm officially naming u that here. XD
No u can't choose. Either that or i call u S*** Y**. *chuckles* (quote).

The niece is much better. Managed to wave and smile and show me her newly learnt clap this morning before I left for work. Awesome!!! Kids are wonderful. Especially when they're nieces. LOLx.

Come to think about it, I still have posts that are sibeh overdue.
1) China
2) Wern's farewell
3) Erm...ok don't remember yet.

Anyway, everybody please spread the word.
THE SISTA HAS A SHOPPING BLOG. Awesome aint' it? It's pretty much like all the other blogs in the sense that you come online, click and run your scroller up and down until you spot something you like.

The difference is, we have SIZES. So yeah...if you're not the size of a midget, with a 18" waist, head over and have a glance. Buy if you need to. If you know me...well of course you know me since readers here are only invited, I'll see if I can give you a 1% off.


Just go have a look. More to come...promise. XD

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hold Hands Please

cos the niece is sick.
and...she has a whole pharmacy of med to down.
dammit doctor u think heineken ar can down liddat.

le sigh.
someone cure her pls.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


no honestly i don't understand.
how did he end up there...standing in the middle.

ok to a certain extend, i agree he's cute. surprisingly, i was blown away when he sang 'falling slowly' but i usually find myself frowning at the end of most of his live performances. u've heard kak jee saying 'pitch problems' haven't you? apply that to him. ptah!

and zomg allison!! always faulted for not having enuff confidence but doesn't she make ur hair stand until the moment u shave them off when her vocal chords open?! blady hell! the voters have always been ambivalent about her i've heard from yinng but...gosh her for kris...-.-"...disgrace!!!

i'm a bimbo and i'm disgusted.
so just let me spit.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i love pain

ok before i elaborate on my topic, i'd need to blog about the guangzhou trip before i forget.

there done.

NAH KIDDING. i haven't got the mood to edit the pix. obviously there are waaay too many and i need to select the best of it. and the only way to remind me is by...seeing that tub of thing up there...*shivers*...until i make a new post.

so i shall do that next. i've already forgotten most of details and names of the places so no worries. i shall just lantak. u won't know, will you? XD

oh if you were wondering, it's a JAR (gam siah babi) of snake heads. i snapped that 100 feet away and zoomed. not bad ey.


i've returned to eitp with thumbee. it's hell. but i like the pain.

belly dancing is fun too!!!

i'll be shakira 5 years own the road...u just wait i tell u. just wait.


ok goodnite. sum1 piggy back me to the room please.