Thursday, May 21, 2009


Last time this year, I was popping champagne bottles over David Cook's victory. This time around, I was totally dumbfounded and deep down inside, *so dramatic but true*, I feel utterly disgusted, depressed and entirely snipped away from reality that a church singer garnered over a hundred million american votes.

I thought Kris performed really well for the first round singing Ain't No Sunshine (later recalled that Shawn Smith's performance from Britain's Got Talent was wwaaayyy better *rollseyes*), but he blew it off when he started strumming his guitar AND kicking his legs occasionally especially while trying to peak high notes singing What's Going On. Do I need to revive your memory on how bad No Boundaries was? Ok la I is fair. That song was bad!

OOO OOO and everytime he reaches the highest note of the scale, his mouth opens wide and tongue flips to the right like this:

Can't see? Zoom urself la. XD

Anyway, this is so dramatic really I never thought I'd be this attached. All of a sudden it feels pretty empty not to have new astonishing videos of Adam Lambert anymore. And I think I'm ranting mostly because:

1) I like to rant

2) I am so in love with Adam's voice...and...

3) I kinda challenged certain Kris' fans. Due to the kiasuness in me...this post is formed.

Sigh...I'm gonna use up the 80gb of my iPod with Adam's songs and replay them until it burns.

*** We saw a head scratcher, where the guy who eventually makes the biggest mark lands, inexplicably, in second place...

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