Monday, November 29, 2010

Apparently...she's 95.

I always believe that my grammama is waaaay older than she is.
You know how people tend to register their kids later than they're supposed to back then.

According to Mommy, popo's NINE-FIVE.
Don't get me wrong, that's a really big number.
But I personally believe she could be a centurion.

For all you know, she probably was a friend of Dumbledore before she came to Malaysia.

Saang Yud Faai Lok, POPO!
And you got it right! I'm Ah San *pats head*

Every wrinkle represents a smile

Now, stop smiling everyone.
Ok, just kidding. This lady only smiles upon request.
One heckuvva diva if you're asking me.


On a serious note, Secret Recipe should really get someone Chinese literate to partially run their business.

Because to be honest, I think I'd have written better with my left toe.

And the last thing I remember before the day went down the drain.

A guitar, 2 voices, 2.5 hours.
I thank the bacteria that they decided to attack later.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Little Black Notes

I'm a sucker for instrumental soundtracks.
Ever since the oh-so-corny, Titanic? Yes I knew every single beat to the tracks, including the lines.

Hans Zimmer.
James Horner.
John Williams.
Pierre Adenot...and
The little black notes.

They're powerful.
Subtle. Yet convincing.
Like shadows talking. No words. Just presence.
That it's there.

Sometimes, we just need people like that around us, don't we?
Just to let us know that they're always by our sides, even if they don't utter a single word, we know...they're there. Watching. Encouraging.
Maybe sometimes a few words of wisdom if requested.
Too much and the aura is bastardized.

How much do we need to talk, to be considered enough?
And when it's all talk, with bare minimum response, what is it?
Beats me.

PMS talking. Why isn't my period here.
Oh sorry, TMI?

Oh, it's Thanksgiving, you Americans.
Erm...I'd like to thank the person who invented music. The little black notes.
Thank you.

Monday, November 22, 2010

All Smiles

All smiles.

Dear Twenty-Three,

I've been thinking of a little something to say to you since sprawling on my bed at 1a.m.
It's now 1.51a.m

I can't think of any but thank you for treating me safe and well.

Now...we've been schizo for more than a year now, with me in denial since the clock struck 12 to the year 2010. I hung on and had you surface whenever the age question arises...because until probably about 20+ hours back, Twenty-Four still sounded awful.

It's official now. We don't. want. to. be. Gollum.
I can finally push you off the cliff. *evil smirk*

Nah jokes.
Sit back and try watching how the newbie attempts to at least try scoring something more in the year ahead. Are we on the verge of something great? Pfft, the elves might know because in all honesty, I'm still as lost as all our pasts have been.

But I sense something more.
I sense a stint of delirium starbusting from within.

What is it, you ask?
Twenty-Four will tell. Soon. I guess. I mean...yeah it'll be great. O.O

So, thank you for being nice. For being brave enough to kick-start a couple projects worth taking note of and thank you most of all, for molding who Twenty-Four would be.

Now, pray hard, because if you're asking for some hard truth, all those emanating power that created this post might be...god-forsaken ideas that'll make everyone go...

Wha.Da.Fak. She's doing it again.

But hey, that's who we are, ain't it?

Happy Birthday, Peanutxz.
Be all smiles.

P.S: I can pretty much validate the fact, that I can be all intoxicated by warmth and happiness, WITHOUT booze and loud music.
THAT' achievement.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Honestly, I don't know which is more haunting: the one year wait before the release of part II or to finally dawn upon the fact that the epic classic is looming to its finality.

Yes, it's either PMS, bipolar disorder or Harry Potter withdrawal syndrome.
I believe it's the latter.

Not gonna elaborate on the movie. You're probably gonna say that I'm biased...OH shut it, I probably am so what? Go watch it then tell me what you think.

Say...I reckon everyone should give Signature's Gold Class a try.
Just to feel pampered and...

Call me a barbarian I was pretty thrilled by the reclining seats and how I was kept fuzzily warm just so I can enjoy every.single.detail...including how facial hair does complement DanRad and how his abs were kinda gross. Oh and that Rupert Grint looks hotter, the hair...on the head. Pfft. Dirty you.

So much that I totally ignored the possibility that the comforter...could be terribly contaminated.
Or might not. *fingers crossed*

So yeah, I'm giving an A+.
I probably also said the same for all the other movies but I'm gonna restate.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trumps the first six.
Now would you excuse me, I'm going to pick up the book as said, and continue where the movie left off.

Hang on, one more thing...
It's really pretty darn good.

*I told the parents that the ticket costs RM50 so keep it low ya'll. And to che, SHUSH*


P.S - Ophidiophobics, be prepared for some awfully realistic CG of Nagini.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's been...a year

After an entire freaking year, they finally are releasing it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Unless its disappointing (which I strongly doubt it would)...the wait for the final part would be arduous.

But honestly, another side of me wished it'd never come...or rather not so soon.
At least there would still be something to look forward to. It's quite sad to suddenly realize after more than a decade, the whole magical journey is finally coming to an end.

And it shouldn't come so soon because...
I need to save money for the tickets.
-.-". Damn expensive can?!

The movie better be good or else I'm slicing the sofas open, hear me Signature (Gold Class)?! And blame Warner Bros if that ever happens.

On a separate note, I'm pretty sure I spotted a white Barn Owl a couple hours back flying briskly across the highway into the wilderness.
In conjunction to the release of Harry Potter? Heard it's bad omen. -.-
But I love owls.

How now, brown cow?

*slaps self*


Think. Spells. Chocolate Frogs. Jelly Beans. Weasleys. Hedw...nono that's an owl...
*shakes head*

9 hours approximately till the movie.
While I deliriously anticipate the clock to strike 3.10pm, I shall sleep it off to welcome the epic journey back to Hogwarts. YAY!