Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's been...a year

After an entire freaking year, they finally are releasing it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Unless its disappointing (which I strongly doubt it would)...the wait for the final part would be arduous.

But honestly, another side of me wished it'd never come...or rather not so soon.
At least there would still be something to look forward to. It's quite sad to suddenly realize after more than a decade, the whole magical journey is finally coming to an end.

And it shouldn't come so soon because...
I need to save money for the tickets.
-.-". Damn expensive can?!

The movie better be good or else I'm slicing the sofas open, hear me Signature (Gold Class)?! And blame Warner Bros if that ever happens.

On a separate note, I'm pretty sure I spotted a white Barn Owl a couple hours back flying briskly across the highway into the wilderness.
In conjunction to the release of Harry Potter? Heard it's bad omen. -.-
But I love owls.

How now, brown cow?

*slaps self*


Think. Spells. Chocolate Frogs. Jelly Beans. Weasleys. Hedw...nono that's an owl...
*shakes head*

9 hours approximately till the movie.
While I deliriously anticipate the clock to strike 3.10pm, I shall sleep it off to welcome the epic journey back to Hogwarts. YAY!

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