Saturday, December 31, 2005


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's 2006...

first of january 2006...

Brand New Year, Brand New Start

Best wishes to EVERYONE and MYSELF!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Christmas to ME!!!



i had a great xmas this year in melaka. stayed in a small and class hotel called seri costa, i dined with my family in equatorial and had a wonderful christmas buffet. the spread was nothing like eastin of course but then the ambience was there. they had carolling, santa clause and most importantly, A BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS TREE!!! althou no pinetree smell, but it was good enuff.

back to the afternoon, we arrived in melaka in the afternoon, checked into the hotel and headed to jonker's street immediately. it hasn't changed much since the last time i went there a few years back. the oni difference is i tend to buy more things now. :)

we had bowls and bowls of cendol and i can confirm now that i'm SICK of it. sick!!! first thing cos i dun really like snow ice, i dun like the green slimy cendol...and i'm not a fan of gula melaka. although the first few spoons were indeed heaven, i'm still not gonna take anymore cendol for the rest of the coming year!

shopped for kei pou. saw the one leng bought and tried. FUCK! M size. i'm proud it slipped in. but it could go no further than my butt. freak...i have a huge butt. it was stuck there. i took it off and left the shop! walked further until i reached this earring shop. BLADY HELL!! oni sold accesories. loved that shop to the bits. spent so much time there my parents had to shove us off.

went back to the hotel, bathed, took a nap and prepared for the nite.

there was no countdown. stupid equatorial. rushed back to our own hotel and yelled our hearts out. then the best moment arrived. PRESENTS!!!!!!

i had a few bags---> 1 from nat and 1 from mi and di
2 ponies(i'm a biatch...yes i know)---> from nat
pants--->from mi

erm...i can't remember what else i got. but there are a few more. pix are up...and still coming. njoy!!

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the top i was supposed to wear to lily's wedding

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happy ppl with happy presents

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Have an enjoyable Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Winter Solstice


Winter Solstice is said to be even more important than Chinese New Year. but as chinese landed in malaysia a hundred years ago, the custom slowly faded. but then my family keeps part of it. we still make rice balls, have a sumptious meal and usually we'll have wine. but then today we forgot to take the bottle out of the freezer. freak!

mi, nat and i prepared the glutinous rice balls last nite. and as usual, the men will b seated around, watching tv, reading papers and...looking. at least max sat bside me and paid severe attention! hehe...had a great time! mowed the balls until my palms were sore and ate 2 bowls of it with sugar water. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! (of course it's good since i oni get to eat it once every i wished i could eat everyday!!)

woke up around 11 this morning. went to midvalley with my dad and shopped...for...erm...can't mention here cos it's supposed to be a gift. walked all over!! north, south, east, west court looking for it. went to oasis for assam laksa(yes...i had noodles again) but di seemed to njoy it a lot! then met yin teang and li fah in watsons. they were so fucking thin...i looked like a hippo beside them. i look like a hippo bside everyone. DUN CARE! THE GYM MUST HELP ME! TT!! I WANNA GO TO THE GYM RITE NOW!!!

went to this cafe called YOYO and had pork chop bun. with my dad, it's always, window shopping, MPH, toy's r us and EATING! and we enjoy every outing to the maximus! it's so relaxing. ooh! bought myself a pair of earrings and a bracelet. sales!! can't blame me.

walked around until 4++ then we left. came back and had more rice balls. and i am still eating. mi prepared prawns, fish, chicken, 'sang choi' and...soup(wa wa choi and chicken soup)...JENG!
i'm having the leftovers now. toking about being hippo. PFFT!!! I LOVE WINTER SOLSTICE!!! i hope the pastry w buy for the rice balls can last me a year!!!

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*credits to nat nat...she...oni she has the patience to do all these...pfft! hahahahhaa

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kuay Teow Th'ng! Assam Laksa!!!

the two dish above were the most often heard while i was in Penang. i had a marvellous 2 night trip with my family on that island and i wished for times like this every month! the hotel was fantastic(parents booked a 5-star hotel and kept it a secret until we reached), the food was terrific(though i'm a little afraid of noodles now) and the tourist spots were so well kept. unfortunately it rained every now and then but it certainly did not dampen our spirits.

i didn't bring a notebook out like Nat therefore i can't exactly remember the things we did each day. so, it's advisable to go here if u are interested in our daily adventures and the never ending snaps that we took.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Linz WON!!!

it's the first time i fully watched The Amazing Race. i used to think that it was stupid. i mean...mayb i didn't have the time to follow cos i would rather spend my time watching TVB series(yes i agree i'm totally cantonese). but this amazing race 8 really caught my attention. KNOW WHY?!!!

there was this really interesting, strong and competitive family. THE LINZ FAMILY!!
3 brothers, 1 sister...i find them all attractive. and probably the rest of the family members left were filled with arguments and brainless bitchy drama queens.

and the winners? LINZ SIBLINGS OF COURSE!! ahaha...i was so darn happy. if i were watching the finals myself, i would have bawled!!! it was so damn touching! they poured their feelings out and u could really see the bond between each member of the family. The Bransens especially...*sobs*

met Quin-Li today. blady hell...she's still as thin as ever. with damn rebonded, burgundy hair and...holding a damn tiny bag...HEHE! met Linda and had lunch in Baker's Cottage. Planned for Delifrance. jap lap d i think...not opened. whenever i feel like eating croissant it's not freaking opened. freak! the nasi lemak in Baker's Cottage is still as cheap. with iced lemon tea, rm4.80. is that cheap or what?!! but the iced lemon tea tasted like sour sky-juice. :)

sent Max to the vet. poor baby...the vet had to scrape of a small part of her skin to thoroughly diagnose her itching problem. and BLADY FUCKING HELL!! she scraped of her entire skin and it bled. it's supposed to be like that it seems but it certainly hurt...fuck. gave her antibiotics and fish oil...hope it helps. and there was this cute, white shizu there. very adorable, very obedient.

MIMI---> Image hosted by

i came across this beautiful picture. i tot it was a breathtaking view. my handphone couldn't produce such good quality when i took it there...Hong Kong.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy Purple Christmas Everyone!

set the christmas tree up. wanted to fill the tree with red and purple decos but we didn't have enough. we had more of the other colors instead so we decided on red and gold. satisfying!! the ambience is here...!!!

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the Santa is drawn by my dad...he used to draw all sorts of stuff for festivals and it'll b stuck all over the walls at home. SO NICE!! no more larh! damn lazy d now.

went to Sg.Wang with my dad and nat today. came back with loads of rubbish. candle holder, purple candles, dvds, sunglasses and XXXXXL pyjamas which sleeves are double my size and length up til my knees!! and it's thick. no idea when i'm wearing. mayb when i sleep...HEHE

the candle holder is a star shape glass holder. to hold up the purple candles i bought. i waste money every christmas buying decorative items. CAUSE THAT"S WHAT XMAS IS FOR!! wahaha...gembire!

went for vietnamese beef noodles today. jalan-jalan then went for tea. then after leaving Sg.Wang we went for noodles again in sg.besi. DAMN KAO GOOD!! sluurrp!!!

going for swimming tomoro with linda then lunch with quin-li. haven't seen the gal in ages and i wonder if she's still as thin as she used to be. or even thinner. tsk tsk tsk. hate these ppl so much...TEEHEE!!...just joking. i love her loads.


Midvalley looks glamorous!!!

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Monday, December 12, 2005

No Topic

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I can paint.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Andy Lau Vision Tour

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we booked the tickets approximately 2 months ago because mommy was a superfan of Andy Lau. so the time finally came and althou i wasn't really looking forward to going for this concert, i was in high spirits cos it has been a while since i went for one. and the last one ended quite terribly cos i was sick and ended up puking when everyone was counting down.

mommy, nat, cm and myself left kajang around 530pm. daddy had a dinner with his old mates and he wasn't so interested in looking at someone his wife was 'interested' in so he didn't join us. HEHE! it drizzled when we reached Stadium Merdeka but it didn't dampen anyone's mood. we saw people of ALL AGES roaming around the stadium, waiting to enter. we headed for another direction. down to Petaling Street for lunch. went to Old China. the food is still as good.

walked back up the the stadium around 630pm, got ourselves each a free poster, sum fans just in case it was blady hot in there and to sheet out asses if the seats were wet. but thank god, our seats were under shades and we had a clear view of the enormous stunning stage. it had 2 massive red doors in the middle, lightings all over and the by 830pm, the whole arena was packed!!

lights went off, the energetic star shot up from below and the show began.

he had several different themes: Chinese Orchestra, Ancient Greece, Modern Dance, 80's etc.

the background settings were enuff to blow us all away. the dancers were so damn freaking sexy and the amount of money he threw in to position the backdrop, i believe, would b overwhelming. at 43, he can blady dance and jump. he barely stopped moving throughout the whole show and his singing was surprisingly powerful and melodious. and he does know how to click with his crowd. the atmosphere was solid.

2 guests were invited. Gordon Lam Ka Doong and Felix Wong Yat Wah. both sang with Andy and althou they weren't professional singers, the audience applauded anyway.

he ended singing 'sup 7 shui' and a roughly 3 minute firework was release, ending the whole extravaganza. fans didn't have enough of course. everyone stood up, screamed for an enchore but to no avail. he didn't turn up!!! but then a firm 3 hour show was enough. everyone was definitely contented. even those old ladies who could barely walk left with smiles on their faces.

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considering the amount of concerts i've been for, this Vision Tour was no doubt, the best of all. even Jacky Cheung was no fight. the respect Andy Lau gave to all his audience proves he's not just a singer or an actor. he's a megastar...and i lost my voice. pfft!

Thursday, December 8, 2005

baked, burnt but happy! haha!!

I WENT FOR A SWIM!!!!!!!!!!! *applause*

it's been like...2 weeks rite like what i've stated in the last post. it was good! damn kao refreshing. but the pool is still as dirty as always la. nvr take the effort to drain off the water wan. always pour clorin oni. can't see the deep end from the shallow. and it reminded leng of the dragon-like FISH from 'sound of thunder'. pFFt!! how cute...

swam, swam, TOK, swam, TOK, swam. boon heng a bit left out la. kesian. oni guy there wert. what to do. saw shamini and another school mate. tak ingat nama. SORRY!! swam from 10-1130. then headed to leng's house for a bath. the dad's bathroom is fantastic!! it's not that i've not been there but i've not been into the bathroom of the dad's bedroom to bathe. cos i always found it...insecure. but then no one was at home besides the gals and boon heng bathed at the club so i dared myself.

the toilet??
it's a glass panel in the middle of a freaking huge room, with many many shower heads for every single part of ur limbs. sounds good huh?! it's good. besides a mozaic wall supporting the edges of the shower heads, the other 3 panels are all glass. and there's no other compartments in the room which means everything is exposed inside there. HEH! imagine u forget to shut the blinds. sorry larh.

boon heng drove his monstrous pajero to rocteam. not because it's big it's monstrous, it's...scary! the way he handled his car...ok la...just joking. he drove OK...met edwin there. such a funny crowd. me, leng, linda, mel, boon heng and edwin! pfft...called chow. malu wanna come. *one tight slap*

after makan, lepaked for sum time in leng's place b4 leaving for Leisure Mall for Perhaps Love. it's a really really beautiful movie. a very well-directed musical, with fantastic actors(and i dun really mean takeshi kaneshiro cos he looks kinda gay to me...he din used to be!!!). jacky cheung's acting was astounding. almost cried towards the end. althou it's not supposed to be SAD. erm...nvm. it's good overall, but the storyline is slow like hell. there were cameos by sandra ng and eric tsang which was carried off well. at least there was sumthing to laugh about in the film. i so love sandra ng...WAHAHAH!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Chinese Beliefs...Believe IT

my mom used to tell me mind-boggling chinese beliefs. some from my grandmother...some just by watching other people do it. No scientific approval, but some of it really works.

for example:
my dad and i were going to Bintang this evening to stock up sundries. in the car, he was telling me he started hiccuping after bath and it's disturbing him. without hesitating and as always, i said to him...'SIK SI LEI AR?!!'...which meant 'ate shit izzit?!!' in cantonese.

my dad was puzzled. then i realized my mom told no one else about the witty belief so i told him the story about what she did to me when i hiccuped and she asked me whether i had eaten shit...and he said...

'ah! u listen to mommy...'

then, i furthered my clarification by telling him tammy experienced the same thing when she was here in kajang a few weeks back. her hiccuping started after the sate meal and stopped right after i asked her if she had eaten shit. and before i could finish my dad said...

'no more already'

then we went on laughing until we reached the supermarket. my dad still can't really believe that it worked. BUT IT DID...


supposed to go for Perhaps Love tomoro with leng and linda. but i don't think tickets would b available. mayb we'd go for Chronicles of Narnia instead. We'll see...

at last. after a very very very very very very long break, i'd be jumping into the pool for a swim tomoro. and with the oddest person that i might go with...lee boon heng. CHOI BAO!! of course not oni him la. leng, bh and myself. haven't seen him for so's time we met before he blahs off to USA and forgets me...hmph! jahatness...

i realized Jake Gyllenhaal has a new war movie. Jarhead. Can't believe some1 would actually cast him in a war epic. pfft...he looks like this geek who'd score straight As for his doctorate courses. and now he's lead actor in such a yellow film. dirty, skin head, tough, shooting machine guns and marching...FUIYOHH!! SEXY GILER!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Congratulations Bryan and Lily

Pictures Up...all our crazy faces...very small thou. but at least there are pictures.


my lovely linda's sis Lily...(i can't really remember the husband's surname. lazy to check so erm...she's mrs. sumthing la, k?) held a dinner at their home in Malaysia last weekend. it was not bad. catering...with freeflow of Carlsberg, redwine and henessy. :)

i was supposed to go for the reception in Singapore but fell sick so i had a 2nd chance to congratulate her. i have not gotten any of the pictures. pinky El took the pix, uploaded them and posted a few onto her OWN frenster. pfft! how nice of her.

'wei...upload ur pix tonite ar.'
'nola...very tired la. tomoro la k?'
'no la!! tonite!!! upload to multiply! easier!! everyone can see!'
' multiply la...'

then she started blabbing to herself after a few shots of liquor. few small shots...hehe...she sat on the floor, flushed, laffing. damn funny wei!!!

very nice ambience. but we spent most of our time in linda's room cos we didn't know anyone and about 200 guests were invited so...we wouldn't wanna take up the seats when it's really none of our bisnes there, rite? so we enjoyed ourselves in linda's room clicking away taking all types of stupid shots, ignoring whoever who entered her room to use her toilet. hehe

Pictures up soon. Tunggu jap la, yeh?