Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Linz WON!!!

it's the first time i fully watched The Amazing Race. i used to think that it was stupid. i mean...mayb i didn't have the time to follow cos i would rather spend my time watching TVB series(yes i agree i'm totally cantonese). but this amazing race 8 really caught my attention. KNOW WHY?!!!

there was this really interesting, strong and competitive family. THE LINZ FAMILY!!
3 brothers, 1 sister...i find them all attractive. and probably the rest of the family members left were filled with arguments and brainless bitchy drama queens.

and the winners? LINZ SIBLINGS OF COURSE!! ahaha...i was so darn happy. if i were watching the finals myself, i would have bawled!!! it was so damn touching! they poured their feelings out and u could really see the bond between each member of the family. The Bransens especially...*sobs*

met Quin-Li today. blady hell...she's still as thin as ever. with damn rebonded, burgundy hair and...holding a damn tiny bag...HEHE! met Linda and had lunch in Baker's Cottage. Planned for Delifrance. jap lap d i think...not opened. whenever i feel like eating croissant it's not freaking opened. freak! the nasi lemak in Baker's Cottage is still as cheap. with iced lemon tea, rm4.80. is that cheap or what?!! but the iced lemon tea tasted like sour sky-juice. :)

sent Max to the vet. poor baby...the vet had to scrape of a small part of her skin to thoroughly diagnose her itching problem. and BLADY FUCKING HELL!! she scraped of her entire skin and it bled. it's supposed to be like that it seems but it certainly hurt...fuck. gave her antibiotics and fish oil...hope it helps. and there was this cute, white shizu there. very adorable, very obedient.

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i came across this beautiful picture. i tot it was a breathtaking view. my handphone couldn't produce such good quality when i took it there...Hong Kong.

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