Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Christmas to ME!!!



i had a great xmas this year in melaka. stayed in a small and class hotel called seri costa, i dined with my family in equatorial and had a wonderful christmas buffet. the spread was nothing like eastin of course but then the ambience was there. they had carolling, santa clause and most importantly, A BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS TREE!!! althou no pinetree smell, but it was good enuff.

back to the afternoon, we arrived in melaka in the afternoon, checked into the hotel and headed to jonker's street immediately. it hasn't changed much since the last time i went there a few years back. the oni difference is i tend to buy more things now. :)

we had bowls and bowls of cendol and i can confirm now that i'm SICK of it. sick!!! first thing cos i dun really like snow ice, i dun like the green slimy cendol...and i'm not a fan of gula melaka. although the first few spoons were indeed heaven, i'm still not gonna take anymore cendol for the rest of the coming year!

shopped for kei pou. saw the one leng bought and tried. FUCK! M size. i'm proud it slipped in. but it could go no further than my butt. freak...i have a huge butt. it was stuck there. i took it off and left the shop! walked further until i reached this earring shop. BLADY HELL!! oni sold accesories. loved that shop to the bits. spent so much time there my parents had to shove us off.

went back to the hotel, bathed, took a nap and prepared for the nite.

there was no countdown. stupid equatorial. rushed back to our own hotel and yelled our hearts out. then the best moment arrived. PRESENTS!!!!!!

i had a few bags---> 1 from nat and 1 from mi and di
2 ponies(i'm a biatch...yes i know)---> from nat
pants--->from mi

erm...i can't remember what else i got. but there are a few more. pix are up...and still coming. njoy!!

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the top i was supposed to wear to lily's wedding

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happy ppl with happy presents

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