Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Chinese Beliefs...Believe IT

my mom used to tell me mind-boggling chinese beliefs. some from my grandmother...some just by watching other people do it. No scientific approval, but some of it really works.

for example:
my dad and i were going to Bintang this evening to stock up sundries. in the car, he was telling me he started hiccuping after bath and it's disturbing him. without hesitating and as always, i said to him...'SIK SI LEI AR?!!'...which meant 'ate shit izzit?!!' in cantonese.

my dad was puzzled. then i realized my mom told no one else about the witty belief so i told him the story about what she did to me when i hiccuped and she asked me whether i had eaten shit...and he said...

'ah! u listen to mommy...'

then, i furthered my clarification by telling him tammy experienced the same thing when she was here in kajang a few weeks back. her hiccuping started after the sate meal and stopped right after i asked her if she had eaten shit. and before i could finish my dad said...

'no more already'

then we went on laughing until we reached the supermarket. my dad still can't really believe that it worked. BUT IT DID...


supposed to go for Perhaps Love tomoro with leng and linda. but i don't think tickets would b available. mayb we'd go for Chronicles of Narnia instead. We'll see...

at last. after a very very very very very very long break, i'd be jumping into the pool for a swim tomoro. and with the oddest person that i might go with...lee boon heng. CHOI BAO!! of course not oni him la. leng, bh and myself. haven't seen him for so's time we met before he blahs off to USA and forgets me...hmph! jahatness...

i realized Jake Gyllenhaal has a new war movie. Jarhead. Can't believe some1 would actually cast him in a war epic. pfft...he looks like this geek who'd score straight As for his doctorate courses. and now he's lead actor in such a yellow film. dirty, skin head, tough, shooting machine guns and marching...FUIYOHH!! SEXY GILER!!!

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