Thursday, September 28, 2006

Daddy the Great

how many discipline teachers would actually be the favourite among the nastiest students on earth?

how many teachers would receive red-pens from students that have to fork out money from their piggie-banks and can't even afford a piece of roti canai on their retiring day?

how many teachers would receive 300+ presents, paintings and calligraphies and the wife to take leave jst to assist him in handling the gifts on their retiring day?

not many i guess. at least i know one. MY DAD!!!!

i still remember how the students cried when he was leaving the main gate of Yu Hua Secondary School. how miss lee told me she misses him in school, his jokes and his...loudness i guess. and i remember the red pens daddy had in his shirt pocket from the girls that couldn't really afford but wanted to gip him sumthing...those are the most precious according him. so sweet...

and while cm was surfing on his after work today, a student sent a clip thru msn (DADDY'S MSN!! MY DAD IS TOTALLY COMPUTER SAVY :D). it was a 5 minute clip of their faces and him teaching during tuition and all those effects here and there thanking him and etc. nothing really fancy bt then it's the effort behind that. from standart 1 til form 3, sum of them really caused chaos...sum graduated, but they still come back during chinese new year, mooncake festival, deepavali, christmas, raya.......................................

not everyone is born to be a teacher. i'm proud to say my father is and he's taught us well(i hope). he tells inspiring stories, he's patient and most importantly, he's dedicated.

to all teachers and lecturers,
if u can't do that, please do everyone a favour. leave the industry. *grins* especially utar lecturers. thank you.

i wonder if miss lee still misses daddy. :D

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

so bad, it's good


to watch a blady good movie(said to be good) like cast away or the terminal with ugly ppl, or a stupid, low budget movie FILLED WITH hot ppl. :D ......................???

the best thing to do during breaks...*drumrolls* a low budget movie.

So Danielle does what any slightly rebellious teenager would do: she goes anyway obeying daddy's orders. Danielle meets Shane (Riley Smith), who has a favorite bookstore like her. She starts to fall for him, while she's also pursued by J.T. (Justin Baldoni), the kind of gold-card-flashing, bronzed meathead her father warned her about. He spikes her drink with roofies, and it takes a while for her to realize who the culprit is and then suddenly the whole beach is under attack. tiger sharks- in packs. *teeeheee*

dope. the storyline's not important. what's important is that, they have ONE hot blue-collared, nerdy, green-eyed boat mechanic aka Riley Smith(omfg...) and hot bodies to loathe for that would oni appear on movies like that. :D

oh. the name of the movie is Sring Break Shark Attack...but check out your astro guide. it's known as Dangerous Waters: Shark Attack. the name itself is bad enough. bt hey! it's enough to keep me awake at the wee hours of the morning so it's good. it doesn't have to be award winning. most award winning movies...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. :D
check out the sharks. the tiger sharks have missing stripes on their backs...*grins*...and most importantly, check out Riley Smith. listen to his husky voice. *dreamzzz*

From left-- Riley Smith, Shannon Lucio...the rest not important. :D


yay! i finally hit the gym today.

and i ended up leaving after 1 hour, vomitting water at the carpark. (i did it in the drain. so whoever goes to mewah club, dun worry u'll step on my puke)


Sunday, September 24, 2006


finally got the time...i the impulse to blog. so better do it before it dissapears and i forget everything about it jst like the post i should've done a week ago about my trip to qba and etc. pfft

MORE SOUVENIRS THIS TIME!!! bites all over my legs. my poor legs. it's so damn itchy i scratch and the blood vessels rupture leaving it all red and sore. and i have a few cuts and bruises from the island hopping trip and aching calfs. gleeeeeee...reminds me of the fun i had everytime i scratch. :D

air asia isn't that bad thou. bsides the boorish female pilot on the way there, the lack of aircond and very very unfriendly airhostess...for the price, it's all worth it. daddy fetched me to the LCCT airport that morning(20/9) and i anxiously popped the air sickness pill worried sick that i'll barf and humiliate myself. the female pilot can drive wei!!! took us jst 35mins instead of the full 45mins, travelling at 850kmph!!!!!

'pls put on ur seatbelts. we'll b descending shortly'. my legs shot up, i covered my ears, my eyes, my nose, my cheeks and prayed. the whole plane bounced like a basketball before it screeched to a halt. LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drove around in 2 cars and stayed in an apartment good enough for those hk horror flicks. it was good. :D. first nite was just loitering on the streets in Kuah Town, buying liquor, checking out and comparing prices of liquor and drinking liquor. then, pasar malam and all.

i...was sober. cos...i was under antibiotics. THE SADDEST THING TAT COULD HAPPEN ON EARTH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

june, when u're drunk...that's it.

the next day started really early. i woke everyone up as i was the only one sober. i had no choice. :(

the yachts remind me of aberdeen.

**our pleated hair. thanx to karena.

2 secs after i threw the bait in, this bodoh fish was attracted by the smell of my fingers. :D

TASIK DAYANG BUNTING: kayaking and all water activities...with monkeys

they are suppose to bite of the dead skin on ur legs. :D

me and june. we plan to join the upcoming kayaking contest. confirm won't overturn. :D

another island. freeflow of barbequed prawns, crabs, chicken, meehoon(not bbqed), sate, the fish we caught and BEER!!!!!!!

the last time i was here, i was 12. the eagle looks very mch older.

YAY!!! FINALLY IT'S DONE!!!!!!! njoy.............:D

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Malibu at Midnite

back from langkawi.

still lazy to blog about the whole trip but it was a fantastic wan bsides the antibiotics from the a-day-before-the-trip food poisoning that stopped me from getting drunk with them.

malibu and kfc at 12 with the family is fabulous.

pix up later. someone remind me to do it pls. :D

Saturday, September 16, 2006

know what i smell?

I SMELL FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after a few disastrous months handling the deadly subjects provided by UTAR, i'm finally free for 3 weeks, before it starts again.
the past 2 days busy.
pix up later. trying to find the cable to my phone. too many to send. :D

even the flowers are happy for me!! blooming like mad!

i smell freedom...and i smell hutan. :D

Monday, September 11, 2006

pre-paper syndrome

everytime before each paper besides english begins, i hate it to the max.
especially when the subjects do not relate to what i'm currently pursuing like history, moral, blah blah blah. wat the heck.

even if it does, it still disgusts me.

and why are we not fed with tips before exam?

if we were not given from the start...fine.


so not helping wei...


entertain urself.

sing london bridge is falling down but substitute the lyrics with KO-NI-CHI-WA

each syllable a time. (make sure the whole sentence finishes (KONICHIWA) before u start again. dun rush thru. ONE SYLLABLE A TIME!!)

KO NI CHI...(cointinue from where it ends)

done? change the lyrics to Tiu Lei Lou Mou--- specially introduced my istimewa housemates.
sounds even better.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

and then i awoke

was supposed to be revising a little on media planning before dinner.
and before i knew it, i was dozing off, happily enjoying myself in slumberland.

it was a little vague at first. then i remember. i was in the kitchen with daddy and mommy.
and all of a sudden i remember mommy saying...
'yeah. we picked u up at a temple when u were a few months old. u were laid in a basket.'
i stoned. still thinking how come nat and i could still look so alike then di interrupted.
'better not tell anyone. u won't want anyone to look down on you.'

i opened my eyes, jumped out of bed and rushed out of room to tell mommy the freaky incident. she said...'so lame.'

p.s- dear dream,
i'm sorry. i promise i won't sleep again while studying.


Tuesday, September 5, 2006