Wednesday, September 27, 2006

so bad, it's good


to watch a blady good movie(said to be good) like cast away or the terminal with ugly ppl, or a stupid, low budget movie FILLED WITH hot ppl. :D ......................???

the best thing to do during breaks...*drumrolls* a low budget movie.

So Danielle does what any slightly rebellious teenager would do: she goes anyway obeying daddy's orders. Danielle meets Shane (Riley Smith), who has a favorite bookstore like her. She starts to fall for him, while she's also pursued by J.T. (Justin Baldoni), the kind of gold-card-flashing, bronzed meathead her father warned her about. He spikes her drink with roofies, and it takes a while for her to realize who the culprit is and then suddenly the whole beach is under attack. tiger sharks- in packs. *teeeheee*

dope. the storyline's not important. what's important is that, they have ONE hot blue-collared, nerdy, green-eyed boat mechanic aka Riley Smith(omfg...) and hot bodies to loathe for that would oni appear on movies like that. :D

oh. the name of the movie is Sring Break Shark Attack...but check out your astro guide. it's known as Dangerous Waters: Shark Attack. the name itself is bad enough. bt hey! it's enough to keep me awake at the wee hours of the morning so it's good. it doesn't have to be award winning. most award winning movies...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. :D
check out the sharks. the tiger sharks have missing stripes on their backs...*grins*...and most importantly, check out Riley Smith. listen to his husky voice. *dreamzzz*

From left-- Riley Smith, Shannon Lucio...the rest not important. :D


yay! i finally hit the gym today.

and i ended up leaving after 1 hour, vomitting water at the carpark. (i did it in the drain. so whoever goes to mewah club, dun worry u'll step on my puke)


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