Thursday, September 28, 2006

Daddy the Great

how many discipline teachers would actually be the favourite among the nastiest students on earth?

how many teachers would receive red-pens from students that have to fork out money from their piggie-banks and can't even afford a piece of roti canai on their retiring day?

how many teachers would receive 300+ presents, paintings and calligraphies and the wife to take leave jst to assist him in handling the gifts on their retiring day?

not many i guess. at least i know one. MY DAD!!!!

i still remember how the students cried when he was leaving the main gate of Yu Hua Secondary School. how miss lee told me she misses him in school, his jokes and his...loudness i guess. and i remember the red pens daddy had in his shirt pocket from the girls that couldn't really afford but wanted to gip him sumthing...those are the most precious according him. so sweet...

and while cm was surfing on his after work today, a student sent a clip thru msn (DADDY'S MSN!! MY DAD IS TOTALLY COMPUTER SAVY :D). it was a 5 minute clip of their faces and him teaching during tuition and all those effects here and there thanking him and etc. nothing really fancy bt then it's the effort behind that. from standart 1 til form 3, sum of them really caused chaos...sum graduated, but they still come back during chinese new year, mooncake festival, deepavali, christmas, raya.......................................

not everyone is born to be a teacher. i'm proud to say my father is and he's taught us well(i hope). he tells inspiring stories, he's patient and most importantly, he's dedicated.

to all teachers and lecturers,
if u can't do that, please do everyone a favour. leave the industry. *grins* especially utar lecturers. thank you.

i wonder if miss lee still misses daddy. :D

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