Monday, April 25, 2011

Italy - Rome

I haz Goldfish Syndrome.
Hence, I'd need to blog the remaining 20% of my memory on Italy before I wipe them all clean.

Come to think about it...I haven't even blogged about Hong Kong.

Cutting all crap short. Too much information in my mind I'm about to combust!

Here goes:-

Destination: Rome
Flight departure: 11.45pm (Local Time)
Arrival (Fiumicino Airport): 6am...zzz

We were given premium access to the VIP lounge before boarding.
Free flow of watered down beer and yummy Bok Choy. Err...
The ice cream was pretty good though. Oh and they had the latest TIMES mag. Pfft

I slept my ass off. Woke up for meals in between, and slept the remaining away.

Vatican City

Not gonna tell you the history here. Too much to tell.
And I'll get the facts wrong WTF. Wiki/Google, will you? Awesome.

Be there early. You'll know why.
It was about...8am when we arrived. Streets were pretty empty and we snapped away while waiting for the local tour guide to be there.

She came and handed us each a little walkie.
Absolutely awful looking. Thank goodness for slightly longer hair. #vainpot

But it helps. You could be in France, she'd still be speaking right into your ear drums. And yes, she speaks Engrand.

At 8+am, there was a queue into the basilica.

I swear, she's a woman.

Putting up pictures of the interior is an insult to the church.
SERIOUSLY, it's too damn overwhelming and breathtaking.

I entered and thought I went to heaven. Just that I was talking to unfamiliar gods. #slapsbacktoreality

Anyway, it's gigantic. Probably take 2-3 hours to go through the entire place but some highlights...

The dome where crepuscular rays shone at me.
You say like heaven or not?!

The dome, if not mistaken, is completed by Michelangelo. Either that or started by him and completed by Giacomo della Porta. *bites lips*. Google it.

This I'm sure. Michelangelo's Pieta.

There's now a bullet-proof glass panel before the marble sculpture because an ass chopped the hands of Mother Mary off some time back. *shakes head*.


They found the hand and restored it. Same hand, I guess. YAY!

The Pope.
I knelt down on both knees while taking this picture and no one dared to cross my path.

Freaked me out I ran.

Bernini's "Cathedra Petri"

I know this is a holy, so excuse me but...
it's FUCKING beautiful.

What the pope sees

There was an event the following day.
I obviously forgot what significant day it was, but understood the whole place would be packed, that is.

No, the one in Orange, silly. Pink's my Dad.
I wanted to poke them because they stood as though they were frozen in time. But apparently they are fierce and quote: high reputation for discipline and loyalty.

They might hang me. So...

Top right 2nd window. Where the Pope is.

11am - The queue went 1 round the basilica.
Sun was burning. Barbeque Italians YAY!


I was warned, to not take pictures with the Gladiators. Because they rob shit off you.
We ran every time a Russell Crowe approached.

Check out my leggings. Major love.

They're not pyjs.

Couldn't resist.
4 euros. Mofos.

Say hi to my tennis court windshield forehead.

Provided (Free)

- Appetizer, salad
- First course, Pizza (1 each)
- Main course, spaghetti
- Dessert, Tiramisu

That's like a 12" from Pizza Hut.
All for me, myself and I.

Verdict: No more pizza for 3 years.


The bus stopped us about a couple minutes walk away from the destination.
No complaints. Every single corner and building is a postcard angle. Weather was good. You could walk the whole country, and still feel good.

Until you finally sit down and realize, you've lost your legs.

Dick the Pasta.
Mommy said to buy later. Hence, we forgot.

This is a reply to: THIS

I told Daddy this place probably has very good Feng Shui. Despite the crowd, the constant splashing of water on your face and distracting calls from Gelato sellers, I felt pretty serene just standing there.

Each and every statue means something. DOH!!! Wiki it.


We didn't understand why the people loved the sun so much.

We did, the following day.
I'm sorry we said you are all crazy monkeys.

There's really nothing much at the stairs.
A whole lot of youngsters enjoying the rays, making out and...lotsa shopping.

Fashion walk.
AngAng, there.

From the peak of the stairs
Scenic view of Rome. Ok you can't see much. I blame my skills and my height.

Trying out my 50mm.
Somehow the Ah Por had to get into the way.

If you ever get here, enter the church. It's nice.
When we did, they were humming some...songs...and because it's Lent, flashes of The Rite kept appearing.

Freaked out and ran off.
I know. I'm a champion.

We stayed at Papillo Hotel.
Spacious rooms, enough for 3, I shared the bed with Mommy because I'm a kid, thank you. My bed was left empty...#win

Food from the cafe was amazing.
I had Pesto Chicken Pasta, Daddy some smoked chicken breast with berry vinegar and Mommy some fish.

I know right, I'm absolutely detailed and accurate. -.-

We shared a Borsch and the bill came to about 60+ euro.

Pretty decent.

From the mart next to the hotel, mutated capsicums.

People in Italy must be really honest.
To purchase fruits, select your choice from the lot, pick your amount, head to the weighing machine, get the price tag, and then to the counter.


And so we thought, so what if we weigh, head back to the basket and toss more fruits into the bag, after the price tag is printed?

You Italians thank god we're not from TongShan.

For more pictures, here.
Next update, Florence. When I'm...I mean...soon. XD

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mellita, Domi adsum!

Currently listening to:

Jun Kung, Jun K

Forgive me if the title is...wrong.
It's supposed to mean: 'Honey, I'm home!'
Apparently, Google Translate isn't very accurate.

I'm home.
Physically. Mentally still not very whole. I don't believe in jet-lags.
I think.
Maybe not. Daym, I'm sleepy.

That aside, it was a fucking fantabulous trip.
I told the parents countless times that it felt pretty surreal, sipping Espresso (yes, the caffeine intolerant bitch had coffee EVERYDAY...sips only but, HEY I tried!), listening to gospel hymns and having the winds of spring caress my skin.

The wind was evil. It cracked my skin. PFFT!

Not that I mind though. <3

Details later. I need to catch up on my much needed sleep.

The luggage just arrived.
Oh yes, the beloved local airline (take a wild shot who), left my hugeass red baggage behind while I happily flew home myself...with all my belongings and necessities stuck the Fiumicino Airport.

All's good now. Everything's still intact. Chocolates looking good.
Little souvenirs not broken.
Claim your gifts soon.

That's if I got you any.
Or if you're worth them. MUAHAHAH

Just joking.
No seriously, things are expensive don't ask for too much, shoo.

Picture above, me enjoying my €1 strawberry at a cafe in Verona.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I never liked packing.
Because I tend to always leave things behind.
Wait, I leave things behind because I never liked packing OH SHUT IT...

Packing started at approximately 9.50pm.

The room has been like a refugee camp for the past 2 weeks.
Ok, I admit my room is ALWAYS messed up. But further enhanced this past week because I don't make excel sheets or write down what I need to bring.

I throw them on the floor.

Things work this way for me. JYEAH

It's now...1.13am.

Almost done.

To be brought aboard.

1) Tales of Beedle the Bard, AGAIN (Thanks, FONG XD), because I'm a child.
2) 愛是永恆(當所愛是你), cause it's Chinese. By the time I read the first page, it'd take so much effort I'd be totally knackered. And...I...sleep. JYEAH

Now, I just need the sister to randomly name a few stuff.
At most times, I would have left them out. WOOT

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Never Say Never

I kinda swore that I would not subject myself to humiliation of any sort when it comes to my hair.

At least not by frizzing it so much to a point where it resembles having my privates swapped with my head.

OH well...


I'm pretty sure it looks better than this:


Oh shut up.

Friday, April 8, 2011

This is Intended

Due to unavoidable circumstances...

喪Youtube, Facebook and 寫blog
間中都會執下handover嘅job *coughs* 蘇州屎 *coughs*
都好唔話得架啦...之前做到隻狗甘, 又唔係話有credit, 搞到我爭d冇左份bonus, 勁低落勁冇隱...
俾你bear完一論硬忍你對主你假到爆... 話我冇禮貌我都係輕輕串返你者...
學你話齋, quote: "Sarcasm is intended" 啊嗎...
博到咁行, 都幫你做埋d野先去旅行... 好乖假啦...

更係唔食啦, 傻豬
由早對都黑, 放飯俾d breathing空間好wo...

重有啊, 你d gag, 都算爛...
不過...quote: "I have given you a lot of face and I have my limits"...


Google translate, yeh?


Apparently, the company urges everyone to go green by removing rubbish bins and coding photocopy machines so we do not photocopy unnecessarily.

ONE: Coding just makes us walk more, hate the practise more and waste more.
TWO: When the bins are removed, rubbish piles up. That's all. Oh well at least for takes approximately 15 steps to reach the recycle bin.


HR staff swung by to snap pictures of our work station to see how green we are to date.

Absolutely the founder of our local green movement.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Hiatus

Currently listening to:

Mavis Fan, Innocent


I blame it on my current work station. Oh well, I'm always blaming WTF.

2 brighter notes.

Wait, one and a half.

ONE, I quit.


The other ONE HALF, I'm flying off again this coming Mondy.

JYEA...hang's a 13 hour flight. *cringes*

I don't do flights well. Where's the floo powder. Pfft.

Seriously, I hope it drizzles when we're in Florence. I'd kick my shoes off and dance in the rain. Just cause I think it's sexy. More love if a hot hunk comes along. And there's live music.

Stop staring. Leave me alone!

Geez, I'm supposed to be working #bloggingatwork #win

And before that, have you voted?


(Just go to the link above, see my video and click 'Like')

Yes, it's submitted by Evan Lau.

Yes, we're related. Probably Siamese twins past life.

Just go vote.


Randomly, o-hai I miss you!

Also, I think the blog looks better with my awesome face.

There, Care Bears FTW!
Courtesy of Evan Lau.