Sunday, April 10, 2011


I never liked packing.
Because I tend to always leave things behind.
Wait, I leave things behind because I never liked packing OH SHUT IT...

Packing started at approximately 9.50pm.

The room has been like a refugee camp for the past 2 weeks.
Ok, I admit my room is ALWAYS messed up. But further enhanced this past week because I don't make excel sheets or write down what I need to bring.

I throw them on the floor.

Things work this way for me. JYEAH

It's now...1.13am.

Almost done.

To be brought aboard.

1) Tales of Beedle the Bard, AGAIN (Thanks, FONG XD), because I'm a child.
2) 愛是永恆(當所愛是你), cause it's Chinese. By the time I read the first page, it'd take so much effort I'd be totally knackered. And...I...sleep. JYEAH

Now, I just need the sister to randomly name a few stuff.
At most times, I would have left them out. WOOT