Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mellita, Domi adsum!

Currently listening to:

Jun Kung, Jun K

Forgive me if the title is...wrong.
It's supposed to mean: 'Honey, I'm home!'
Apparently, Google Translate isn't very accurate.

I'm home.
Physically. Mentally still not very whole. I don't believe in jet-lags.
I think.
Maybe not. Daym, I'm sleepy.

That aside, it was a fucking fantabulous trip.
I told the parents countless times that it felt pretty surreal, sipping Espresso (yes, the caffeine intolerant bitch had coffee EVERYDAY...sips only but, HEY I tried!), listening to gospel hymns and having the winds of spring caress my skin.

The wind was evil. It cracked my skin. PFFT!

Not that I mind though. <3

Details later. I need to catch up on my much needed sleep.

The luggage just arrived.
Oh yes, the beloved local airline (take a wild shot who), left my hugeass red baggage behind while I happily flew home myself...with all my belongings and necessities stuck there...at the Fiumicino Airport.

All's good now. Everything's still intact. Chocolates looking good.
Little souvenirs not broken.
Claim your gifts soon.

That's if I got you any.
Or if you're worth them. MUAHAHAH

Just joking.
No seriously, things are expensive don't ask for too much, shoo.

Picture above, me enjoying my €1 strawberry at a cafe in Verona.


  1. Wheeee, we must meet up soon!! Not that I expect anything from you, hehe :p

    Miss you!

  2. bet you had a very awesome trip to italy :) mine just so so this time

    we must meet up soon as well!! gonna be back on sun