Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Have a Prosperous New Year Ahead Everyone!!

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*the chinese characters state...SUM SEONG SI SING. which means 'may ur wishes all come true'.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

steamie steamie...

the gross!! but i like it...WAHHAHAHAHA

went for steamboat with the gals last saturday. not that great afterall but the best part is to meetup after so long. althou we were confined to a small edge cos the lady boss was afraid it'll rain and forbid us from taking a risk of sitting outside...

it didn't rain...pfft

went for tong sui after that at leng's favourite chee cheong fun place. then yin, leng and myself went to leisure mall for a midnite movie. freak. WRONG CHOICE!!! the movie sucked so much i swear i'm never gonna watch leon's movie ever again!!! erm...i mean unless he colaborates with hot ppl and he oni takes up a small and unimportant role like Infernal Affairs 3. i might consider. hhmmmph! dun even plan to post the poster...contaminates my blog!!! but chapman's la...cos he was good.

a few pix here...that's all we took. the rest were all pictures of boiling eggs, eggshells and...sum failed group shots taken by the lady boss...thank god we have digicam now. ;)

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leeyeiyin, leongpeixzan, chongfeiyin, chinwoonfuilinda, lochailing

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elaineyapyeeleng, lochailing, leeyeiyin, leongpeixzan, chongfeiyin, chinwoonfuilinda

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cantik kan?!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


homosexual and transexual themes dominated the Golden Globes on monday. grabbing 4 awards including Best Picture[drama] and Best Director, i still can't accept the truth that BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN is being banned in Malaysia. when the heck can i watch it?!! the only thing i can do now is to catch a glimpse of terribly short clips of the movie which increases my thirst for the movie even more...and not to mention, Jake Gyllenhaal. AAAHHHH!!!
the movie is so gay. the shot of jake removing his jacket desperately ogling at heath ledger's lips...dissolves me!! i can't believe my pretty boy is such!! WAHAHAHAHA...
i expected both the stars to appear hand in hand at the red carpet but sadly, jake didn't even turn up. *sobs*

ran around ss2 to hunt for the dvd but it's not out yet. and the worst news is even Jarhead is not clear...sigh.

Image hosted by! i like! haha

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he can't be too clean-shaven. he'll look like jimmy livingston, the naive bubbleboy he played in...Bubbleboy. and it can't be too much. he'll look like an ape...I LOVE THIS PIC!!

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sumtimes, u still have to adore them even if they look like buttheads...MUAHAHA!!!

p.s- he deserves a nicer and deeper voice. his is...way to squeaky. the 'i want to get to niagra falls by saturday to stop Chloe from getting married' phrase fr bubbleboy still haunts yookie when i imitate him...WAHHAHAA

Monday, January 16, 2006


i am frustrated over people who are so not self-reliant

i am frustrated over people who do not forgive...even if they do, they dun tell

i am frustrated over pj drivers...certain pj drivers

it's such a nice place to release the annoyance heaped in me right at this fucking moment.

i'm the class rep. NOT THE RUBBISH COLLECTOR!!! I DUN PICK UP TRASH!!! enduring an irresponsible person to join my group for assignments over and over again is way too exasperating! and please do not mention a slight bit that i'm merciless...i have been far too nice for the past semester.

and i owe my apology to the someone whom i left out in informing about today's class. i swear i never meant it.


back to happier times


i'm spending way too much. i get either a top or a bottom every outing and it's getting out of control. but i can't stop myself. i dun get barred from my finance minister...and chinese new year is approaching...NOT MY FAULT RITE?!! HAHAHAHAHA

there are certain things i would like to do A LOT currently:

i) sleep b4 gym
ii) go rock climbing in 1U and genting
iii) get a thicker mattress
iv) buy steven strait's cd(thanks to tammy koo for introducing...pfft!)
v) watch FEARLESS
vi) learn wushu

i wan a nice sports shoes badly. the sponsorship agreement i sent to my finance ministers have been approved today. MUAHAHAHAH!

last week's gym was total hell. every workout is doubled. could barely walk after running on the treadmill. and my tighs were killing me. when it's almost getting better, it's time to head back to the gym...*sobs* poor limbs. but it gives me a sense of means i did stretch my muslces...hahahahhaa

**Chinese New Year in 2 weeks. No sunny weathers, no strong's been raining almost everyday and it's really dampening the spirits. who should i thank? I WAN THE HOT SEASON BACK!! GIVE ME THE SUN!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


L---> Lack
O---> Of
A---> Attention

a term, initiated by tammykoo and frens, that fits the bitch at home magnificently.

MAX IS A TOTAL LOA!!! wahahaha...

the poor gal is tempang again. was charging (bhind the gate) at mimi(another cute stray bitch loitering around the neighbourhood) when she slipped and injured her left front leg. has been walking around...nono...hopping around joyfully. the oni time she seems to be fully paralysed is when my dad is around, or when it's time to sleep. cos she can bitch around my dad and my dad will carry her...pfft!

sent her to upm today. got a professional, thorough vet and he's malay. NICE!! hope she'll b better by chinese new year. i dun wan a hopping dog, welcoming guests with 3 legs!!!

mr.francis, the instructor in EIPT, increased our workload today. TOUGH NYE!!!

confirm i got no stamina. but then better than when i first started. cos i ran for around 10 mins today...separately of course. but then it's getting better. I WAN RESULTS!! I WAN RESULTS!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

wobbly wobbly...

first time going to the damansara gym last nite with tammy. GREAT!! our fitness level was at D...E means failing it...HAHAHAHA. we promised each other to see results in 3 weeks. MUST!! cos it's chinese new year. what have i been eating? milk, cereals, apples, 100+ and water. today was ham and egg sandwich with lemon tea.

my legs are sore, the muscles are tight and i can barely bend my knees. but i like it!! and the fun thing is that i'm not doing it alone. :)

fixed my car today. sigh...poor dad...have to pay again.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

there and back px_leo

sems started...i'm back here...*fuck!*

i'd rather b doing sumthing else. ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL!! even mopping or cleaning at home than to be here. with the irritating timetable and facing the imbicile freaks that set them!!! USE UR BRAIN?!! USE IT!!!!!!!!

i have saturday classes...even typing it makes me fume. someone change it. if it can't be changed, sum1 please burn down the whole campus. i don't like it. thank you in advance.