Wednesday, January 11, 2006


L---> Lack
O---> Of
A---> Attention

a term, initiated by tammykoo and frens, that fits the bitch at home magnificently.

MAX IS A TOTAL LOA!!! wahahaha...

the poor gal is tempang again. was charging (bhind the gate) at mimi(another cute stray bitch loitering around the neighbourhood) when she slipped and injured her left front leg. has been walking around...nono...hopping around joyfully. the oni time she seems to be fully paralysed is when my dad is around, or when it's time to sleep. cos she can bitch around my dad and my dad will carry her...pfft!

sent her to upm today. got a professional, thorough vet and he's malay. NICE!! hope she'll b better by chinese new year. i dun wan a hopping dog, welcoming guests with 3 legs!!!

mr.francis, the instructor in EIPT, increased our workload today. TOUGH NYE!!!

confirm i got no stamina. but then better than when i first started. cos i ran for around 10 mins today...separately of course. but then it's getting better. I WAN RESULTS!! I WAN RESULTS!!!

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