Saturday, December 31, 2005


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's 2006...

first of january 2006...

Brand New Year, Brand New Start

Best wishes to EVERYONE and MYSELF!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Christmas to ME!!!



i had a great xmas this year in melaka. stayed in a small and class hotel called seri costa, i dined with my family in equatorial and had a wonderful christmas buffet. the spread was nothing like eastin of course but then the ambience was there. they had carolling, santa clause and most importantly, A BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS TREE!!! althou no pinetree smell, but it was good enuff.

back to the afternoon, we arrived in melaka in the afternoon, checked into the hotel and headed to jonker's street immediately. it hasn't changed much since the last time i went there a few years back. the oni difference is i tend to buy more things now. :)

we had bowls and bowls of cendol and i can confirm now that i'm SICK of it. sick!!! first thing cos i dun really like snow ice, i dun like the green slimy cendol...and i'm not a fan of gula melaka. although the first few spoons were indeed heaven, i'm still not gonna take anymore cendol for the rest of the coming year!

shopped for kei pou. saw the one leng bought and tried. FUCK! M size. i'm proud it slipped in. but it could go no further than my butt. freak...i have a huge butt. it was stuck there. i took it off and left the shop! walked further until i reached this earring shop. BLADY HELL!! oni sold accesories. loved that shop to the bits. spent so much time there my parents had to shove us off.

went back to the hotel, bathed, took a nap and prepared for the nite.

there was no countdown. stupid equatorial. rushed back to our own hotel and yelled our hearts out. then the best moment arrived. PRESENTS!!!!!!

i had a few bags---> 1 from nat and 1 from mi and di
2 ponies(i'm a biatch...yes i know)---> from nat
pants--->from mi

erm...i can't remember what else i got. but there are a few more. pix are up...and still coming. njoy!!

Image hosted by
the top i was supposed to wear to lily's wedding

Image hosted by
happy ppl with happy presents

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Have an enjoyable Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Winter Solstice


Winter Solstice is said to be even more important than Chinese New Year. but as chinese landed in malaysia a hundred years ago, the custom slowly faded. but then my family keeps part of it. we still make rice balls, have a sumptious meal and usually we'll have wine. but then today we forgot to take the bottle out of the freezer. freak!

mi, nat and i prepared the glutinous rice balls last nite. and as usual, the men will b seated around, watching tv, reading papers and...looking. at least max sat bside me and paid severe attention! hehe...had a great time! mowed the balls until my palms were sore and ate 2 bowls of it with sugar water. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! (of course it's good since i oni get to eat it once every i wished i could eat everyday!!)

woke up around 11 this morning. went to midvalley with my dad and shopped...for...erm...can't mention here cos it's supposed to be a gift. walked all over!! north, south, east, west court looking for it. went to oasis for assam laksa(yes...i had noodles again) but di seemed to njoy it a lot! then met yin teang and li fah in watsons. they were so fucking thin...i looked like a hippo beside them. i look like a hippo bside everyone. DUN CARE! THE GYM MUST HELP ME! TT!! I WANNA GO TO THE GYM RITE NOW!!!

went to this cafe called YOYO and had pork chop bun. with my dad, it's always, window shopping, MPH, toy's r us and EATING! and we enjoy every outing to the maximus! it's so relaxing. ooh! bought myself a pair of earrings and a bracelet. sales!! can't blame me.

walked around until 4++ then we left. came back and had more rice balls. and i am still eating. mi prepared prawns, fish, chicken, 'sang choi' and...soup(wa wa choi and chicken soup)...JENG!
i'm having the leftovers now. toking about being hippo. PFFT!!! I LOVE WINTER SOLSTICE!!! i hope the pastry w buy for the rice balls can last me a year!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

*credits to nat nat...she...oni she has the patience to do all these...pfft! hahahahhaa

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kuay Teow Th'ng! Assam Laksa!!!

the two dish above were the most often heard while i was in Penang. i had a marvellous 2 night trip with my family on that island and i wished for times like this every month! the hotel was fantastic(parents booked a 5-star hotel and kept it a secret until we reached), the food was terrific(though i'm a little afraid of noodles now) and the tourist spots were so well kept. unfortunately it rained every now and then but it certainly did not dampen our spirits.

i didn't bring a notebook out like Nat therefore i can't exactly remember the things we did each day. so, it's advisable to go here if u are interested in our daily adventures and the never ending snaps that we took.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Linz WON!!!

it's the first time i fully watched The Amazing Race. i used to think that it was stupid. i mean...mayb i didn't have the time to follow cos i would rather spend my time watching TVB series(yes i agree i'm totally cantonese). but this amazing race 8 really caught my attention. KNOW WHY?!!!

there was this really interesting, strong and competitive family. THE LINZ FAMILY!!
3 brothers, 1 sister...i find them all attractive. and probably the rest of the family members left were filled with arguments and brainless bitchy drama queens.

and the winners? LINZ SIBLINGS OF COURSE!! ahaha...i was so darn happy. if i were watching the finals myself, i would have bawled!!! it was so damn touching! they poured their feelings out and u could really see the bond between each member of the family. The Bransens especially...*sobs*

met Quin-Li today. blady hell...she's still as thin as ever. with damn rebonded, burgundy hair and...holding a damn tiny bag...HEHE! met Linda and had lunch in Baker's Cottage. Planned for Delifrance. jap lap d i think...not opened. whenever i feel like eating croissant it's not freaking opened. freak! the nasi lemak in Baker's Cottage is still as cheap. with iced lemon tea, rm4.80. is that cheap or what?!! but the iced lemon tea tasted like sour sky-juice. :)

sent Max to the vet. poor baby...the vet had to scrape of a small part of her skin to thoroughly diagnose her itching problem. and BLADY FUCKING HELL!! she scraped of her entire skin and it bled. it's supposed to be like that it seems but it certainly hurt...fuck. gave her antibiotics and fish oil...hope it helps. and there was this cute, white shizu there. very adorable, very obedient.

MIMI---> Image hosted by

i came across this beautiful picture. i tot it was a breathtaking view. my handphone couldn't produce such good quality when i took it there...Hong Kong.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy Purple Christmas Everyone!

set the christmas tree up. wanted to fill the tree with red and purple decos but we didn't have enough. we had more of the other colors instead so we decided on red and gold. satisfying!! the ambience is here...!!!

Image hosted by
the Santa is drawn by my dad...he used to draw all sorts of stuff for festivals and it'll b stuck all over the walls at home. SO NICE!! no more larh! damn lazy d now.

went to Sg.Wang with my dad and nat today. came back with loads of rubbish. candle holder, purple candles, dvds, sunglasses and XXXXXL pyjamas which sleeves are double my size and length up til my knees!! and it's thick. no idea when i'm wearing. mayb when i sleep...HEHE

the candle holder is a star shape glass holder. to hold up the purple candles i bought. i waste money every christmas buying decorative items. CAUSE THAT"S WHAT XMAS IS FOR!! wahaha...gembire!

went for vietnamese beef noodles today. jalan-jalan then went for tea. then after leaving Sg.Wang we went for noodles again in sg.besi. DAMN KAO GOOD!! sluurrp!!!

going for swimming tomoro with linda then lunch with quin-li. haven't seen the gal in ages and i wonder if she's still as thin as she used to be. or even thinner. tsk tsk tsk. hate these ppl so much...TEEHEE!!...just joking. i love her loads.


Midvalley looks glamorous!!!

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Monday, December 12, 2005

No Topic

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I can paint.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Andy Lau Vision Tour

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we booked the tickets approximately 2 months ago because mommy was a superfan of Andy Lau. so the time finally came and althou i wasn't really looking forward to going for this concert, i was in high spirits cos it has been a while since i went for one. and the last one ended quite terribly cos i was sick and ended up puking when everyone was counting down.

mommy, nat, cm and myself left kajang around 530pm. daddy had a dinner with his old mates and he wasn't so interested in looking at someone his wife was 'interested' in so he didn't join us. HEHE! it drizzled when we reached Stadium Merdeka but it didn't dampen anyone's mood. we saw people of ALL AGES roaming around the stadium, waiting to enter. we headed for another direction. down to Petaling Street for lunch. went to Old China. the food is still as good.

walked back up the the stadium around 630pm, got ourselves each a free poster, sum fans just in case it was blady hot in there and to sheet out asses if the seats were wet. but thank god, our seats were under shades and we had a clear view of the enormous stunning stage. it had 2 massive red doors in the middle, lightings all over and the by 830pm, the whole arena was packed!!

lights went off, the energetic star shot up from below and the show began.

he had several different themes: Chinese Orchestra, Ancient Greece, Modern Dance, 80's etc.

the background settings were enuff to blow us all away. the dancers were so damn freaking sexy and the amount of money he threw in to position the backdrop, i believe, would b overwhelming. at 43, he can blady dance and jump. he barely stopped moving throughout the whole show and his singing was surprisingly powerful and melodious. and he does know how to click with his crowd. the atmosphere was solid.

2 guests were invited. Gordon Lam Ka Doong and Felix Wong Yat Wah. both sang with Andy and althou they weren't professional singers, the audience applauded anyway.

he ended singing 'sup 7 shui' and a roughly 3 minute firework was release, ending the whole extravaganza. fans didn't have enough of course. everyone stood up, screamed for an enchore but to no avail. he didn't turn up!!! but then a firm 3 hour show was enough. everyone was definitely contented. even those old ladies who could barely walk left with smiles on their faces.

Image hosted by

considering the amount of concerts i've been for, this Vision Tour was no doubt, the best of all. even Jacky Cheung was no fight. the respect Andy Lau gave to all his audience proves he's not just a singer or an actor. he's a megastar...and i lost my voice. pfft!

Thursday, December 8, 2005

baked, burnt but happy! haha!!

I WENT FOR A SWIM!!!!!!!!!!! *applause*

it's been like...2 weeks rite like what i've stated in the last post. it was good! damn kao refreshing. but the pool is still as dirty as always la. nvr take the effort to drain off the water wan. always pour clorin oni. can't see the deep end from the shallow. and it reminded leng of the dragon-like FISH from 'sound of thunder'. pFFt!! how cute...

swam, swam, TOK, swam, TOK, swam. boon heng a bit left out la. kesian. oni guy there wert. what to do. saw shamini and another school mate. tak ingat nama. SORRY!! swam from 10-1130. then headed to leng's house for a bath. the dad's bathroom is fantastic!! it's not that i've not been there but i've not been into the bathroom of the dad's bedroom to bathe. cos i always found it...insecure. but then no one was at home besides the gals and boon heng bathed at the club so i dared myself.

the toilet??
it's a glass panel in the middle of a freaking huge room, with many many shower heads for every single part of ur limbs. sounds good huh?! it's good. besides a mozaic wall supporting the edges of the shower heads, the other 3 panels are all glass. and there's no other compartments in the room which means everything is exposed inside there. HEH! imagine u forget to shut the blinds. sorry larh.

boon heng drove his monstrous pajero to rocteam. not because it's big it's monstrous, it's...scary! the way he handled his car...ok la...just joking. he drove OK...met edwin there. such a funny crowd. me, leng, linda, mel, boon heng and edwin! pfft...called chow. malu wanna come. *one tight slap*

after makan, lepaked for sum time in leng's place b4 leaving for Leisure Mall for Perhaps Love. it's a really really beautiful movie. a very well-directed musical, with fantastic actors(and i dun really mean takeshi kaneshiro cos he looks kinda gay to me...he din used to be!!!). jacky cheung's acting was astounding. almost cried towards the end. althou it's not supposed to be SAD. erm...nvm. it's good overall, but the storyline is slow like hell. there were cameos by sandra ng and eric tsang which was carried off well. at least there was sumthing to laugh about in the film. i so love sandra ng...WAHAHAH!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Chinese Beliefs...Believe IT

my mom used to tell me mind-boggling chinese beliefs. some from my grandmother...some just by watching other people do it. No scientific approval, but some of it really works.

for example:
my dad and i were going to Bintang this evening to stock up sundries. in the car, he was telling me he started hiccuping after bath and it's disturbing him. without hesitating and as always, i said to him...'SIK SI LEI AR?!!'...which meant 'ate shit izzit?!!' in cantonese.

my dad was puzzled. then i realized my mom told no one else about the witty belief so i told him the story about what she did to me when i hiccuped and she asked me whether i had eaten shit...and he said...

'ah! u listen to mommy...'

then, i furthered my clarification by telling him tammy experienced the same thing when she was here in kajang a few weeks back. her hiccuping started after the sate meal and stopped right after i asked her if she had eaten shit. and before i could finish my dad said...

'no more already'

then we went on laughing until we reached the supermarket. my dad still can't really believe that it worked. BUT IT DID...


supposed to go for Perhaps Love tomoro with leng and linda. but i don't think tickets would b available. mayb we'd go for Chronicles of Narnia instead. We'll see...

at last. after a very very very very very very long break, i'd be jumping into the pool for a swim tomoro. and with the oddest person that i might go with...lee boon heng. CHOI BAO!! of course not oni him la. leng, bh and myself. haven't seen him for so's time we met before he blahs off to USA and forgets me...hmph! jahatness...

i realized Jake Gyllenhaal has a new war movie. Jarhead. Can't believe some1 would actually cast him in a war epic. pfft...he looks like this geek who'd score straight As for his doctorate courses. and now he's lead actor in such a yellow film. dirty, skin head, tough, shooting machine guns and marching...FUIYOHH!! SEXY GILER!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Congratulations Bryan and Lily

Pictures Up...all our crazy faces...very small thou. but at least there are pictures.


my lovely linda's sis Lily...(i can't really remember the husband's surname. lazy to check so erm...she's mrs. sumthing la, k?) held a dinner at their home in Malaysia last weekend. it was not bad. catering...with freeflow of Carlsberg, redwine and henessy. :)

i was supposed to go for the reception in Singapore but fell sick so i had a 2nd chance to congratulate her. i have not gotten any of the pictures. pinky El took the pix, uploaded them and posted a few onto her OWN frenster. pfft! how nice of her.

'wei...upload ur pix tonite ar.'
'nola...very tired la. tomoro la k?'
'no la!! tonite!!! upload to multiply! easier!! everyone can see!'
' multiply la...'

then she started blabbing to herself after a few shots of liquor. few small shots...hehe...she sat on the floor, flushed, laffing. damn funny wei!!!

very nice ambience. but we spent most of our time in linda's room cos we didn't know anyone and about 200 guests were invited so...we wouldn't wanna take up the seats when it's really none of our bisnes there, rite? so we enjoyed ourselves in linda's room clicking away taking all types of stupid shots, ignoring whoever who entered her room to use her toilet. hehe

Pictures up soon. Tunggu jap la, yeh?

Monday, November 28, 2005

one fucking week of influenza

it's been a week.


and it's still here. blady flu...

tissue papers that i've been using are enuff to cover up every side of the wall, including the carvings on the window pane. and mind you, i'm using toilet paper so that i won't waste boxes of expensive Kotex thou my nose is now burning like hell. phlegm is up my nose and mucus is down my throat. they've mixed disgustingly while i sleep without my permission. ;-
i'm blaming it on the senseless old bastard that sneezed right on my face on sunday. actually, he sneezed behind me to be fair to him. but i could see the bacteria hunting for me with my naked eyes. as i was on my verge to recovery, my immune system is definitely lower than usual and BANG! i'm trying not to sneeze on someone else's face. fuck that blady mindless old pot!!! *achoo!!*

Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Lynn!!!

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to Chia Sue Lynn
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

in a few hours...lemme count again...approximately 18 hours ++, i'll b heading to her house for a PARTAY!!!. BIG ONE...RITE?!! RITE?!!!

wasn't supposed make it cos i, by right, should b in Singpore, preparing for Lily's reception. but then this biatch's wishes came true and i fell terribly ill on my Birthday!!! *sobs like mad*

not gonna make this post a very long one...everyone knows what a wonderful person she is...;)
i've been waiting for it to be after 12midnite so that the date of this post would be on the 25th November 2005.

All the Best Gal!
And the angels would always be over you...watching and ensuring you with all the richest things on earth. MUAHH!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005



YAY!!! i'm officially 19.

i'm lack of attention...what TT defines as LOA! WAHAHAHAHA...SUKA!!!

had a great day today. despite the irritating soar in my throat.

woke up around 11+ today, worried sick that i might fall ill. i was shivering in the shower thou the water was up to 100 degrees...until i put on my jacket.

left for the pj, picked fei up and headed to The Curve.

MAKAN KIM GARY!!! can u freaking blieve it?! i can't believe it myself. i actually requested to eat there...cos i wanted something with soup. and i ate the 'minced pork with vegetable'. BAGUS!!
then masuk Redbox. sang from 3-6.45pm. sounded like a turkey cos of my throat. TAK BAGUS!!
mei-ee n jw joined us around 1/2 hour after fei and i started getting high!! WAHAHA

then went to Midvalley. supposed to eat in Itallianies but then MingYang didn't have transport there so changed our minds. ate in San Francisco. had spaghetti bolognese. damn HUGE portion. with loads of cheese and minced beef. FUIYOH!!! so 'jai' wei. but then it was really good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

jalan2 around mv after that and left around 10++.

reached home. bathed. 12am, got my presents...WAHAHAH...happy giler. got an mp3 player that i've been wishing for since dunno when. I LOVE MY SIS!!! a watch from cm and i finally get to use my Guess bag from my parents...LOVE ALL OF THEM SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

uploaded the pix. unarranged. check out la...
19th B'Day

and thanx to all the pretty babes and the 2 handsome hunks for the cropped jacket. LOVE U GUYS! MUAH!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

happy bday to me! early bday i mean...

i wanted to put the title in caps...
but then everyone who reads it would say i'm this attention seeking bitch.


can't believe it. i'm gonna b NINETEEN in...lemme count...maths terukness...22 hours.

went to Eastin for an early celebration on saturday nite cos everyone would be working on tuesday and by the time they reached home it's already late evening so we celebrated earlier on. and also because we wouldn't be able to biatch around til late at nite cos i'd b leaving to Singapore the very next wednesday morning.

i have always loved going to Eastin. the journey there would always b very noisy cos nat and i would blab non-stop. i love the spread in Eastin. they never dissapoint me. I HAD MY FAVOURITE BIG BIG OYSTERS!!! ate like so many until i lost count...salmon...sashimi stuff and assam laksa. GAWD! they knew it's my bday. TEEHEE!!

and most fun of all is...EVERYONE GETS TO DRESS UP TO KILL! WHOO HOO!!!

took loads of pix. b4 we left, in the car, in Eastin and on the way back. we go to Eastin like a few times a year and everytime we go we take idea for what but i'm telling u it's damn freaking fun! and this time we bought a tripod along. professionals we call it. PTAH!

i'm currently in a lazy mood to upload the pix to my multiply.
i~~ my comp's down (again) and i'm using my dad's which is slightly slower.
ii~~ it's 2.19 in the morning and i should b sleeping but i'm here doing nonsense...
iii~~ blady multiply's down...pfft

Image hosted by
first row standing~~cm, nat, *ahem*ME!
sitting~~mommy, daddy...


went to Metrojaya today. bought the top from Somerset Bay that cause rm109.00

so mi told me today:

'u spent almost 1k every month'
'chiseen!! where got so much?!!'
'are you sure? how many pre birthday and christmas presents do you have d?'

i give up. i did spend a lot. ;)

Friday, November 18, 2005


the movie was such a blast.

Image hosted by

it's so well-groomed i'm trying not to mentioned the insignificant parts.
everyone's so growned up, Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter's acting has definitely developed with the maturity of the character, Rupert Grint aka Ronald Weasley...he's sssssooooo damn cute!!...most probably cos i'm supposed to resemble him(which i will take it as a compliment, hmph!) and Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger looks as bitchy and stucked up as ever...*thumbsup!*

and i've got to mention...ROBERT PATTINSON IS FUCKING HOT!!!
playing cedric diggory...he didn't really appeal to me at first glance. i thought Stanislav Ianevski who plays Viktor Krum looked more fiery in the posters. and i now agree that good cameraman does help. That BULGARIAN is like a BIG, BULKY POTATO!!! he's supposed to be lean and lanky in the book if i'd not mistaken. but then he pulled off well. so he's forgiven. ;) looked vicious enough for a dumstranger. Michael Gambon sucked. TOTALLY indefensible!!! he made Professor Dumbledore such a lame old...coward! an utter disspointment. :(

he seemed to lose his head and direction everytime they face problems. appearing so agitated when Harry's name was spat out from the goblet, it appears so demeaning. If i were Voldemort, he'd be the first one i'll finish off. forget the fact that 'the dark ass lord' is supposed to only fear the headmaster. NO GOOD!

but other than that, the movie was fantastic. the dragon scenes and underwater shots were well CGed. Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy is as charming as ever and the touchy scenes were flourishing.

but then again, considering i'm a Pottermania, no matter how badly the movie is made, i would still give it credits. ;)...i agree...i'm biased!

i love Harry Potter...WHOO HOO!!!



Click here for New York Times Review

Monday, November 14, 2005


my weekend was a blast...quite a blast. :)

spend a night in Port Dickson with my family. haven't been there for some time now. the last time was...MARCH! fuh! giler...

left home around 1++. no jam...nice weather...loads of space in the car cos we drove 2 cars down. max the bom bom needed more space for her to stretch her injured limbs. pfft...
reached an hour plus later and had lunch at a local restaurant. it was...REPULSIVE!!! flies flew around us like we stunk and there were ash-like dirt on the tables. and before we sat down, the pungent smell came whirling...the maid was kind enuff to tell us...

'OH! SAMPAH KAT SANA!'...a trash heap...a few steps away from us.

but we sat down anyway. cos there were indeed people devouring their meals, ignoring the sickening atmosphere.

fortunately and surprisingly, the food turned out GOOD!!...but still smelly la the place.

reached the apartment, lepak for a few hours then we rushed down the the pool like we've nvr swam before. but then the sea looked more appealing so we decided to take a few more steps. SHIT! we used to walk on the beach last time when we were there and it took us almost 5 mins to reach the water. but the water was right up to the edge of the steps, almost reaching the divider which means the beach was almost fully covered...SCARY WEI!!! waves were damn strong and the sky was getting darker. nat and cm jumped down and immersed their feet under water. me? i realized my 'Thalassophobia- Fear of the sea' was getting worse. images of Tsunami kept flashing past my mind...and negative thoughts coated my stupid brain. takut giler. went back to the pool.

went for dinner at a better restaurant. damn expensive. 5 dishes...rm100++. mahai. even if we had it in kl, it would have cost the MOST rm50-rm70.

back tot he apartment. watched a bodoh chinese vcd. tahlah ape nama. but quite funny la. then watched 'the island'. tidur.

the blah the next day. damn tired. but took lots of pix. we should have more trips like that. so i won't end up in midvalley or 1U, spending money worthlessly. :)

still trying to upload pix. blady multiply. getting slower and slower...URGH!


pix are up...PD Trip

Thursday, November 10, 2005

more shopping and an even more miserable max

can't really explain what i've been doing for the past few days. COS I DID A WHOLE LOT!!!

mainly shopping...more and more bitchy shopping. can't stop shopping.

but there are of course meaningful things that i've done.

it was so damn good i wouldn't mind going for it again. it was hilarious and the plot was fresh- thou they kinda took bits out of 'war of the worlds'.

went shopping shopping and shopping with nat. parents were enjoying themselves in genting while we were stuck down here with the pathetic max.

little maxellina has been acting really moody these few days. FIRST, we tot she was really missing 'her' parents but then she din seem to change much even after they returned which really started to worry us.

di brought her to the vet today...dr.nancy. sweet lady.

spinal injury *cos she's been arching her body slightly when she walks*
pancreas problem *but then she wasn't vomitting and etc so no chance*
kidney problem *her urine was clear---OUT!*

then di reminded dr.nancy that max injured her leg sum time ago and screeches like a baby everytime she jumps down from sofas.

BINGO! her kneecap is lose it seems. poor baby. not gonna take the chance. bringing her to UPM tomoro for further diagnosis. might need a surgery if it's serious. CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!

for those who know how active she always is, this is how she's been behaving since.

Image hosted by

cm said she's probably overweight. which i sort of agree...

ok fine. I AGREE!!! she's 8kgs!! AND SHE'S TOY BREED!!

DAMN KAO HEAVY WEI!!! and she thinks she's miss universe, still young and slim, jumping up and down the furnitures everytime she feels high. and BANG!

now she'll know how to behave.

Friday, November 4, 2005

TT and Barney

Image hosted by

i couldn't find bananas-in-pyjamas. and i dun think they're coming for the barney show too. sadness.........

Birthday Pix ARE UP!!! NICE!!! TT is good...TT did her job...TT is no procrastinator...!!

Image hosted by
Chicken Little Chocholate Cookies from Glitters. Tastes really good. and surprisingly, it's 'Made in Malaysia'. i'm surprised.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005



the surprised bday party at chillis wasn't really a surprised after all. but i guess the bday boy and gal had fun.

ate like mad, talked like crazy, and headed to castle in bangsar for a drink after midnight. not a bad night thou. haven't being seeing my mates for about a month now. they look great.

REWIND- went to 1U b4 that and bought a shirt at for rm26.70. it was rm130+ but then the crazy sales clamped my mind and tammy and i ended up buying the same tee. how sweet!

headed to FOS. got myself a pink top which definitely was comfortable. and thin.

i shall stop shopping...

yesterday--> invited tammy back to kajang so she wouldn't have to spend almost a whole day herself during her bday. brought her for kajang sate...had 15 sticks(she 8 and me 7)...:)
and we swear we were so full we could stay away from food for 3 days. or so i say now(i had a heavy lunch today!) teehee...then introed her to my kawan-kawan from kajang. took pictures cos...*sobs*...stephanie is leaving to russia at mignight. gonna miss her like mad.

pictures will b up later. when tammy reaches home and gets enuff of procrastinating, she'll upload and send them to me...:)


Image hosted by



The Harry Potter website is completely up. Before that there were a few 'coming soon' areas but now its all set. can't wait to watch is cause the settings are really really awesome and the new casts all look hot!

Friday, October 28, 2005


my last piercing has been hell. it's so damn fucking painful i had to remove the ring last nite cos i couldn't sleep with it in...(i usually fall asleep on my right).

so i took a deep breath and pulled the it out.


i swear to god that it was so painful i almost got knocked out. and blood just shot out. ok larh...not so bad but i was really really really painful mucus started flowing. *blek*

and i totally regret doing so. now i'm doubling the pain. i can't push the stud back in and i have a feeling that the back hole is almost closed. :(

after so many darn piercings and doing it at the most appaling part of my ear, i didn't feel as much pain as this one.

proves one damn thing.

fuck the person who pierced for me. shouldn't have done it there.


Image hosted by



i'm not there for gayis...ok...i can't say that cos i want tammy to go with me. i'm not there for barney of course. I'M THERE TO WATCH BANANAS-IN-PYJAMAS!!! WHOA!! CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!

i just made a decision. i'm gonna leave the hole on my ear. i'm gonna let it close. gonna miss it...but pfft! who cares. i'm not gonna go thru the amount of pain again!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


i got my 7th piercing last nite.

and it hurts...more than usual. can't even sleep on my right last nite. but i dun regret. and everyone's not giving me any reaction anymore. cos they're tired of hoo-haing...teehee

*thank god*...

bot a cap. seem to b very interested in these caps after wearing one last week.

Image hosted by
this is bubble. a gift from the gals last year. named it cos jo's was mamat. so had to name mine. :)

Image hosted by
another angle of looks like...a duck. shouldn't have bot blue. i couldn't think of a right outfit to go with it. sighs...nvm. i still love it!

Image hosted by
closer shot...

can't seem to find 'win a date with tad hamilton' anywhere. not even tower records. they had a copy. but the workers couldn't find it...:(

TOPHER GRACE IS SO DAMN HOT!!! he's gonna play Venom in the coming Spiderman. CAN"T WAIT!


went to madam kwan with parents for lunch. the food was awesome. din take the assam laksa thou it's supposed to be heavenly. i just don't like the genuine penang assam laksa cos they have loads of 'rubbish' in it. had cantonese noodles and sky juice. being a good gal like i've always been...the juices were way too expensive and not attractive at all. or i would have ordered. :)

pleasured myself in toy's r us which was just beside mdm. kwan's. saw many many ponies. cute and colorful. and bananas-in-pyjamas. told nat to get me one for xmas. HOHOHO!!!

don't you feel so energetic when u hear the song playing now with the bananas dancing along?
i'm getting addicted to bananas. SAVE ME!!!
*can't hear the song? wait a while yah*

Saturday, October 22, 2005


linda was telling me how much she wanted to come back and then get drunk together.

i don't know my limit...yet. but i really dun wanna get all drunk and my friends who are equally as drunk to fetch me a bucket while i puke my all over the ground...instead of the bucket. it doesn't even sound happy!

so we came out with a solution. buy loads of liquor, and sip every bottle till we find ourselves seeing fairies...then we'll stop...that's if we can still control our minds to hold back our hands from grabbing the bottle and doing the 'bottoms up' thing. TEEHEE!!!

The Daiquiri--> rum and lime juice *sounds damn good*
Cuba Libra--> rum, coke, fresh lime and crushed ice (and invented in pre-Castro days) *i wan it now!*
German 'Pharisee'--> rum, hot coffee, and brown sugar, mixed then topped with thick cream *sounds damn fat wei*

The Germans also used rum as the preserving spirit for 'Rumtopf', bottled seasonal fruits eaten at Christmas.

sounds damn fucking good rite?

so suddenly i'm wishing linda was right here so we could dip ourselves in it. and not to forget...the although we had a good time laffing out asses out when she started throwing up and i ran away for linda to take care of her...pfft!

remember pirates of the carribean? awesome movie.
if i were marooned on a god forsaken spit of island with loads of rum on it, i guess...i won't mind staying a night there. ONLY ONE! after all, they had sandy beaches and crystal clear water, with no snakes and any binatang buas. hehe...binatang buas sounds so damn cute! mite be caused by the exhaustion...

liquor is fattening!! i can't afford to be...*sobs*

Thursday, October 20, 2005


the weather's real bad.

the strings of bad news are becoming worse.

i'm bored.

reading a really funny post by someone called aaron. got it from joyce's blog. 2 posts in fact.
one about NS and another about HARRY POTTER BEING GAY. got ur attention hor! it's funny la. so dun get all fused after reading cos it's just some kinda joke. but it's really funny.

Get a Laugh!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

jolly good nite

went for a bday party last sat.
it wasn't such a blast.
i ate quite a lot...drank a can of beer and everyone ended up in my house for a night.

went for sound of thunder on sunday with elaine. it was not bad. besides the really bad cg. it could've been better. cos the lead actor, edward burns...WAS FREAKING HOT!!!
urgh...he looked a bit like ben affleck which was a really big turn-off but then...after 1 1/2 hours, he looked way better la!!! hahahah

Image hosted by
me, steph and yinng. i was in a high mood to take pix. so i took many bozo pix and i haven't received them yet. hope i dun look more monkey than this...*fingers crossed* ;)

Friday, October 14, 2005


i was pestered into writing a post that demands me to speak in a proper and yet demanding way.

i have been reminded since young that good english requires neither too bombastic nor flowery words but just plain sentences that gets straight to the point and seizes the understanding of the reader himself.

texts from secondary books never were challenging to me. they were simple, direct and the featured stories were what i thought to only attract students of primary schools with a better command in english compared to those their age.

i was totally absurd. it occured to me when i wrote my fanfiction back in form 5, that readers are not concerned about how extravagant the language is. the essence of the story is the most important. why say 'ur magnificent attitude brings shine to ur outlook' when u can say...'u're beautiful'.

i have read articles and blogs that require me to hold a dictionary in hand in order to understand the contents...what more when the vocabulary is stupendous and the grammar is downright rotten. it's so unnatural.

so i say...keep it simple. we won't adore you cos u're speaking from the dictionary.


*mahai*. what's the hoopla all about.

i don't mean to critisize. i am ranked baddie no.1 by linda. she forced me into writing this post. ;)

talking about simple english, the content above the ---line--- is utterly dim-witted la k? i'm just trying to write something correctly and it took me some time to get my english back. i'm not disapproving. it's just something that linda and i have been toking about since we read an 'article'...

non-words are still on top of my list...can't leave without them.

re-speaking about my fanfic...interested?! try correcting my vocab. i WAS speaking from the dic!! shallow me...
Beyond Boundaries

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


i stole it...dun ask me where

took me a whole day to change it. i'm not doing anything more like that...time consuming wei!

and the worst is, i can't type chinese in this. u've got to click on 'post a comment' to SEE the comments cos i'm too lazy to link the both together, and the video is way too big for the sidebar.

so i'd have to link the video here instead. NJOY!

i love aerosmith

i love aerosmith

i love the song below...i love the song below...i love the song below
sumbody...sing me the song!

i love the videoclip

i'll keep myself at the pool at the time being cos my legs are still fucking hurting. and my whole family is still laffing at how i humiliated myself during the camp. thank god i'm either walking too before or too bhind him. OR ELSE...malu giler.

***p.s- i'm keeping myself at the pool so i can still fit into the bajus i bot today as time passes...HAHAHAHAH!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

i'm brown, bruised and i have 3 punctured wounds

taman negara was awe...ful

ok...1/2 awesome and 1/2 aweful la k? so it's AWE-FUL...

it's actually a once in a lifetime xperience cos i promised myself i'd nvr get my ass back into the jungle, up to the waterfall anymore. UNLESS they provide a helicopter...or else...ptah!!

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
this is the stream...i used my bestest photography skills to take d...not bad wert...HAHAHA

7/10- left midvalley where we gathered at approximately 8.10pm
- had quite a long and monotonous journey(but i didn't mind cos i like sitting in buses and i like long
journeys! heh)
- reached the head office of taman negara at 11+
(supposed to travel in jeeps into the jungle then but because we were told it's the season where
elephants are active so 40 persons were stuck in the small small office and we took a night there.
*the active elephant season means they walk around looking for food at night. not the mating season...;)
- up by 5+...packed and left the headquarters at 7+. sat bhind a STORM. the jouney in was wonderful
until the tarred road ended. we bounced out way in...
- took us about an hour + to reach the camp site. it was freaking beautiful.
- got our huts, changed, jumped into the water and swam, did tubing and yei yin and i rowed our boats
out of the route and we ended up far away and needed someone to pull us back. *smiles shyly)
(tubing was good. walked up about 5 minutes up to the mainstream and we were swept down. the rocks
were terrible. nat fell down, hurt her shin and yin's tube overturned. i reached the base first, thou
didn't know how i managed. and it seems there were water snakes in the stream. so i was obviously
freaked out when i was pushed so fast down.
- had lunch...good meal. rice, curry chicken and potatoes. some malay mmu students who followed the
trip were there just to cook for us. kesian them wei. puasaing and the food smelled damn good.)
- changed. waited for jungle trekking.
NO GOOD! started raining. (i was kinda glad. yin and i were obviously too tired after tubing. returned to
our huts and slept like babis.)
- woke up at 7+. bathed. NEARLY DIED OF HYPOTHERMIA. the water numbed my brain. took 5 mins
and i left the toilet...shivering.
- dinner. FUH! fried rice, fried chicken, potato salad, watermelon and honeydew. ate onli a helping each
except for the fruits thou it tasted really good.
- went night walking. we were supposed to walk into the jungle holding a small torchlight each. and
because it rained in the afternoon, i expected leeches to be everywhere. i wished i was right at home
- walking 1/2way, my legs did not stop moving thou everyone halted to check out the glowing
mushrooms and leaves(they're just normal kulat but they glowed). we had to off our torches to see them
glow. i could not see my hands. yin was bside me...she wasn't at first. sum1 hot was bhind me but i was
too shy to hug him so i shoved him aside and rushed to yin. and thank god he had a torch that
was bright enuff to light up my whole house or i would have fallen into the pit!...SWEET WEI!!! anyway,
the leaves really glowed and we 'wow'ed like monkeys!
- some went frog hunting some went back to the base. i went back of course. snakes eat frogs. catch
frogs=see snakes...HELL NO!
- masuk tandas b4 i mandi. saw some HUGE HUGE ants. i tot those ants wouldn't die so easily. to prove the
statement rite, i stepped on it. it crashed. I BLURTED SORRY TO THE ANT SO FAST and aunty beside me
heard it. she must be thinking i'm so tired i'm hallucinating. anyway, i starting minding my own business
feeling completely bad at what i did and before even finishing my thoughts, 'BLOOMP!' specs fell
into the freaking cubicle. fuck wei. yin got me a branch, i straighten the specs in the bowl and
plunged my hand in. almost died...
- slept at 11.52. quite comfortable until i saw a huge rat hanging on the roof. i couldn't care less...nothing
would be worst than sticking ur hand into the toilet bowl. :"(

8/10- woke up at 6+. din change at all. wore tracks, south park tee, long long socks and sports shoes.
- breakfast at 7.20. bbq roti with tuna, sayur and some tomatoes. SEDAP GILER! had chrysanthemum tea
(they threw real bunga kekwa to make the drink...good!)
- warm up. briefing(the leader was teaching us wat to do if we bump into tigers. but everyone took it as
as a joke so literally no one was really listening. hehe
- started out jouney at 8+.
- the journey was ardous. i got my first leech at my finger just after 5 mins of walking. the road was
slippery, tough cos it was uphill all the way and we hiked for 2 1/2 hours b4 we reached the peak. THE
- it had a picturesque scene. took loads of pix b4 we jumped into the water and swam among the ikan-
ikan. we drank the water also. the E-COLI thing didn't come thru our minds so were gulped down
happily. it was fresh!(forget about the fish. when u have no more water left, even drain water would b
- sunned myself to dry wat i was wearing, wore my socks that i removed b4 i jumped into the water oni to
realize there was a big patch of blood at the ankle area. a blady leech must have enjoyed itself while i
hiking up. damn.
- the journey back was no joke. i slipped, tripped on roots and fell while going downhill cos there were no
grip on my shoes. couldn't really control my legs and i could barely think properly. i was hungy, tired
and breathless.
- hung on...continued walking until finally reaching the base at 2+. could no long jalan. legs were out of
control, i was so hungry i could eat a babi hutan without sharing with anyone. i finished the sneakers
nat brot there in 3 bites and poured hot chrysanthemum without hesitation.

Image hosted by
damn tired...but when u reach the place, it's all worth it.

*unless i have a helicopter or someone is willing to piggyback me*

- yin and i decided to jump into the stream one more time b4 makan cos we were fucking tired and hot.
removed my socks. saw another punctured hole at the other ankle. fuck the leeches.
- ate like a pig...chicken rice and soup.
- the male toilet. it's a fact, women tend to bathe longer. yin and i got ourself a bathroom each
and we kept as quiet as possible to avoid freaking out the men.
- packed, took a group shot and left.
- had coconuts b4 leaving the orang asli settlement. left johor...almost 5pm.

- the leeches were disgusting but it seems it tastes really good when u fry them. so after kenaing at both my ankles, i don't find them that teruk anymore. but i still dislike them.
- the journey up to the waterfall was a nightmare. even today when i think of it, i still shiver. i'm left with muscle aches all over my body including my hair, a purple toe, thorns all over my fingers due to the fall while hiking up and i can feel my body rocking once in a while due to...watever that caused it!!!

plus point:
- it was a good experience. the last 2 camps i went to didn't need me to attend jungle trekking cos...i didn't wan to go then. but it definitely wasn't even 1/4 of this. so i'm glad i completed it.
- tried many activities unavailable in cities. the air was fresh, the waterfall was indeed breathtaking, the ppl were nice and the food was...good. HAHA
- i lost a little weight(MUAHAHAH), i'm darker and the fresh water helps in pimples. MUAHAHA

and the best is still...

i met someone really hot. as in...HOT!
had a nice time...
thou i'm tired...
in pain...
and...i like it.

Image hosted by
whoever u think i'll think is leng chai...he's hot giler! hahahahahah

more pix at my multiply...lazy to link. scroll down la...

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Tmn Negara...I Is Coming

can't believe i'm going for a camp this coming saturday.

can't believe after form 5 i'm still doing stuff like that.

can't believe i'm giving up my lovely room, my lovely computer and my lovely bed for a 'chalet', leeches and sleeping bag...


2 nights, 3 days...i hope i njoy it. the last time i went for a camp was like...form 4?
and i had the worst days then...snakes, maggi mee w/o soup(*mahai* the officers take our soup powder and we take the mee onli)...N WE CAMPED IN A SWAMP!
i shall elaborate on the camp later...let's see what i shall be expecting this coming weekend!!

Image hosted by
I dunno how to see the map la of course. i don't even know which part of the map i'd b going. i dun need to know. cos a lorry will b bringing us how they fetch pigs to the market in the morning...WEEEE!!!

Image hosted by
-See the activities? these are just a few...there is also flying fox, jungle tracking, mushroom seeing(it seems the doong goos glow in the dark)...
-The waterfall looks damn refreshing. but then my imagination starts running wild.
-The chalet looks good rite? wait till u see the inside...i lost the pic. shall post it up after i come back. hope it doesn't rain. cos everything hiding between the rooftop and the ceiling will fall into the chalet...*yey*

My imagination's running wild...anyone watched 'Anaconda'?

i'm rafting 1/2way and i get stuck at the side of the waterfall and everyone has already flowed with the stream. and it's usually at this moments, the fucking big animal will appear.
Can't imagine? Check out the picture below.
Image hosted by


i hope***
1) i dun step onto traps cos we're living near Orang Asli's. u 'the beach'? they set a hole and they have sharp bamboos in the hole...FUH!
2) i dun see any snakes...dun care green, red, white...i dun wanna see. and i have a feeling the more u dun wanna see, the more u'll see. both camps i went during school were infested with snake memories...HOW SWEET!
3) i can lose weight there...*TWEET!*

Friday, September 30, 2005

'Agree' or 'Don't Agree'

**Came across this post infrenster. I'm not trying to deny all the phrases here la...but some are really kinda bias...and not forgetting to mention...STUPID.

1. Women love to shop. It is the one area of the world where they feel like they're actually incontrol--->NOLA!! i had been incontrol of many things in this's ur choice whether or not to be in control. *and my sis hates shopping. but i can prove she's real woman...HAHAHAHAH*

2. Women especially love a bargain. The question of "need" is irrelevant, so don't bother pointing it out. Anything on sale is fair game--->i don't really know how to bargain. the most successful bargain from me is the pants from HK i got for rm15. if she wouldn't give me a discount, i would have still taken it cos u can't get a freaking hot pants in MAS for rm30(b4 bargain).

3. Women never have anything to wear. Don't question the racks of clothes in the closet; you"just don't understand."--->true la...i'm never happy with my closet. even if it's not messy! hehe

4. Women will always ask questions that have no right answer, in an effort to trap you into feeling guilty.--->"if ur mom and i both drop into the water who'd u save first?"---fuck la! this is so crappy...script writers should start writing off with all these so women don't learn!

5. Women love to talk. Silence intimidates them and they feel a need to fill it, even if they have nothing to say.--->TRUE TRUE TRUE! so don't ask me to shut up. i'm a PR prac wei!

6. Women need to feel like there are people worseoff than they are. That's why soap operas and Oprah Winfrey-type shows are so successful.--->this is so cruel wei...that means women will feel happy when they see other ppl's sufferings...bullshit lar

7. Women don't need sex as often as men do. This is because sex is more physical for men and more emotional for women. Just knowing that the man wants to have sex with them fulfills the emotional need.--->hmmm...if i knew the answer ar, i shall be shot! IMMEDIATELY!

8. Women hate bugs. Even the strong-willed ones need a man around when there's a spider or a wasp involved.--->i'm not scared of spiders! i hate snakes. i dun fear spiders...wait...maybe a bit la...afterall i'm said to look like ronald weasley wert...shit.

9. Women can't keep secrets. They eat away at them from the inside. And they don't view it as being untrustworthy, providing they only tell two or three people.--->this is another so insulting statement. whoever wrote this should be slaughtered.

10. Women always go to public restrooms in groups.It gives them a chance to gossip.--->hello? wanna gossip ar, go sumwhere else not smelly la k?! it's malaysia wei. and watch more tv. the person u gossip about is always hiding bhind one of the closed doors. SO DUN GOSSIP IN THE TOILET!!!

11. Women can't refuse to answer a ringing phone,no matter what she's doing. It might be the lottery calling.--->eh...damn true.

12. Women never understand why men love toys. Men understand that they wouldn't need toys if women had an "on/off" switch.--->??...dun feel like understanding. urgh

13. Women think all beer is the same.--->HELL NO!! compare heineken to any other beer. it's like drinking h20!

14. Women keep three different shampoos and two different conditioners in the shower. After a woman showers, the bathroom will smell like a tropical rainforest.--->true true true. the more the better. and not to forget...body baths!

15. Women don't understand the appeal of sports.Men seek entertainment that allows them to escapereality. Women seek entertainment that reminds them of how horrible things could be.--->i love sports. -period-

16. If a man goes on a seven-day trip, he'll packfive days' worth of clothes and will wear somethings twice; if a woman goes on a seven-day tripshe'll pack 21 outfits because she doesn't know what she'll feel like wearing each day.--->i don't usually pack enuff. i'll end up buying wherever i go. isn't that happier?!?!

17. Women brush their hair before bed.--->TRUE TRUE TRUE!

18. Watch a woman eat an ice cream cone and you'll have a pretty good idea of how she'll be in bed.--->what does it got to do ar? someone tell me pls...thank you! MUAHAHAHA

19. Women are paid less than men, except for one field: modeling.--->i'll re-comment when i'm a model and when i get a model bf. NEXT!!!

20. Women are never wrong. Apologizing is the man's responsibility, "It's there in the Bible."Hmm, who was it that gave Adam the apple?--->So women aren't wrong even if they kill. MY FIRST TARGET! KMM!!!

21. Women do not know anything about cars."Oil-stick, oil doesn't stick?"--->women are not so stupid la, k? BONGONG!--we just choose not to know. cos we don't need to. what are mechanics for? cutting hair ar?!!

22. Women have better restrooms. They get the nice chairs and red carpet. Men just get a large bowlto share.--->red carpets? the best restrooms are in starhill. they're really really fantastic. not sure about the men's thou.

23. The average number of items in a typical woman's bathroom is 437. A man would not be able to identify most of these items.--->not too sure. ??

24. Women love cats. Men say they love cats, butwhen women aren't looking, men kick cats.--->I HATE FREAKING CATS!! DUN COME NEAR!! CATS DROOL!!!!!!

it only proves one thing...i'm no woman. HAH!

i just realised there are many 'weird' ppl viewing my frenster profile...some i've not even met and some...'eh!- long-time-no-see-wor...still-remember-me type'....................................*wicked*(ron's tone). ;)

Thursday, September 29, 2005


nat made an awesome discovery last week.

Image hosted by
it looks disgusting...but usually disgusting things taste the best...i'm not sure about dung thou. it may if it's cooked! HAHAHAHAH
p.s- i bit the other 1/2 off so the black sesame can flow saliva's flowing uncontrollably...*SLURP!*


it's damn expensive thou. can't remember how much but it's pricey.

and the best thing about it is i can have it almost every week if i want to!!!! most probably EVERY single week cos...hey!! nothing's better than tong yuen la k?! erm...other than assam laksa...and erm...ok la...not gonna name them cos the list is not gonna end.

watching 50 first dates now. it's still very lovely and sweet and lovely as the glutinous rice balls...YUMMY YUMMY!!!

the song in my blog is RE-working. it didn't for the past few weeks. i guess it's multiply's prob...BAD MULTIPLY!!!!! HMPH!!!

anyway...I LOVE THIS SONG SO DAMN MUCH!! (一生不變 by 李克勤)
it's by hacken lee. and it was featured in Revolving Doors of Vengeance. Fuh! bagus giler wei the series!




Monday, September 26, 2005


just pissed...

someone remind me to buy potato sticks tmr...i almost finished the one at home.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Day After Tomorrow

i was asked to update my blog by someone who hasn't been doing so for the past whole i should. ;)

anyway, i was watching The Day After Tomorrow last nite after Bubbleboy...yeah...trying to get the Jake Gyllenhaal fever back. and while i was watching TDAT, it really looked as if it would turn real anytime in future...

there was tsunami- the most disastrous event of the century. that's scary wei.
"Mangrove greenbelts were known to offer some protection against destructive ocean events, such as tsunamis and (far more frequently) tropical cyclones, but they have not always been valued for that function. Economic and political interference, driven by short-term benefit, has been responsible for the destruction of thousands of hectares of mangrove forest (e.g., in East Africa, on the Indian subcontinent, and in Banda Aceh, Indonesia), resulting in the loss of the natural, protective "dyke" function of mangroves in addition to the loss of other services that mangroves provide to local economies and ecosystems"- sources fron the internet.

then there were flash floods, hurricanes, taifuns...uncountable catastrophes that swept away so many lifes. all that grounds to one fucking warming.

first, there was katrina. then there came rita. and now, taifun that strucked hainan island.

maybe they should stop naming these calamities female names and they'll stop...who knows?!

ok...that was kinda shallow la. but then doesn't it sound insulting that almost all awful things are given female names? i wonder if the TITANIC is a female name. if it is, mayb it wouldn't have lost its way and hammered into an iceberg if it was name Micheal. cos ppl always say women have no sense of direction rite? serve them rite la!

ok. i'm totally infuriated by the results of the Malaysian Idol.

i wasn't annoyed by Daniel at first. Just thought he couldn't really sing and didn't deserve to be in top 10. but then if the lalas like him. okla. just dun let him win. Now, even mentioning his name irritates me. with votes even higher than Jaclyn Victor? come on la...WAKE UP MALAYSIANS!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


live report- this is leong pei xzan reporting live from kajang.


beh tahan...have to share this wei. damn happy.
this comp is superb!! i downloaded 3 songs within 5 minutes!!!! 5 minutes!! 3 songs!!
this is crazy wei...

just trying la. someone is gonna shout at me for 'simply' dling things. but no la...i like the songs. so i dl. and the norton thingy is on!! YEAH!!!

in a rush to check everything out. not gonna spend time editing the fonts! haha

p.s- thank you so much to all my housemates for bearing with me when i used their comps...which was like...always...haha...MUAX!!

Friday, September 16, 2005


at long last...


had my final paper which was the about-to-fail(CHOI!) LAN yesterday(16/9)...hope i pass everything...*fingerscrossed*

went to klang to get jin wen's car later in the evening. sweet day for her!! happy for u gal!!! can't wait to see him. ;)

had a really long journey. was like travelling by car to thailand n back within a day. it was tiring. thank god i didn't need to drive and we weren't stuck in my tiny, adorable kancil. OR ELSE...kesian tammy...

came back, online, watched malaysian idol which i never ever tot i would start watching thou. let me say sumthing. agree or dun agree...'I DON'T CARE'--Willy Wonka

NITA was good...she did well in her first song. but that's all la. she should win the malaysian idol- cos there're no better choices. Daniel...damn. he should just get his ass back to those chinese cafes where they provide live bands and sing with a guitar there. he's cute(kiddo)...but then he sings like jeff chang which equals to he sings like a woman...period. exactly like carrie underwood. kinda pretty without makeup, gal next door look...but she's so inconsistent onli roslan the botak thinks that she's like a 'bunga yang telah habis berkembang'...YALAR! habis berkembang d...gonna wilt...x)

damn...i've been really cruel nowadays. think it's cos of the stress from the exam. tersaid sumthing about wisky's boss yesterday oso...(DIDN'T MEAN IT! SORRY!!!!!!)...

went to Island Cafe in ss2 after that. the food was good!! haven't been taking good food in ss2...really. can't really c why ppl say there's good food here. or maybe there is, but we just can't find it....hehe! anyway, i had 'All Day Breakfast'- 2 eggs, sausage, bread and beans...for supper and a blended mocha with choc chips!! fei had a damn long sausage and mash p.o.t.a.t.o.e.s and a blended mocha mint. her mocha was fantastic! (ANYONE READING THIS SHOULD TRY THE NEXT TIME U GO THERE). yh had her fav shui kao noodles and apple lemonade or sumthing...the noodles tasted really really nice. her drink was ok...just that it's 'green and tasted a TINY bit like cough mixture'...teehee...tammy had CHICKEN MARYLAND!! goodness gracious. nvr on earth would i tot she'd eat that. but she didn't finish it lar anyway...hehe...genieve and clarice were there too. they're tall, fair and pretty...-n-


Image hosted by
charlie and the choc factory- it is so damn good. no doubt, anything with johnny depp(bsides once upon a time in mexico is good). this movie is fantastic. the plot's simple(it's by roald dahl) and the settings are really really eyecatching. chocolates everywhere, irritating kids(other than Freddie Highmore) and singing oompa-loompas!!! rating- A...HAHAHA

Image hosted by
wimbledon- kinda demeaning to tennis players actually. kirsten dunst? tennis player? no way la! one swing and she'll go flying wei! but then the plot is ok la. it's about how Paul Bettaney, a lost tennis player who is about to retire after his coming wimbledon match, never been winning until he met this young new player...duh...kirsten dunst la. she's pretty...have always liked her...but this is a really pure kirsten dunst movie. nothing else...
here are some interesting facts i found on

**Did You Know?
-The lead role was originally intended for Hugh Grant.
-At one point, Reese Witherspoon was supposed to play the female lead.(LAGI TERUK!)
-Kirsten Dunst underwent serious physical training to prepare for this role(clearly, not enough)

but paul bettany was cool...teehee

slept at S.I.X in the morning, woke up at 12, packed and am now preparing to get my ass home. can't wait! will be going to ikea late in the afternoon with parents...WHOOO HOO!!!

update- my patch is in lighter pink now...glad. thank god...PPL. u don't have to avoid me now. i'm recovering. HAHA

and Sanny! do not whack me for not going to that dinner. PTAH! unless i get more free tix.
OH YEA!!! and did my sis tell you? i dreamt of a KMM lookalike the other day!!! mind u, IN MY DREAMS! freak!! it was supposed to be her cousin. and she was a soldier, torturing me, asking me to do kawad. and she captured all my frens. damn. it was really terrible.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


i changed the song. it's by case you didn't know...
ALIVE equals daniel wu, terence yin, andrew lian and conroy chan. for more information, visit clearly, i'm doing free promotion for them. HOW NICE OF ME!!

just came back from yong tao foo with fei and soo yin. it as great as usual. would be going there so often i'm gonna be sick of it. but then again, no choice. i still can't simply put rubbish into my mouth although the skin that was hanging on my back has officially LEFT ME!!! it's pinkish now, like raw pig skin...not pig flesh yah...pig skin. DAMN UGLY WEI!!

can't believe it. it's like...just yesterday i was hoping for all my papers to be over. doing the countdown from 6,5,4,3 till 2...AND NOW THERE'S ONLI ONE MORE FREAKING PAPER TO GO!! AWESOME!!!

there're so many things i wanna do...lemme list them down.

* i wanna watch dragon loaded...VERY IMPORTANT

* pack my room, get myself a new set of bedsheet from ikea i saw from the ikea mag today.(it comes with 2 pillowcases and a quilt...ONLY FOR RM99!! considering it used to be worth hundreds of dollars. it's damn cheap now)

* get my ass back to the gym(can't swim cos i don't wanna expose my obscene back)

* delay the need to...WORK


* go ipoh, thailang, penang, cameron and...erm...hong kong, again.

* watch harry potter, flight plan(looks darn good), charlie and the choc fac and the list goes on forever...

*get 1 more piercing on my right ear. i've been planning the place to shoot for a few months! so i must get it done!...;)

erm...i had many plans in my mind b4 this. but they just don't seem to appear now. guess they're shy...

anyway, saw this beautiful car parked at the roadside in ss2 just now. BLADY HELL!! it's so damn freaking nice. took a few pix of it but i guess i shall just find a similar one from the internet. it was parked in front of a...fruit stall...urgh...

Image hosted by
it's exactly the same...and fei purposely touched it...URGH!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

3 more days to go...

ok. more updates on the patch at the back...

it's dried and it's peeling. i really didn't want to mention it but then...erm...i think i shall share it with everyone. it's like a snake peeling. and it really grossed me out the first time it came across my mind. *rollseyes*

3 more freaking days to go. Mass Comm paper was not bad. have i mentioned it? none of the tips given by the fei por came out. at least, nothing important. ok la! to be fair to her, the topic 'ADVERTISING' did come out for the essay part. she did mention. but no idea what the question asked. so, DO NO TRUST ANYONE! ESPECIALLY IF THEY ALWAYS SEEM TO BE NICE!


a group of us went for indian food yesterday in ss17. this was wat happened...

as we sat down, hundreds of indian waiters came rushing to us, holding banana leafs in a hand, curry in the other. first things first, we didn't even said we wanted banana leaf rice!! what the heck!

but then anyway, we started retaliating as we had more and more food on our table which we DID NOT even freaking order! come on la...i've been eating banana leaf rice for the past 18+ years and now u tell me we can't choose what we want to eat? crap...they sort of treated us like kids and had to choose for us what we should eat. curry chicken, mutton, fried sotong...which i couldn't touch, not to mention putting them into my big mouth. sigh. i ended up having rice with kubis, cucumber and long beans...and rice...on a banana leaf. and a milo...which was so damn thick i could make 5 more cups out of it. NICE ONES!

ok...forget those. here came the bill. mine cos rm5. no idea how they calculated cos they said the rice cost rm4.50 at first. takkan the milo is onli rm0.50 rite? no way larr!!

jin wun was the most kesian of us all. she was supposed to pay for the mutton, her rice and a cup of...tea i think. and it came to rm13.90! fuiyoh! secret recipe oso not so expensive la wei! so each of us got our own receipts and everything we ate equalled almost rm80.

so we decided something really interesting. ivy the pandai crumbled one of the receipts that cost rm9 and we headed for the counter paying's unethical. but i don't care!

went to jaya after that to meet my mom. shopped with her and took the strawberries nat bot from cameron highlands. they were as big as my head!

JUST JOKING! they were big and red...and sweet. some of it...but the tomatoes were good. so i shall go there this coming holidays! WHOO HOO!!! anyone wanna join me?

Saturday, September 10, 2005


According to BUPA- The first symptom of shingles is often over-sensitivity or burning sensation on the skin in the affected area. After a few days, a rash develops. It usually appears as a band, following the route of a nerve under the skin.

At first, the rash consists of small red spots and reddened skin in the same area. The spots then turn into small blisters, which dry up after a few days, and gradually form scabs. Once the scabs have fallen off, a small pock-mark may be left.

Shingles is often a painful condition. As the virus affects the nerves, the pain may continue after the rash has cleared, sometimes lingering for weeks, months or even years. This is called post-herpetic neuralgia. It is more likely in older people and in people who had a severe rash.

Great! cos that's what i'm having...don't come near me if you're terrified. It's contagious. STAY AWAY!

PR paper was fine today. i was writing so much the tingling sensation on my back wasn't felt anymore. After i put my pen down, i knew it was there...STILL!!

mei-ee led me to the clinic she went last week. it was closed. i went to one a few shops away. fei and soo yin went with me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

we were the only ones there. it was quiet but the place was nice...i mean, clean and it's...professional. the doc's name is Chan Wing Chit. HEY! he has my dad's last name. then i realized the name of the clinic is KLINIK KT WONG. why ar?

anyway, he speaks like benjamin, my mc lecturer. slow and deep. but he looks kinda cute!!! but he spoke in such a slow speed i was in there for at least 20 mins...gawd.

and he told me i might be suffering from shingels...DAMN IT NAT! U'RE RIGHT!!!

gave me a new course of medication. antibiotics...MORE THAN 20 PILLS!!! painkillers, a cream and a wash which is purple. looks nice. lynn will like it. HEHE

i feel like burning all my clothes just in case they spread. can i just cut the infected area away? urgh! it's irritating. and if it's really gonna be there for a very long time...god bless me.

MY PARENTS ARE COMING FOR DINNER!!! they're gonna make me worried cos i can foresee their reaction...

di-'s quite bad.

mi- aiyer...tsk tsk tsk. so disgusting...

thank you guys. really helped...