Wednesday, September 14, 2005


i changed the song. it's by case you didn't know...
ALIVE equals daniel wu, terence yin, andrew lian and conroy chan. for more information, visit clearly, i'm doing free promotion for them. HOW NICE OF ME!!

just came back from yong tao foo with fei and soo yin. it as great as usual. would be going there so often i'm gonna be sick of it. but then again, no choice. i still can't simply put rubbish into my mouth although the skin that was hanging on my back has officially LEFT ME!!! it's pinkish now, like raw pig skin...not pig flesh yah...pig skin. DAMN UGLY WEI!!

can't believe it. it's like...just yesterday i was hoping for all my papers to be over. doing the countdown from 6,5,4,3 till 2...AND NOW THERE'S ONLI ONE MORE FREAKING PAPER TO GO!! AWESOME!!!

there're so many things i wanna do...lemme list them down.

* i wanna watch dragon loaded...VERY IMPORTANT

* pack my room, get myself a new set of bedsheet from ikea i saw from the ikea mag today.(it comes with 2 pillowcases and a quilt...ONLY FOR RM99!! considering it used to be worth hundreds of dollars. it's damn cheap now)

* get my ass back to the gym(can't swim cos i don't wanna expose my obscene back)

* delay the need to...WORK


* go ipoh, thailang, penang, cameron and...erm...hong kong, again.

* watch harry potter, flight plan(looks darn good), charlie and the choc fac and the list goes on forever...

*get 1 more piercing on my right ear. i've been planning the place to shoot for a few months! so i must get it done!...;)

erm...i had many plans in my mind b4 this. but they just don't seem to appear now. guess they're shy...

anyway, saw this beautiful car parked at the roadside in ss2 just now. BLADY HELL!! it's so damn freaking nice. took a few pix of it but i guess i shall just find a similar one from the internet. it was parked in front of a...fruit stall...urgh...

Image hosted by
it's exactly the same...and fei purposely touched it...URGH!

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