Wednesday, September 7, 2005

it's an infection...

if i remember correctly, i mentioned i have a bruise on my head yesterday when i posted. ok. lemme continue.

WARNING! The following contents might just cause some irritation and discomfort.

it had white spots on it last nite. you pimples that can tekan to remove the puss wan. but then it's not onli one spot. there are like...5-6 small ones in a patch. and the size is like...erm...20 cent coin? shit...i'm shivering trying to describe it. it's red and swollen.

then today i showed it to mei-ee and she gave me this reaction:

mei-ee- OMG! wei...why like that one? got white white spots like puss wan wor!!

Damn. i almost fainted. i know it's disgusting. but yook hwa calmed me last nite by saying it's just acne. (thank you! if not i would've been awake all nite) cos it's been so hot over here nowadays. so i forgot about it and went to bed. but after what mei-ee said, i headed straight to the doc.

the same doc that treated tammy's leg when she 'ngau chaai'(terseliuh).

doc- hello...what happened, ms.leong??
(i didn't say anything at first. he didn't really look like a doc anyway. kinda funny looking man. anyway, that's not important. i went to the chair near him and sat down.)
me- i had this bump on my head last nite. and it's got some disgusting things coming out. (that's exactly what i said)
doc- really?! lemme see...(the cina apek type...and he stood beside me examining my beautiful head)
me- kinda painful la...
doc- did you apply anything on it?
me- no...(i sounded very sure. but actually i got sapu a bit of my moisturizer last nite...)
doc- hmm...very funny. looks like an infection to me. but how come infection can happen here?(how i know lar doctor...). did you knock urself anywhere?
me- not that i remember. (but then ar, come to think about it, knock oso won't get infection rite?)
doc- i think it's infection. how come ar?! not 7th month d wert now.


anyway, he gave me 4 packets of medicine (painkiller, antibiotics, antiswelling and a cream). makan an hour ago. hope i don't get allergic to it. i'm allergic to a kind of antibiotics...FORGOT WHAT!

and my really nice sis told me it might be some chinese skin illness, directly translated as 'snake'. *mahai* dahlah horrified of snakes. and now it seems there's one growing on my head. DUN LAR!!! she said it's dangerous...*pengsan*

after listening to what she said, my whole body goes itchy. and i can't scratch. cos i'm afraid it'll spread. i'm afraid of everything...THANK YOU!

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