Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Weekend!!!

Spot the EXXXXCLAMATION marks.

Yeah. The weekend was pretty cool.
Because I survived being Home Alone...TWO days in a row.
*standing ovation*

It's a milestone.
A Peanutxz milestone WTH.

Anyways, weekend was cool. Attended a wedding, recorded a cover, played with my NERF, splurged -.-, went for a singing practise and...did a DIY mask.

First things first...the RZ requested that I try out for the music school concert that would be held in January. Would need to sing a song, and today was the tryout.
'twas pretty fun.

Such delicate hands...of...Cheah Renn Zhern. HEH

She told me her name was Amy.
And before she left, the teacher yelled...'TINA! Your father's here!'

I bet her Mommy told her not to expose her name to strangers. Especially odd lookin' ones. MEH

Most of the pianists there, wore glasses. REAL glasses.

Pianos ruin eyesight. I'm glad I stopped.

Ok jokes. I'm a loser for failing to like the instrument when I was learning it.

Her Dad, would be singing We Are The World. And reminded me a lot of Suffian.

Munkie, if you're reading this, you'd both have such pretty babies. *less than 3*

One of the songs played. I flipped around and saw Viva La Vida.
Would volunteer to sing. Unfortunately...

My pianist.

OH WAIT sorry. Pfft who'm I to say that. He's THE PIANIST.
Round of applause everyone. He doesn't believe in looking straight at the camera for pictures. So...vintage.


DIY Mask

Got this from Bubz. Check out her Youtube channel for more.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Sugar + Green Tea + Honey (MASK)

Apple Cider Vinegar + Green Tea (Toner)

So, if you realize that I've suddenly disappeared, it means I've done this wrong and I'd probably have turned into Quasimodo or some sort.

See you every Halloween, if so.

Pay's out.
Which means...I have aside a little money, to buy...random stuff. As a hugeass portion went to my NERF, I forked out RM5 for this little can of candy I found in Daiso.

I've never really shopped in Daiso before until Choo Ki told me about it.
Needless to say, I went wild when I saw this.

Also seen in:


Graveyard of the Fireflies

Not like I can eat the colourful bites of happiness but...shaking them and hearing the klonking sound makes me feel...chirpy. XD

Oh and Hau`oli la hanau (Happy Halloween in a-you-guess-it-language)

If you've ever commented or liked any of the random videos that I've posted, you rock!
Mahalo Nui Loa!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Smile for me, will ya?

And from now...
I won't need to ask anyone anymore.

Because I own one myself.
Smile for me, will ya?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Little Excitements

I'm easily excited.
Even the doctor said so, hence, the fluctuating blood pressure.

Words are powerful.
Papers feel real.
Words on paper, spell Vintage.

Going green has killed the romantic relationship between writing, and the excitement upon receiving the real copy with handwritten, personalised words...

The effort matters.


Okay. I confess.
I had only 1 pen-pal (because I thought it was lame to get one as everyone around me was doing so. The ugly Kuntum times, if you remember and are as pre-historic as I am) and closer friends seldom wrote while they were abroad. It takes too much time.

So getting this from Cape Town is pretty awesome.


Ok I confess also.
I was testing the effects on Photoshop and the camera.

This is a totally random post.
Hang on, oh yes, hand written materials...
ARE romantic.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hey, Barney. Go Away

Ok kidding.
Kids love Barney somehow.

I've nothing against Barney but no offense, the other 2 orange and yellow weird aliens are a tad too disturbing.
What are they anyway...Pokemon's legacy?!

Oh well yeah, I've done it again.
A lullaby.
Go on and listen to it if you can't sleep.
You probably...still won't be able to sleep.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Can Cook

Currently listening to:

I just realized I am indeed a spoiled kid.
Because I never thought of it to be difficult to make a hard-boiled egg.

Now let me tell you this.

I'm not talking about the ones where the yolk turns into sand when it's sliced open because you've been boiling till the water evaporates.
I'm talking moist yolk and chewy egg whites.

Like this.

I'm a proud kid.

I guess mommy's proud too.


Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm Home

Feels like it's been a while.
But fact's only been 3 days.

I ashamed to admit that...I missed the internet.
A lot.

*insert offensive criticism for my shameless internet dependency *

Not having Twitter, Blogger, Youtube and FB (ok this I don't mind not having) is as good as not having internet at all. China has their version of ALMOST everything.
QQ, BB, TuTu, Lala...-.-"

Anyway, trip was good.
Why? Cos I spent about 12 hours on the plane, 7 hours working, about 5+ hours shopping and the rest for eating and sleeping.

Who wouldn't want a trip like that.

But no, it was a good trip. I need to reiterate that I'm proud to be Chinese.
Even though the locals kinda named me an Asian of all kinds but a Chinese.
Which ass part of me looks Korean by the way? Pfft pfft.

If you're wondering, I went to Tianjin.
Go read about it if you're interested. Cos I haven't been there long enough to know exactly which part on the globe it lies at. Yay

In short, it's massive. It's growing. And it's bloody polluted.
Locals were sweet though.

Stories about cultured-soft spoken-Chinese-people, wild-ass-shopping-spree, awesome-greasy-stinky-tofu and probably-an-almost-haunted-hotel-room-later.

Feeling a tad woozy from the turbulence. I hate flights.
But before that, one of my many best buys...

Bumblebee Extreme Socks

Not like I'm gonna wear them, honestly.
But they were going at 10 yuan for 3 pairs (thatslikerm5for3whichmeansitsrm1.6666666667for1FTW). Awesome idea to keep my pretty feet warm in bed, don't you think?

Hell yeah!