Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Little Excitements

I'm easily excited.
Even the doctor said so, hence, the fluctuating blood pressure.

Words are powerful.
Papers feel real.
Words on paper, spell Vintage.

Going green has killed the romantic relationship between writing, and the excitement upon receiving the real copy with handwritten, personalised words...

The effort matters.


Okay. I confess.
I had only 1 pen-pal (because I thought it was lame to get one as everyone around me was doing so. The ugly Kuntum times, if you remember and are as pre-historic as I am) and closer friends seldom wrote while they were abroad. It takes too much time.

So getting this from Cape Town is pretty awesome.


Ok I confess also.
I was testing the effects on Photoshop and the camera.

This is a totally random post.
Hang on, oh yes, hand written materials...
ARE romantic.


  1. I should have sent you the postcard from Mumbai. But then I didnt really have your exact address. True, I do miss the good old days of receiving real mail like cards, etc

  2. I think I shall send postcards no matter where I go too now. Even if...I'm heading to Sban for crabs, I'll send you a postcard. YAY!!!