Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sedey 1:
the weekends are getting shorter and shorter.
up to a point where i try not to go anywhere, stay home and have my eyes fixed on the few channels on astro just so i can watch more tv. worst still when u have work to do.

blind date, oceans 13 and cloverfield this week...pretty good! nono wait. BLIND DATE IS SO GOOD!!!
speaking of movies, no matter what u've heard or read about transformers 2: revenge of the fallen, I THINK THE MOVIE IS FUCKING AWESOME.
mayb i'm shallow (oh not mayb, i am shallow teehee!)...or mayb it's shia (and josh duhamel? TWEET)...or mayb it's the brit 'the fallen' robot (and the green yaoyao robot that farts fire)...watever it is, it's a non-stop action-packed movie and all i want is to be entertained in the cinema. so if u think it's ur comments to urself, ie SHUT UP. i'm going for it the 2nd time, peace! *yeah i'm not accustomed to accepting negative comments about sumthing i like. i dun rebutt, i jst bite, thats all. XD

Sedey 2:
on another note, Michael Jackson's passed on.
with all the negativity looming for the past few years, it never really dawn upon me that it would actually be heart wrenching to accept the fact that he is indeed...gone, until i heard all his masterpieces (i heard thriller 6 times in 1/2 a day...annoying really...he has other great songs wan lor) and realized how the era has died along with him. le sigh. the dangerous tour played on tv and surprisingly, WE DO KNOW MANY OF HIS SONGSSSSS!!! went wow-ing like bollocks when he performed his smooth criminal anti-gravity moves. GASP.
and it's so ironic, how everyone has been mocking him and now that he's dead, the media starts mourning. losers.
let's all celebrate the life of the King of Pop.
*wipes tears*

Sedey 3:
there's a whole day's meeting tmr.
the alarm's set at 6am.
the last i remember waking up this early was...back in high school.

can sum tell me tmr's friday?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The not out...

went twice this afternoon although the nurse said she'll call me when it's out.
one of it she spotted me coming down the stairs and just waved me off, giving me a signal that she'd call me. then, i called them in the evening, and she said that it'll only come tomorrow.


ma chibai.

i realized the pressure increases when the dad's inspecting me.
i told him that i felt a little flushed in the office. as i was speaking, i felt my face getting warm. *shit*...then as he looked longer with a concerned face telling me that my face and ears are flushed, i think it'll pop the termometer if u place it on my skin. POOOOF!

why liddat.
gotta do competitive tracking.

tomorrow...please be good. PLEASEEEE.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Test

BP...tak baik.
Had a blood test.
Hopefully baik-baik. Le Sigh.



Monday, June 22, 2009


Father's Day was good.

besides the dreadful korean food that tasted the same despite the creative names and attractive appeals, unfortunately, only to the eyes.
while we were all trying hard to digest all the pork spread across the long table, the niece's attention was diverted.

and their eyes met...

my oh my! mi querida has her romeo. semacam shin chan! *cubit*

if u're wondering, honey is...on the right wearing the skirt. XD


the blasé attitude at work...needs to be changed.


oh yeah. think about the perks.


ok tido. bp check tmr. goonite.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hari ini...

Saya pilih untik berblog dalam Bahasa Melayu.
Takde sebab tertentu. Gatal kut.

Pagi tadi, hal yang teramat lucu berlaku.
Inilah ceritanya. Semalam saya berulang-alik sepanjang Lebuhraya Kerinchi dan tahlah apa nama lebuhraya tu, kerana hari jadi budak yang bernama monyet hampir tiba. Maka, saya pun menunaikan hajatnya untuk menghadiahkan se(simpulan bahasa) CD budak Italiano yang berbahasa Kantonis bernama Soler. Kantoi pusat membeli-belah sebesar The Curve takde CD yang dinayatakan. Terpaksalah saya bertukar arah ke OU. Alhamdulillah…dapat juga akhirnya saya membeli CD tesebut.

Lepas kekecohan itu, saya pun bergegas ke DU untik membeli kek cawan yang (saya rasanya) lama diidami monyet tu. Sementara membeli kek cawan yang comiao sial untuk dia, kegemukan saya yang telah mencapai tahap maximus memaksa minda saya untuk membeli 3 biji kek berwarna-warni tu untuk papa, mama dan saya. Memang tidak dapat dinafikan, anak ni memang baik.

Bangun pagi awal ini, perkara pertama yang saya terfikir adalah kek cawan saya.
Langkah masuk ke dapur nampaklah warna yang comiao dan menarik dari jauh dalam berkas yang mama sediakan. Tapi eh, apasal bekas tu leper sangat?! Cam ne dengan kek cawan saya yang tinggi meninggi dengan bunga bungaan yang teramat cantik tu?!

Hati saya berdengup-dengup. Gambaran yang menyayat hati memintasi minda saya. Saya menghulurkan tangan pendek saya dan memberanikan diri untuk membuka bekas mama.

Cibai. Penyek sial.

Mama pandai. Kata takde bekas setingggi tu.
Suruh saya jilat penutup bekas. Sama saja. *Lagu biola menyedihkan bermain di belakang*

Begitulah cerita saya hari ini, budak sekalian.
Kembalilah minggu hadapan, masa yang sama untuk cerita dongeng yang lebih menarik.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Third Day...

And I’m blogging at work.

See all the correct punctuations and caps…yeah I’m using word doc. Just so the boss won’t creep up behind me and yell out that I’m doing non-work related stuff. O.o. ie MSN, Facebook, Twitter…you name it.

Handover hasn’t been done therefore there’s nothing much that I can do besides acting busy, acting as though I’m reading old briefs just to understand the accounts more, acting as though I’m sending some important mails – fact is I’m talking to Yinng via Outlook and walking to the pantry so often it’s okay I’m skipping gym for a week. Twooot!

What I lost at the gym in a month will all be gained back within this week. Le sigh. Oh speaking of which, I’m skipping gym due to this dizzy spells that I have and constantly having ever since I returned from Genting…which is getting me paranoid I think I have all sorts of awful underlying diseases. WEEE…oh and the pressure’s slightly high. Am I stressed? Or am I just deprived? MEHHH.

So the sister yawned while instructing that I should hit the clinic, get a blood test done this very Saturday to see why this is happening, shoved me 3 friggin long SMSes which I shall not delete until this is cleared and *fingers crossed*…let’s all pray that it’s my two freaking big bulging eyes that are causing all the problems.

Okay I shall walk to the pantry, then the toilet, and to the pantry again…maybe another round to the toilet after that if I’m not pumped out…and then a stroll walk back to my wholly opened cubicle.