Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Third Day...

And I’m blogging at work.

See all the correct punctuations and caps…yeah I’m using word doc. Just so the boss won’t creep up behind me and yell out that I’m doing non-work related stuff. O.o. ie MSN, Facebook, Twitter…you name it.

Handover hasn’t been done therefore there’s nothing much that I can do besides acting busy, acting as though I’m reading old briefs just to understand the accounts more, acting as though I’m sending some important mails – fact is I’m talking to Yinng via Outlook and walking to the pantry so often it’s okay I’m skipping gym for a week. Twooot!

What I lost at the gym in a month will all be gained back within this week. Le sigh. Oh speaking of which, I’m skipping gym due to this dizzy spells that I have and constantly having ever since I returned from Genting…which is getting me paranoid I think I have all sorts of awful underlying diseases. WEEE…oh and the pressure’s slightly high. Am I stressed? Or am I just deprived? MEHHH.

So the sister yawned while instructing that I should hit the clinic, get a blood test done this very Saturday to see why this is happening, shoved me 3 friggin long SMSes which I shall not delete until this is cleared and *fingers crossed*…let’s all pray that it’s my two freaking big bulging eyes that are causing all the problems.

Okay I shall walk to the pantry, then the toilet, and to the pantry again…maybe another round to the toilet after that if I’m not pumped out…and then a stroll walk back to my wholly opened cubicle.

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