Sunday, June 19, 2005


just to cut everything short, i had a really great time on SATURDAY (18/6)...
just a brief description of the 3 hunks down there...the one in white hooded sleeveless is the sexiest and most charming...kevin cheng. he was in burning flame 2. wong hei's stupid brother...he was really terrible in the movie. but he's really really sweet. almost died when he smiled and shook my hands. his eyes were electrifying! wonder if the bruise on my arm is caused by the shock! hahaha!!

the bigger one in the middle, with specs is ron ng. appeared as issac in 'triumph in the skies'. his body was...i mean...IS good! he was sweating towards the end of the day and suddenly he appeared to be extra sexy! haha...i'm getting perverted but i have to admit that he's gained a bit of weight...or he'll be so cute! his hands were big...i mean...HUGE, firm...and sweaty! and his complexion was so good he was rosy...and had little freckles. FRECKLES!! dammit.

on the right...someone i was supposed to be screaming for. BIG DISSAPOINTMENT! BIG BIG BIG DISSAPOINTMENT!!!!! ok, maybe the forum members were right. he was tired. so..what the hell. just a celebrity can't care that much. but then he looks really different now. didn't expect that he looks better on camera. oh! he was in survivor's law as ben lok. shit...he nearly spoilt the day!

kevin saved the day! HAHA

enjoy the pix...not that clear thou. sigh


Image hosted by
kevin...ron...i didn't mind leaving ray out. he didn't look that good anyway! *urgh*
p.s- ron looks like an aunty!
Image hosted by
this wasn't taken by us...stole it from soo yin's comp! HAHA
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good one...close...and look at ron! whooa!
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their clothes all suck actually...BUT WHO CARES?!
Image hosted by
THIS IS MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! can you believe he's 35?! damn...

that's all i can put here...check out my album for more nice ones...HAHAHAHAHA

Thursday, June 16, 2005

learn english..ptah

the cafeteria downstairs is finally opened. But there isn't any good food. serious.
we had:

px- fried seafood tauhu(those u get when eating steamboat. mixed with meat)+1/2 a cup of pepsi------------------RM5+
tammy- toasted bread+half-boiled eggs+iced nescafe--------------------------RM3
yookie- fried rice+1/2 a cup of pepsi-----------------------RM6+

it wasn't cheap. and the food was sumthing i could've prepared at home. but at least there's sumthing to eat, and we dun have to survive on CHILI TUNA, MAYO TUNA or BAWANG TUNA everyday. *sigh*

DIDN'T attend tutorial for introduction to chinese studies today. YEY! it was really sumthing worth celebrating.

there was a reason behind it of course. it was ENGLISH DAY! haha...all the VIPS (eg: ling liong sik, fong chan onn...and as usual, they were so late) came over to UTAR and had sort of a press con(saw the whole thing during the 6pm news). of course all of use cabutted 1/2way cos the small hall couldn't fit all of us so we were sent to watch a stupid movie. we're not that stupid...just to be frank! :Þ

Treasure Island....sounds interesting. BUT IT'S NOT!...and NO! it's not a cartoon.

Went to Projet for lunch without lynn. she had a public speaking competition and i don't have to listen to say that she spoke well because she has spoken on the same topic b4. but no idea what the judges wanted so...KEEP IT UP GAL! THEY'RE JUST BERAT SEBELAH!!! had sandwich and fresh orange juice for breakfast(i feel so healthy!)...teehee!!

FRUSTRATION- aggravation, irritation, disturbance, annoyance, dissapointment.

it's difficult and i can't talk about it. it bothers me quite a lot actually. no idea what the fuck happened and MOST PROBRABLY it's my fucking fault.

AAAAAHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's so nice to swear! ahhaha...feel so much better now. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

can't wait for saturday to come. will have to buy 3 albums and they better bloody let me get up to the freaking stage to have a close view of him. YES! RAYMOND LAM IS HAVING AN AUTOGRAPH SESSION AT LOW YAT PLAZA THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!! CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!

interpreter: the following happened LIVE and the writer wrote it down right after she returned to her computer.

-left to pick mei-ee up from the carpark. she wasn't allowed to come up to the condo herself because it was too dangerous. sweet of her honey!-...

(on the way out...)

i apologized for something fucking stupid i did without even realizing that i did it. it was ok i guess. i expect her to read this when she gets her freaking ass online and i expect her to forget every fucking thing that happened! I'M SO SORRY! IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN...don't care whether you blieve or not larh!

freak...i'm so cheesy. but having a fren is more vital...i don't want to lose any. *mahai*

i've been reading too much of joyce's blog. she's one cool chic. and she's got an even cooler boyfren! HAHA

gtg. returning the comp back to the sweet sweet energy-crazy soo yin.

P.S- there's no continuation from the last post. i don't know why i put 'TO BE CONTINUED'...HAH!

Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm Helluva BimBo!! TUT-TUT


i successfully chose a new skin for my pretty blog! I AM SO DARN PROUD OF IT!
thinking back of the tedious, dreary, traumatizing colour that i had back then...urgh. BLACK is just sickening. having it as a colour for clothes would be fantastic. not anything hard feelings! i was just toking about me-self! *GRINS*


i'm really gonna be the most PATHETIC and FORLON child in the whole freaking galaxy. my deary parents would be leaving to China on thursday which means i can't call them anytime of the day,wherever i am cos it'll cost a bundle...and this situation is gonna have to last for E-I-G-H-T f*cking days!!

poor MAX. she'll even be more abandoned cos nat's not gonna waste her time stroking and toking to her like what mommy does. and no one's gonna bring her for a drive after dinner. poor gal...

- that's not the only thing -

i won't be going back home this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have no choice. it's the only way i can figure out. i'd be going for the ANTI-DRUG CONCERT held at Jalan Bukit Bintang. never thought i had the chance to go until we got the tics from redbox after lala's bday party!! i tot it was really awesome at first cos we got the front zone- hottrax which means i can get a close shot of...(call me cheapskate)...SHAWN YUE!!

-pause-.............(discussing the matter with si mou on msn-10 mins later)...........change of plans.

i'm not going for it. just made the decision with si mou. saves all the freaking trouble.

i feel glad that i can go home. EVEN IF IT'S JUST FOR A NIGHT. at least i'd be able to meet nat and maybe cook a meal with her and tok about her wedding plans blah blah blah but there goes another chance of seeing my cutie...and i've missed it...twice. i can't afford to miss the INITIAL D premier!! NEVER!!!!!!

ok. so now my little max won't be so alone cos i'll be rushing back home after friday, if there isn't a autograph session by another 2 adorable hunks---> call me cheapskate again. i'm a HK maniac. anything that goes behind the two beautiful syllables will end me up in a speechless state. YES. i love HONG KONG! MUAHAHAHAH

Image hosted by max...CUTE!!!


partying at redbox last saturday was fun. more than fun. flabbergasting.

unfortunately i had to leave a bit earlier cos there was a feast waiting for me back at my home sweet home! didn't really sing too much though. voice turned parrot-ish. guess it's telling me that i should get my big fat arse back to that karaoke A.S.A.P.

and there were indeed many surprises the other day. mostly good ones...thank god
i- had a duet with my si mou and realized she sounds so much like HOCC. hers was deeper.

ii- eng kien sounded so charming. YES! HE DID! he sang 'forever love' and if i could live with my eyes shut out eternally, i might have fallen in love with him...his voice i mean...HAHA!!!!

iii- the parking came to rm17. shit.


Wednesday, June 8, 2005


phew...settled my summons today. THANK YOU MEI-EE!! she was absolutely wonderful. all out rayu-ing- for me so that the idiots would lower the charges was lowered eventually. but not as low as i said it is...*secret*. but i guess i shall from now on live on white bread, cereals, vegetables, fruits, milk, biscuits...shit...that's a lot of food. BUT NOT SOLID FOOD! i can't bear to spend anymore when flashbacks of getting my fat arse to the MPPJ and POLICE STATION(oh my fucking god) fills my mind. and i still don't think it's my fault. thank god my family says it's still fine for me to drive...;)

back to the topic. define sincerity- genuineness, honesty, earnestness blah blah blah and the list goes on. it didn't really cross my mind the intensity of this word that essentially reflects our daily life, our relationships and frenships. how easy it is for us to find a true friend and how difficult it is to maintain the friendship. i've been around my closest pals for almost 10 years now and i've never(thanks god...teehee) really experienced any adversity...or is that word too strong? watever. it takes 2 to, my snail-paced english lecturer reminded me of this phrase. is it thoroughly the opposite party's fault if a bond goes haywire? and what IF it really does? FOR GOD'S SAKE, don't just put it aside, thinking it has never occured. IT HAS and fix it! it's not easy for someone to find a true friend and if one party's not willing to talk it out, the rest would UNDENIABLY be history. think people...grow up!

i sometimes wonder whether i'm too sensitive or am i really unable to communicate to some people that intimidates me. not even initiating a conversation. praying hard that i'm just being touchy, the pressure does arise everytime we're together. it wasn't like that...or maybe she was rite. it's just her. so i shall just be my irritating self! HAHA!

OK! nvr really tot that i would actually write something so beefy in my blog. it spoils the whole atmosphere. it started to be really really sweet, cute(ugly but adorable)...and pink. but now it's all dark and gloomy, full of cheesy words and really really depressing paragraphs!!! damn damn damn...this is not right. NOT RIGHT!

!! This place shall be restructured soon...VERY SOON! and i shall add more of my photographs...gonna steal them from tammy's, linda's and albums all over...friendster's 12 photo space is no longer enuff! AHAHAHAHAH

Thursday, June 2, 2005


well...i guess i should start on this again b4 i get oh-to-lazy...
But before i do...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!

the started off quite "WELL" thou...
first class-introduction to chinese. absolutely didn't like the way the lady lecturer despised the chinese literate students. it's as though they wanted to sit in throughout the class learning how to write A,B,C...more or less. we learned how to write from one-ten and then zero, hundred, thousand and ten thousand. it wasn't easy. just got to know that, all these freaking while, i've been getting all my strokes wrong but who the hell cares?! it's not that i'm gonna be living on CHINESE WORDS! u see, my lovely frens are intermediates...they were educated in chinese frmo primary and switched to a SMK in the secondary which clearly means they would have so much trouble joining the higher levels. and it didn't really make sense to the lecturer, thinking they purposely stayed there to cause trouble. sigh...imagine what the PROfessionals were asked.
-Who is the author of the novel...'luk ding gei'...just in case you have no idea what i said, the series is now aired on Xinghe, Asto. it's about this eunuch(who isn't really one) who befrens the king and then the story goes on and on...
geezz...i don't even know the writers of certain english books...let alone chinese. pity them. ;)

ok...enuff of the first class. headed straight for Information Technology later which dreadfully lasted for...erm...forever. another prob here, what we're learning in IT is exactly what we've learnt in PRE-U, sem 1, during Computer Studies...credits to the lecturer cos she teaches quite well but then do you think ppl like me would be able to pay attention to sumthing that i've actually studied so hard in college to pass and now i've to do it again? mind's exactly the same. and god knows if we can be exempted.

let's skip lunch. but the pattaya rice was good. hehe
supposed to get my freaking arse to 1U to get my mom another present cos Nat said that the shawl wasn't enuff. and i forgot that i've asked her to get mommy one instead of me going so now we've 2 sets of the same perfume...HOW NICE! i can use it now...haha
before all that happened, i realized there was a piece of badly stroked paper on my lonely kancil. bingo! i got myself a SAMAN again...fuck police! guess what my father doesn't do?! he doesn't print getting 2 summons in a week is really giving me splitting headache! urgh!!!

it doesn't matter anymore cos 1U saved my life. as usual, shopped like crazy for accesorries and got myself a pair of bling bling, a choker- almost similar to the one i got in Stanley's Market but this is bigger and it's cheap! walked around and now i'm back home...tired. i'm alone in the room and i shall stay alone tonite cos my deary deary roomates have gone back home! lucky them! tammy injured her leg a couple days ago and hope it gets better as soon as she consults her yok choi suk suk or sumthing! haha

but then thinking of the dinner that i'll be having in a few hours time really freshens me up and brightens my shall bathe and take a nap b4 dinnertime!!! WHOOHOO!!!
oh...found this very nice phrase while i was re-reading Harry Potter(huge keeps reminding me of someone i can't get, HARHAR).
although it's by BIG-NOSE Prof. Snape, it's good.

-'Then you will find yourself easy prey for the Dark Lord! Fools who wear their hearts proudly in their sleeves, who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad memoris and allow themselves to be provoked so easily- WEAK people in other words- they stand no chance against his powers! He will penetrate your mind with absurd ease, Potter!"

Eliminate certain words and run through the sentence. it gave me power and i hope it does to whoever is reading it too. GOOD LUCK!