Friday, April 30, 2010

Kecacatan Jari and The Baby Animal

I hate touch pads.

The blackberry's touchpads are never sensitive when I use them.
They either refuse to move OR they never stop.

The laptop's as bad.
Decided to write a whole long winded post with pictures (in the dark) before hitting the sack.
One wrong swipe with the fingers and...everything's gone.
Works as good as the magnetic drawing board for kids.

Yes that! Annoying.
Are my sweaty fingers screwed or what. *Grunts*

I gotta blog about this video.
It's too funny.

Monday, April 26, 2010

GARY LIM and Why I Dislike BM

Must watch:

Help me get my commission.

Nahhh...just kidding.
Vote cause he's fucking cute can?

Gary Lim, don't kill me. You told me to choose from your pool of pictures wert.
Shakes ass on Friday and kill the ladies hokay!!! I'll get you Olive oil just in case you don't sweat enough. XD
Then we split the cash.



I never really fancied BM.
Despite getting As since Standard 6 right up till Form 5 *bangga*

The only B was for SPM.

That's...reason to dislike No.1. Niaseng.

Reason to dislike No.2:

My freaking new MSN is in BM.
No one knows how to un-BM-fykannye and to top it off, the language is rotten.


And I'm trying to get used to the fact that Fail = File.
I keep thinking that my MSN failed.

Le sigh.

Only person I can possible think of that'll like this feature is Lee Boon Heng.

P.S- Took me a while wondering who the heck A was.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Recently watched:

Public Display of Affection or PDA as defined by Wikipedia
~is the physical demonstration of affection for another person while in the view of others. Holding hands or kissing in public are commonly considered to be unobjectionable forms of public displays of affection; however, what is considered objectionable depends on the context. For example, in places such as bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs more extreme forms of public displays of affection are rarely considered to be objectionable. In these places, acts such as grinding and french kissing are common.

Now, I honestly am thoroughly aware that I don't usually look around when I'm walking in open spaces. I either text while walking, look straight or just let my mind roam free and eventually walk into a pillar or some sort.

No, it's not inferiority complex. It's the hassle of probably bumping into someone I might know, having the opposite party wave HARD at me and me going...'who the fuck?!' due to short-sightedness.

No contact lenses now, nonono...gotta wake up wayyy tooooo earrrlllyyy for the eyes to be opened wide enough to slap the lenses on.

And nonono, no walking with glasses. Don't wanna look like sohai in the open too, no.

BUT, being a kay-poh that I was born-to-be, some things DO attract my attention and I can't help but look...because it's nice/sweet scene to look at.

Either that or it's plain gross la, I monitor and let my mind run wild in between.

For example, I was meeting Linda Chin just yesterday for Echoes of the Rainbow at Midvalley. Stuffed my earphones in, straight faced, minded my own business, walked down the escalator and...there. This Siamese couple dashed before me as though the last step of the fleet will end if they've waited a while more.

From their locked hands, they both automatically released their grip, each of their hands travelled up the other's backs, girl's head on guy's shoulder, guy's hanging in mid-air because girl was too short...and the caressing began.

It's not gross really. It was a pretty loving scene. I don't remember their faces, obviously, too engrossed with where their hands were going. And as she was stroking, I think she found out that I was paying attention to them. So, she cock-stared.

What SHE could be thinking:
1) Look what, bitch?! Never see people hug before?!
2) Whatchu lookin' at, akua?! I'm straight!
4) Fuck bitch, I wish I could have her hair and face.

OK option 4 definitely is out, I know, Shush!

So as we walked the opposite paths right after, I got me wondering...Don't you do that for the love and affection that you have for each other? And when you do that, would you give a damn if the public aka kay-pohs were looking? And if they were, would you walk right up to them to stop them from look...errr...gawking?

If you would like to avoid the public eye, I suggest, get a fitting-room, grope all you wan. Leave ruffled haired, it's's the trend. Everyone would be happy you had a good time.

Fact is this:
1) We're Asians. We grew up in a country where one would be caught for holding hands in public.
2) We were taught in school that, close contact with the opposite sex = tak senonoh.
3) We never had enough education because teachers go paiseh while explaining about boobies and balls.
4) We were bred in a country where prolly Princess Jasmine would be too sexy for the crowd
5) The book of Censorship is thicker than Agatha Christie's, "Queen of Crime".

Ok so the attention is NOT only focused on caressing and kissing and what not...a while back, I was tucked in a dark corner of a cafe, happily experimenting the fingers of he-who-must-not-be-named. Real fingers okay. Jari. Not anywhere else, excuse moi. And before I knew it, tables next to ours were staring. Hard.

No, I don't mind. I have 5 fingers on each hand, he had his, we weren't making weird noises and we weren't over-stepping their boundaries. We obediently kept our body parts to ourselves and we paid before we left. We're legal.

So stare all you want, we rock.

So, this is what I suggest:
- If you wanna show your love, do it proudly and wear a smile when others look. IF they stare, go further. Tongue if you can. They'll revolt and eventually look away. Prolly roll their eyes first but who cares.

- Try to go subtle if you're with your friends. Close ones that don't mind are fine. LIKE HOW I HAVE BEEN SURVIVING WITH SOMEONE WITH ALL THEIR PDAs AND I ACT AS THOUGH I'M BLIND *cough* LINDA CHIN *cough*.

- Those that are not so experienced will find it awkward okay. And they can't help but look. If you don't mind them looking...fine. If you do, drive home quick la can? Pity them.

- If they look, don't question them. Always go back to your roots. You is in Maraysia.

- Be understanding. Those single ones watching you will be like watching mild porn. What if they go high? How they wanna settle? Lose control hump kao the car or branch how?!


Don't tongue when you're with friends to make them look away like how I mentioned earlier. They probably won't cos they're too stoned to do so. These scenes can be traumatizing.

AND also, for those on-lookers who think that PDA is gross...



*just 5 minutes into blogging the last sentence, i get this on msn*

See what I mean by...being sympathetic?
Kesian okay these people.


I know la slow but...GASP

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Currently listening to:
Muse, Origin of Symmetry

Sometimes...being too adventurous...isn't a really good thing.
Which is why I trust the current stylist a lot because he's able to...keep me grounded.


And no I'm not a lesbian if you've been wondering, like how most of my female colleagues do.

They obviously have not seen the bitch side of me. Oh well. XD

Anyway, yeah. The intention of growing my hair long like how it used to be back then goes down the drain...over and over again. Not only that, the hair goes shorter and shorter.


So after the last cut, Fei Yin said that, I resemble Show Luo.
Ok I find him funny. He's quite cute.
But having some hairstyle that resembles him or Wu Zhun or G-Dragon or...or is it Dragon-G? HMMM WHATEVER IT IS, no. They kinda spell Lala-ism.

Hence, I decided to trim it.
The sides were getting slightly too thick anyway to Hair Profile @ Sri Hartamas I go.

I guess this is the first time EVER, I did not go with any pictures to guide him on the shape and style that I was looking for.

Oh well in my was this.

Cool ey?
I know...

And with the new frame that Yinng got me last week, I'd prolly look like this...with some styling and Gatsby-ism.

Sometimes, I wished I wasn't in the corporate sector. Then I can go all blonde again. And risk getting disowned...once more. ROFL

Anyhoos, even if I had darker hair, it'll probably somewhat look like this...



Universal truth number One. I totally do not have her features.
Huge forehead, flat nose, thick lips...what else?

Number Two, I definitely do NOT have that body and height.
Which makes my face double the size of my hips aka arse and head six times bigger than it should be/look.

So with this look...

Instead of looking like Aggy, I look sadly like...

Courtesy of TVB

Do I even need to point out who I'm referring to?


It'll grow.

Just in time for Hong Kong.

*Drops on both knees and prays*


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hachiko and Tattoos

Currently listening to:
Imogen Heap, Ellipse (DAMN ONS)

Movie Review:

I've always had a soft spot for movies with animals. Besides snakes that is.
Cried even when I was watching Flipper. Sweat. God knows how many litres of tears I lost while watching Marley and Me.

It never crossed my mind to watch Hachiko. Oh well, it's just another sad story about a dog, like how the Japs and Koreans always do it. Double sweat.

What's it with the loyalty of dogs and dying owners? OR little children and dying faithful dogs. Triple sweat.

Anyway, heard a lot about the movie and NEVER wanted to watch until Babichen highly recommended it. Like she even gave me the link just so I can watch via Youtube on my phone. <3.

So here's my review of the heart-wrenching movie.

There...I was bawling my sockets out in the middle of the night.
It was worst than Marley and Me. Basically due to the fact that, Richard Gere's really convincing. REALLY. Within just minutes the bond between the dog and him were tightly portrayed and knitted. Then, warm tears pricked and trickled freely in like...seconds. MEHH

And adding to the fact...he's sibeh yeng leh.

So yeah. Go watch if you wanna detox. It works.


Moving on, I cut my hair again. I know. I stink.
No more WuChun, Show Luo, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian style. Not I want OK. It's the trend apparently. And it's subtle enough for the company to not fire me. Hmph.

The haircut now reminds me of Simple Jack.
You know...Ben Stiller as the retard in Tropic Thunder?

Nevermind. It'll grow.
Just in time for Hong Kong. *Prays*


This is Eddie the tattoo artist.
He does great designs. And yes, he's very much like those in Miami/LA Ink.
He's brutal.

He churns interesting topics too.
Like he was asking if Nigga was a virgin.
And how he should fuck every moving thing.

Our verdict: Go fuck a car la.

One more session and this Nigga is done.
Stay away people.
It hurts. ROFL

Eddie said all surface piercings will eventually fall off.
And there's a VERY high chance of kiloid.

Ok. No more nape piercing.
Le sigh.

Oh...weekend's over.
When's it coming again?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Simon Birch, Ringmaster of Hope and Glory

Note to self: MUST GO.

Opens April 8th, and continues until May 30th, 2010
1/F, Cornwall House, Taikoo Place, Island East
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Open daily from 10am to 8pm.

***AngAng if you're reading this, take me there

For more of his work; HERE.

Lemme hear the GASP.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Everything Should Shine and VOTE

Currently listening to:
30 Seconds to Mars, This Is War

Especially not the toilet floor.

It bugs me how much a clean toilet floor can's dignity. Sanctity. Whatever comes to your mind about a person's pride also la okay.

You see, the management requires the toilet floor to be mopped everyday in the morning at 10 and another round in the evening probably around 5 (predicted times because they're always wet at these hours)

I must say that, the Kakas do an absolutely good job they probably scrub every inch with a toothbrush like how Cinderella does it then blow bubbles into the air singing a lullaby (Proves that despite falling down the pit, my phone's clean because they clean it well. YES!)

But the cleanliness disturbs me.

The cubicles are not separated to the ground. It stops halfway leaving approximately 3-5 inches of space as though they expect everyone to chat to each other while doing their businesses. While I'm sane in that expect, my eyes start wandering, scrutinizing every detail there is within the small room.

And there, to my horror, I see a clear reflection.

Not of myself, but the lady next to me.

According to the sister and the brother-in-law that are both in the property line, such requirements are usually by those that demand...CLASS. And my guess is, this idea probably derived from the first 5-class hotel in China.

My biggest discovery when I went to Xi'an (first trip back) was that the toilets there were generally doorless. Adding on to the disgusting fact that, besides baring either their asses or cibais while excreting, they start yakking to each other.

Now that the outlook of the China market improves, Yuan rebounds, tourists flock to the country...they realized that...they need better toilets.

But they can't be doorless, no. FINE. I build a partition. Don't cover all ar. Cannot hear Ah Hui talk while I lao.

Oh the tourists want doors! FINE. I give you doors. But how to see Ah Mui when I pang? See shit fall only very boring! Can. We do reflective floors. Discreet a bit. Mysterious a bit only classy wan ma!

So speciao hor!

This is how clear it is. See my fingers within the highlighted mark.

Can see? Nice...

It's almost as bad as seeing this while eating.

NO WAIT. I'd really rather see my own shit fall into the bowl.

Note to coming boyfriends. Please don't wear low waist although I love skinnies on lanky guys. Even if you want, boxers please. PLEASE.

Peanut's new definition of CLASS. a whole new level.

Next time tint the toilet doors enough la.


30 APRIL 2010

Spot the similarities.
Besides me being in all the pictures.

Now you VOTE for him.

Gary Lim. No.15.

And if you have time, check out:

- No.6 * Patrick MacDonald
- No.13 * Bruce Yeow
- No.19 * Mundzir Abdul Latif aka Mooky
- No.38 * Terry Ngan

I, on the other hand, so rooting for Mr.Tattoo.