Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Everything Should Shine and VOTE

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Especially not the toilet floor.

It bugs me how much a clean toilet floor can's dignity. Sanctity. Whatever comes to your mind about a person's pride also la okay.

You see, the management requires the toilet floor to be mopped everyday in the morning at 10 and another round in the evening probably around 5 (predicted times because they're always wet at these hours)

I must say that, the Kakas do an absolutely good job they probably scrub every inch with a toothbrush like how Cinderella does it then blow bubbles into the air singing a lullaby (Proves that despite falling down the pit, my phone's clean because they clean it well. YES!)

But the cleanliness disturbs me.

The cubicles are not separated to the ground. It stops halfway leaving approximately 3-5 inches of space as though they expect everyone to chat to each other while doing their businesses. While I'm sane in that expect, my eyes start wandering, scrutinizing every detail there is within the small room.

And there, to my horror, I see a clear reflection.

Not of myself, but the lady next to me.

According to the sister and the brother-in-law that are both in the property line, such requirements are usually by those that demand...CLASS. And my guess is, this idea probably derived from the first 5-class hotel in China.

My biggest discovery when I went to Xi'an (first trip back) was that the toilets there were generally doorless. Adding on to the disgusting fact that, besides baring either their asses or cibais while excreting, they start yakking to each other.

Now that the outlook of the China market improves, Yuan rebounds, tourists flock to the country...they realized that...they need better toilets.

But they can't be doorless, no. FINE. I build a partition. Don't cover all ar. Cannot hear Ah Hui talk while I lao.

Oh the tourists want doors! FINE. I give you doors. But how to see Ah Mui when I pang? See shit fall only very boring! Can. We do reflective floors. Discreet a bit. Mysterious a bit only classy wan ma!

So speciao hor!

This is how clear it is. See my fingers within the highlighted mark.

Can see? Nice...

It's almost as bad as seeing this while eating.

NO WAIT. I'd really rather see my own shit fall into the bowl.

Note to coming boyfriends. Please don't wear low waist although I love skinnies on lanky guys. Even if you want, boxers please. PLEASE.

Peanut's new definition of CLASS. a whole new level.

Next time tint the toilet doors enough la.


30 APRIL 2010

Spot the similarities.
Besides me being in all the pictures.

Now you VOTE for him.

Gary Lim. No.15.

And if you have time, check out:

- No.6 * Patrick MacDonald
- No.13 * Bruce Yeow
- No.19 * Mundzir Abdul Latif aka Mooky
- No.38 * Terry Ngan

I, on the other hand, so rooting for Mr.Tattoo.


  1. Vote for my friend Jeanbasri too LOL

  2. eee cipatnyeeee.
    OK CAN! looks as thou i'm voting for almost all. ROFL!!!

    njoy ur trip k munkie! get me fresh air and serenity! ;)

  3. eh this post is actually very gross wei. i kinda regretted reading, luckily i haven eat bfast and i will eat bfast after this. d butt longkang is sometimes demonstrated by gurls which is equally..eeyahhH!H! can pour water n see where it flows! BUAHAHAH

  4. BOYS GALS ALL SALAH!!! LOL...the crack should be kept at home. or for their own pleasure laaaaa. gross like crap rite?!?!?! and now when i'm re-reading, i'm having thick choc oats (curtesy of tan king hao, of course) LOL. lagi gross.

  5. eh eh... y ur fren dont look same in the cleo mag wan?

  6. cos they photoshop like skII advertisement in the mag. LOL. vote la! vote la! vote la!