Friday, April 30, 2010

Kecacatan Jari and The Baby Animal

I hate touch pads.

The blackberry's touchpads are never sensitive when I use them.
They either refuse to move OR they never stop.

The laptop's as bad.
Decided to write a whole long winded post with pictures (in the dark) before hitting the sack.
One wrong swipe with the fingers and...everything's gone.
Works as good as the magnetic drawing board for kids.

Yes that! Annoying.
Are my sweaty fingers screwed or what. *Grunts*

I gotta blog about this video.
It's too funny.


  1. confirm she can join my toddlers class. wahahaha! so farney!

  2. hahahaha when she's older la k i'll tok my sis into it. ;)

  3. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! she's a genius!

  4. Can't stop watching it again and again. She's so cute. Toddlers class is for 16 months to 4 years old.

  5. fong- i know me perhaps? ROFL ok jokes...are u coming down anytime soon to see her and t makan sate etc??? maciam lama tak jumpa je.

    mic- lol...she can't do it now. she'll crash ur whole place apart. need more training first lol

  6. px, tell u what, the next time u guys want a buffet dinner, i suggest Tao at Sunway Giza ... if u guys do come, lemme know, i will pop by to see u all ... btw, haji samuri in DU also boleh-boleh lah, tak'yah pergi kajang jauh sgt ... ;P

  7. OOO ok i've heard loads about Tao. AND I GET 20% off i think!!! JOM! prolly bring my mom there for mama's day. is it damaging? need to budget sial. lol