Friday, September 28, 2007

honey, the bee stung me

so random...i was thinking so hard for sumthing to update a few days back cos nothing mch happened lately bsides me going for crazy shopping outings with nat and end up squeeshing her dry. :D...luv ya so mch!!!!! lol!

anyway, was getting kinda excited after certain things on msn ytday and jumped out of bed when i wanted to get an apple and HOLA! i stomped on a honeybee. i have no idea where these bees come from but they appear usually around midnite till the wee hours and then they dissapear. so i guess this wan was frozen by the temperature of my room and dropped dead right where i wanted to land my feet on.

die nvm. wanna sting me summore. this isn't the first time anyway so i jst applied sum cream and continued watever i was doing without the apple but then the pain came back and when i looked, holy motha f*'s the size of aunt marge when she was blown up.

clinic, jab, antibiotics...and a terrible swell which made my babytoe even uglier...and no my toe isn't of that shape originally...if u're wondering. hmph.

i'm gonna get myself a new pair of slippers at home so that i can kill every single pest on the ground. with wings preferably.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


HAPPY BDAY DEARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we made it 1 year in the same room ok. u mst love me.

3 days, 15 hours or sleep, too mch liquor, too mch smoke...

post-exam party was totally wild. slept 0 hours b4 the final paper cos it was at 9am as as last minute as always i nvr slept jst incase i wakeup late and get stuck in the freaking jam. so i made myself an egg at 530am, bathed and sat for the paper. it was...totally forgettable. wait until the results...

after paper was makan, bangsar and nap. cos at nite was a surprise party for the exroomie whose bday is actually today (23/9). but anyway, tgif below ruums SUCKED SIAL! their bday song was so dead it was lke singing auld lang syne. pfft.

anyway, ruums wasn't any better. okla. too lala-fied for me mayb. enuff said la. sumbody suka giler sana. then we started layaning outself at our seat area and it was better. oh yeah..there were lots of shufflers. tat looked lke a 2 year old learning how to walk. interesting. :D...left after lites were on, murni, mandi...crashed at 7++ i guess.

woke at..hmm..11? went to mv to get sum stuff with angang for her hk meet-the-inlaws trip. bot a topshop halter. *guilty*...BT HEY! after exam ok. can b lavish a bit. i wore it at nite. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE

tagged along with yinng for her fren's bday party. tak kenal pun seekor orang pun. sat down, smiled, ate and left. poppy with the next gang. oso tak berapa kenal. but then it seems from the merdeka celebration they won 50 bottles of chivas so since the family and sum ppl were not around to layan me so i joined. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...toking abt good drinkers. good time thou. no pix yet. forgot to ask for it. i need the pix cos i can't remember how they look. :D

came back 5+...mandi, cooked ommette for yinng cos she temaned me for a nite to jaga the house. crashed at 7+. so not enuff sleep. i've had enuff of these nites. no more late nites for the next 2 months. thank you.

APRW and CREATIVE results out. PASSED!!
p.s- lynnie dear. dun worry. if u fail...none of us will pass. ;)


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


i njoyed a whole afternoon sleeping.

and i'm stuck revising for tmr's culture paper. wish me luck folks.

muthu's paper on monday was totally effed up. so much for 2.5 hours.


i'm hungry and oatmeal crackers from hupseng is so not helping after sorting these pictures out.


themonkey is officially an auntieeee - ...WOOT!

poor baby karis.


Saturday, September 15, 2007


thepig's leaving again in lke...a day + more so hopefully she's done packing her maggi soup sachets into her luggage.

her farewell at FUSION in sri petaling was gooood! no pix yet la. blady lazy pig malas wanna send. wait la. when she reaches portland i'll get it. pfft!

then went to ac. pool...foos...back to eve's. then drove back to kajang. went akua hunting. FUIYOH! damn hawt d kajang akuas. then we noticed sum police cars nearby. i think they were watching the akuas too. :D



Monday, September 10, 2007

open your fucking big eyes

today started off really well.
thou i lack sleep cos i think i was too ganjeong last nite regarding my 1st final paper today. but then not too bad. i woke up on time, could get a bowl of yeemee and leung cha before actually sitting for the paper.

and the paper was better than expected. no tv ads, no radio ads..jst pure print ads. and yet jst in time to finish. hah!!!

drove slowly back home. not mch jam. listening to jason chan on radio. turned the corner.
heading home...saw a parent's car (fetching the kid from my home after tuition). politely clicked on the signal and waved for her to pass. and while she was digesting tat sum1 young could b so courteous (i guess, cos she took a while)...BANG!! mahai. not again man.


2nd time of the freaking year. 1st time while going for WC nt sure if i blogged about it but it was a tri-car incident where this bodoh woman wanted to turn at the double line, didn't put signal and the motorist following bhind had to swerve out to avoid her ending up banging my kancil's ass. and that motorist was without a license. bagus!

this time this fella is at least honest despite saying that i din put my signal. my signal was still on even after i turned the corner!!! (jst to prove that i had them b4 i turned..hah!). but then he had this osama bin laden look who was driving with an L license. and he's in his 40s i think. no choice. called daddy (hate to break out such news to him cos everytime i call him he'd expect me to say i'm buying food home or..sumthing happy la)...then he came running out and inspected his fallen monkeybar and told the guy...

OBL Daddy
'dah patah...kasih sikit la..kena buat balik kan...'
'yaya..awak cakaplah nak berapa'--- bukan main polite...
daddy keeps inspecting and tries putting the bar back on...fails
'rm50 la..sebenarnye sekurang-kurang rm100 tapi takpela..rugi sikit sikit lain kali pandu cermat sikit'
OBL looks at me then back to daddy...
'setengah boleh? saya baru buat bakul motor saya. tadi tengok-tengok tak nampak baru langgar'...DOUBLE WIDE EYED!!!
nods and smiles a little.

PX Daddy
'damn sikit rite u took from him. fix the lites oso not enuff d...his fault u knw!'
'from the way he speaks u knw he's a foreigner and foreigners can't have license. hardearn money over here la. can't be doing such things to them rite.'

he then asked...'wat can u ask for from a man liddat who's driving a motor?' i say...erm..can't say. bad karma. exam time. sanny say- channel ur anger on sum other things.

i'm gonna makan. hmph
the latest accessory...wanna try?

Friday, September 7, 2007

exam period...

is NOT the time to discover facebook.

dear all, if u have exams around the corner, do not join facebook. i repeat. DO NOT!
eversince the countdown for exam started, my appetite has hit the peak. not to say i do not eat alot usually la but exam periods i eat extra so that i can think well. *best excuse ever*. therefore, last week i went to delicious with nat for an afternoon tea and a few days back to Boulevard Hotel for buffet.

the spread was AWESOME!!!

the place was good and we were there really early cos of sum reasons so we were the first to plunge into the pool of dessert...salmon, sweet and sour garupa, lasagna and the so-big-and-juicy-can-pengsan-beefballs! fuh...the rest were also untouched b4 hand oso but then these few were really...omg...

c the part like kena bitten by wild dogs? MY JOB!! YAY!!!
jst got back from watching a few vcds and eating dominoes with thepig. brings back old memories for the both of us who suffer from severe short term memory lost and slight alzheimer's disease. so relaxed. almost forgot i'm gonna have finals in 2 days. diu lor.
the datin called and said we got 38/50 for our creative ad coursework. thankew so mch. i'm satisfied. jst pass my finals can d k? no need A wan. double thankews.
so not in the mood for studying.
let me annoy a few more ppl in facebook first!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I need a Fairytouch for my finals.

sum pages remind me of Jamie Oliver's cookbook. bt it's cicely mary barker so there wont herbs, poultry and pastas but flowers, fairies and fantasy..
wonder if it's available here.

finals a snap away. can cry.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

promotion@pre-war celebration and chef px

eastin is getting slightly boring. i can close my eyes and identify what they have in each area. but of course it's not the same everytime la. jst that we're used to the food there. therefore i guess this shud be the last least for this year b4 we go there again. mayb nxt time it'll b shang, hilton or jogoya again. WAHAHAHAAH
but the nite was still great! dinner was for the promotion of both nat and cm. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! so we left damn early even b4 it was dark and started. then by 10++, we were done and started taking pix d. lol! but the dessert area was still heavenly.

cheesecake, choc mousse, choc chip soft cookie, pumpkin tart. fuh!

sum1 was fixing the camera mode for mi. BUT I LOVE THIS PIC! WAHAHAHAH

then we came home and started K-ing. gembiranyeeee!!!

I SUCCESSFULLY MADE RATATOUILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg omg omg...

i actually do not knw how it's supposed to taste or look. but it definitely does not look lke the 1 in the movie. but it tasted fine. but i couldn't find any zucchinis lke said in the recipe and there werent any cucumbers tat mi said it's more or less the same so i cucumber. there's the 'cucumber' word so i tot can la. sum ppl were doubtful with the outcome thou but it was fine ok!!! FINE!!! jst that the tomato puree was slightly too sour. so nxt time buy campbell everyone.