Sunday, September 2, 2007

promotion@pre-war celebration and chef px

eastin is getting slightly boring. i can close my eyes and identify what they have in each area. but of course it's not the same everytime la. jst that we're used to the food there. therefore i guess this shud be the last least for this year b4 we go there again. mayb nxt time it'll b shang, hilton or jogoya again. WAHAHAHAAH
but the nite was still great! dinner was for the promotion of both nat and cm. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! so we left damn early even b4 it was dark and started. then by 10++, we were done and started taking pix d. lol! but the dessert area was still heavenly.

cheesecake, choc mousse, choc chip soft cookie, pumpkin tart. fuh!

sum1 was fixing the camera mode for mi. BUT I LOVE THIS PIC! WAHAHAHAH

then we came home and started K-ing. gembiranyeeee!!!

I SUCCESSFULLY MADE RATATOUILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg omg omg...

i actually do not knw how it's supposed to taste or look. but it definitely does not look lke the 1 in the movie. but it tasted fine. but i couldn't find any zucchinis lke said in the recipe and there werent any cucumbers tat mi said it's more or less the same so i cucumber. there's the 'cucumber' word so i tot can la. sum ppl were doubtful with the outcome thou but it was fine ok!!! FINE!!! jst that the tomato puree was slightly too sour. so nxt time buy campbell everyone.

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