Sunday, August 31, 2008


i is super happy.
i really melted like a marshmallow.
i never tripped AKA i had a good stage walk.
i exchanged external moisture excreted fr the pores of the skin with everyone i love.
i sang Negaraku like i am damn freaking proud of my country and jakun-ed towards the end of the ceremony.
i had Kampachi. YAY!!!

super happy face ok. kena smooch by papa mama in front of sumwhat millions of people. i laps u both. i is proud of you both for not detesting a jakun daughter like me. :D

the 2 loves of my life. HELL YEAH!!! mwahs babe. love ya.


super suka sayanggggggg!!! althou u din come. i still love u okay!!!!!

the oni imperfection is that my crush wasn't there.
my che foo is always jeles that i secretly am in love with my sister. lalalalaa...
and she couldn't be there on such an important day because she had to be chained at home eating ginger and changing soiled diapers.
BUT NEVER MIND K!! we go studio and take 100 shots. then we buy them all. and i wall my room with all of it. YAY!!!

more pix later la k.
i wanna makan my marshmallow.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hujan kucing anjing

it's been raining since...since...dunno when.
nak keluar pun tak boleh.

stay home eating cempedaks, sending more resumes, reading about the sightings of mars that...i think i've missed. do you think it'll work if i use anne to lure the planet out again?

round and red. just like mars. :D

i'm also pathetically translating japanese websites (google is a powerhouse) so that i can understand why on earth the ratings for the latest sorimachi series is so low. walao damn sad...even reading the kanji shit that appears 1ce in every 100 sentences is enough to tell me that he sucks badly in jap. tsk tsk. help out can? he needs to support a whole family with 2 kids. LoL!

stuck at home worrying about the weekend's convocation because apparently we won't be allowed to choose the sizes of our robes, the VIPS will arrive almost after everything should be over and done with and...WE HAVE TO SHOW OUR FUCKING FOREHEADS BY STICKING ALL THE FREAKING FRINGE INTO THE MOTABOARD!!! WHO THE MOTHERFUCKER CAME UP WITH SUCH AN IDEA HAH?! NVR THINK ABOUT PPL WAN ZIT?! HEAD LIKE TENNIS COURT HOW?!?!?!??! ONCE IN A LIFETIME AFFAIR WAN ME TO APPEAR LIKE WIMBLEDON! #*($#**(#_*^...and i willfully trimmed my hair a couple weeks ahead just so that the front could be more settled and fit nicely to shadow my bulging fah loh hon kepala.


and after this month, i now sincerely pray that i'd have my job secured. everyone who'd need to leave would have done so by then and it'd b no more fun bumming around...bsides to cuddle and lie around the baby that would not reload my depreciating bank account. and may it be a huge wan. :D

PENELOPE is...okok la. just watch for james mcavoy. reese whitherspoon was gooods. and it's alright if you do not decide to catch it at the cinema. cos i didn't. just...find your way. it's already DVD clear. know what i mean? ;)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

So long...

And after years of's over.
So fast can cry.
I don't think I've ever felt so proud being a Chinese. Up to a limit where I don't even detest Shenzhen anymore. Now that's pretty serious you know.

No more waking up early just to watch small boys and girls diving into the water with no splashes right after, no more cheering at the Jamaicans to beat the Americans during almost all track & field events and celebrating when they can't even make through heats or prelims (so shallow and bitchy and yet so fun!!!), no more biting on my pillowcases worrying that the gymnasts will fall during their super important landings, no more archery (UBER SAD), no more complaining about how Michael Phelps dominates the pool but still support deep down inside cos he's super power geng sial (cos no more ian thorpe)*bawls*

Oh and no more camping in the living room with the parents during dinner time supporting random teams of our own.

Can I set my blog song to 'Beijing Huan Ying Ni'?


Saturday, August 16, 2008


It's totally wrong to be posting on just parties. I'm not an avid clubber and i club when there's a special occasion. In other words, i'll only do it if i have enough money or a very valid reason for me to do so. Or else, i hereby announce that i'd like to stop doing so until i get my ass working in the corporate world. or unless my darlings return and it's time for a beautiful reunion. if not fuck it. babe u hear me? faster come back from singapore...AND HONG KONG and berdating with me ok? hmph. frequent moving with my heels is making my bunion worse and it hurts lke fuck!

proud or not? i know nat's gonna leave a comment laffing d. hush!

digressing, i'm not a sportswoman. i swim, i play badminton (like a kid), i bowl (when i do well in my assignments), i learnt squash, i play volleyball (i only dig), i cycle (the last time was in lower secondary around tmn muhibbah to get junkfood for south park nights), i rollerblade (and can go a few short metres without falling) and i hit the gym when i feel that i'm so fat the pictures taken can't illustrate my entire body.

but i love watching every sport (bsides lawnbowl), and the olympics is totally THE TIME OF THE YEAR TO JUST FUCKING STAY HOME AND WATCH EVERY FREAKING EVENT THAT IS ON UNTIL THE TV EXPLODES AND REMOTE JAMS FROM OVERSWITCHING!!! so it's totally wrong to be away in melaka instead of watching the opening. althou melaka was fun. LoL!

it's the time of the year when i keep making frens promise that they'll come back then we'll start training for an event for the nxt olympics. i'm gonna take up archery. its graceful and legolas-y. u wait and see. we would not have to only depend on vcdman for a medal. px and en.tinggal-satu- biji-mata will masuk finals and whack the koreans. then mayb at the same time pickup a hot jap and stay happily ever after eating yakiniku. WHOO HOO!!!

the last time i said i wanted to play badminton, i promised yinng (sorry sayang) and hero was still in msia. sekarang dia sudah jadi orang engrish and should've visited stripclubs (VISIT D OR NOT?!) and i've still not repaired my ugly grip. but i love badminton. eventhou i can't play for nuts. i put a lot of hope on our doubles cos i suka tan boon heong althou he's super lala. he has a very lean body ok. i likes. his cross court smashes made me cry they could've punctured the other eye of the mr.tinggal-satu-biji-mata at 700km/h. but then now can cry also cos he plays like a gal. so i support china je la...

so cute right or not? *nods*
then they lost to the indons. cos...cos it's an inauspicious day. or mayb because baby was sleeping. everytime that budak tido the teams that should win loses. so i shall blame the budak. XD
tmr vcd playing. if budak tidos again, i support lindan. hopefully the magic works. if vcd wins i'll support pirated vcds forever. *hopefully that won't put me to jail*

*oh mei toh fatt*

i blogged cos i was waiting for Wonderful Life to load. i found ways to dl the chaps from crunchy and upload to my ipod. i feel so contented with my intelligence. YAY!!! but i think i should buy the dvd. unless got pirated vcds la ok.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

random updates

i owe my blog a serious apology after i've obtained myself a new love. busy wan ok...althou it's just walking around.

note to future self- i'm still unemployed and all i do is continuosly bum around going to random places and parties...and jaga baby. weeeee!! i is a power ahyee. i can carry the baby from the sarong without the help of anyone and i did not have to sit down with my arms locked in a 90 degree angle. YES!

cute or not? cute kan! terima kasih...i meant the baby. shaddap.

i am very occupied by all the olympic events just so that i can berdebat dengan maharaja lee at night in order to keep my mind rolling before i finally start work and i am very very addicted to takashi sorimachi still and i'm gonna finish all his series on crunchyroll. wat a dishonour to my family name. XD

and since big baby, small baby all tidoing...i got no one to tok to unless i am desperate enough to strike a conversation with auntie mother in law. :S...i rather upate my blog.

Friday Night @ Poppy

ok my bad the drink sucked.

glittery eyes...tak nampak pun!

apparently the ac became the attraction of the night after we started to posing mosing. miss lalas next table oso whack and flashes went non stop.

kenot fight with us ok if competing for fuck face.

one of the better camwhoring pix by dom. tsk tsk

auntie moi.

so brack

i can confirm sum pix hilang. hmph.

Mambo @ Zouk

khhhhalid, tabitha a/p amitabha, pig, moi, peanut sweeet. wtf. gonna send to the government and bench u.

herro monkey.

emo...cos no more shots.

guess the dick...i mean shoe.

linda barik awal cos ade kerja...khhhalid was high on the dance floor i think. :D

russell peters to italliano: u vanntt to eadd? (with hand signal)

then as we were leaving dom crashed his car and the front bumper tertanggal. nasib uncle pelita got spannar. he was sober. so salah.

Teman for tattoo @ Melaka

wanted to visit hew kat bkt beruang but then mr. doktor got shift i think. cheh. we left really late after leng's checkup and reached even we rushed to the cendol place and whacked a few bowls. the auntie was loa i think. sat down and popek with us and even offered more santan.

so in return i promote ur shop for u k auntie. it's bside the antique shop of lynnie's uncle at the beginning of the street directly opposite the stage. i love it la. up to u to decide. XD

i reckon she should clean up the cans and provide more seating areas for the customers. if not everyone would have to squat outside.

tak ckp gula melaka!!! too mch santan d auntie!!!

malaysian inc or sumthing. damn comfy place la. can lie down there and watch olympics and no1 will care.

while waiting for the pubs to open (at 7pm), we walked up and down the streets with nothing in mind. and we totally do not understand why all these settings were not for the opening of Beijing Olympics instead. They aired sum really old chinese movie.

7th month mayb? :S...sorry din mean to.

we were really bored. so we bot snap for rm1 per packet.

and it got more bored so we tortured matthewww with my rm1.50 brack hair crip.

and it was super bored we took family photo. so cute.



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

bulat bulat

sorry i know i mengade.
but so cute kenot dun post.

MAMBO MAMBO!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Auntie Peanut to Baby Anne

I is an aunt!!!
Baby Hee Ving Anne was born at 10.15pm, weighing...i dun really remember how much but then it's normal and she is super mata besar with very loud voice. WEEEE!!!!!!

Epidurial is the world's best invention after makeup. seriously...nat was still talking and laughing 10 minutes before labour and she could still talk on the phone telling the bodoh boy that she's actually gonna gip birth...he shrugged her off and changed topic. 10 mins later the nurses shoved me downstairs cos they were 'takut lain kali adik tak berani nak beranak'...i ran for it. :X

the whole process took...15 minutes. got bloody bloody videos of the whole thing who wanna watch??? la the video kat bawah.

to all aunties and uncles, kor kor and che ches overseas:

Hee Ving Anne
Born: 4 August 2008
Time: 10.15PM

Her eyes opened for a couple minutes to greet grandpa, grandma and ahyee. yer i'm so not special. got any other names for me or not? hmmm...and no the video got no blood. just joking. bloody video all xrated wan.

Mae Govannen Darling.