Monday, August 4, 2008

Auntie Peanut to Baby Anne

I is an aunt!!!
Baby Hee Ving Anne was born at 10.15pm, weighing...i dun really remember how much but then it's normal and she is super mata besar with very loud voice. WEEEE!!!!!!

Epidurial is the world's best invention after makeup. seriously...nat was still talking and laughing 10 minutes before labour and she could still talk on the phone telling the bodoh boy that she's actually gonna gip birth...he shrugged her off and changed topic. 10 mins later the nurses shoved me downstairs cos they were 'takut lain kali adik tak berani nak beranak'...i ran for it. :X

the whole process took...15 minutes. got bloody bloody videos of the whole thing who wanna watch??? la the video kat bawah.

to all aunties and uncles, kor kor and che ches overseas:

Hee Ving Anne
Born: 4 August 2008
Time: 10.15PM

Her eyes opened for a couple minutes to greet grandpa, grandma and ahyee. yer i'm so not special. got any other names for me or not? hmmm...and no the video got no blood. just joking. bloody video all xrated wan.

Mae Govannen Darling.

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