Wednesday, August 13, 2008

random updates

i owe my blog a serious apology after i've obtained myself a new love. busy wan ok...althou it's just walking around.

note to future self- i'm still unemployed and all i do is continuosly bum around going to random places and parties...and jaga baby. weeeee!! i is a power ahyee. i can carry the baby from the sarong without the help of anyone and i did not have to sit down with my arms locked in a 90 degree angle. YES!

cute or not? cute kan! terima kasih...i meant the baby. shaddap.

i am very occupied by all the olympic events just so that i can berdebat dengan maharaja lee at night in order to keep my mind rolling before i finally start work and i am very very addicted to takashi sorimachi still and i'm gonna finish all his series on crunchyroll. wat a dishonour to my family name. XD

and since big baby, small baby all tidoing...i got no one to tok to unless i am desperate enough to strike a conversation with auntie mother in law. :S...i rather upate my blog.

Friday Night @ Poppy

ok my bad the drink sucked.

glittery eyes...tak nampak pun!

apparently the ac became the attraction of the night after we started to posing mosing. miss lalas next table oso whack and flashes went non stop.

kenot fight with us ok if competing for fuck face.

one of the better camwhoring pix by dom. tsk tsk

auntie moi.

so brack

i can confirm sum pix hilang. hmph.

Mambo @ Zouk

khhhhalid, tabitha a/p amitabha, pig, moi, peanut sweeet. wtf. gonna send to the government and bench u.

herro monkey.

emo...cos no more shots.

guess the dick...i mean shoe.

linda barik awal cos ade kerja...khhhalid was high on the dance floor i think. :D

russell peters to italliano: u vanntt to eadd? (with hand signal)

then as we were leaving dom crashed his car and the front bumper tertanggal. nasib uncle pelita got spannar. he was sober. so salah.

Teman for tattoo @ Melaka

wanted to visit hew kat bkt beruang but then mr. doktor got shift i think. cheh. we left really late after leng's checkup and reached even we rushed to the cendol place and whacked a few bowls. the auntie was loa i think. sat down and popek with us and even offered more santan.

so in return i promote ur shop for u k auntie. it's bside the antique shop of lynnie's uncle at the beginning of the street directly opposite the stage. i love it la. up to u to decide. XD

i reckon she should clean up the cans and provide more seating areas for the customers. if not everyone would have to squat outside.

tak ckp gula melaka!!! too mch santan d auntie!!!

malaysian inc or sumthing. damn comfy place la. can lie down there and watch olympics and no1 will care.

while waiting for the pubs to open (at 7pm), we walked up and down the streets with nothing in mind. and we totally do not understand why all these settings were not for the opening of Beijing Olympics instead. They aired sum really old chinese movie.

7th month mayb? :S...sorry din mean to.

we were really bored. so we bot snap for rm1 per packet.

and it got more bored so we tortured matthewww with my rm1.50 brack hair crip.

and it was super bored we took family photo. so cute.



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