Wednesday, August 24, 2005

notes all over...

i just realized today someone i knew was secretly reading my blog...ALAMAK!!

hehe...but i'm not gonna say who. but i just don't understand how come little gals can be head over heels over him. there's only one explanation to it...

GALS NOW HAVE NO TASTE!!- (u reading it now?? jgn marah yeh sayang! HAAHAH)


finals in a week and a half.

i is no ready- i can't seem to make the sentences sound nice. ALL UR FAULT LA FU!

i have 5 thick stacks of notes on my room floor and i'm supposed to complete them by the 6th. ok. not really the 6th la. there'll be only a paper a day and we are given a day break after every paper...PHEW! they have real brains!!

my dad fetched me back to my condo in pj to get my freaking notes. and went to 'KIWI's XPRESS' in phileo for lunch with my mom. the food was...GREAT!!!!!! go try it one day. right opposite The Star's building. serve great steak, KIWI JUICE, cocktail and TIRAMISU!!!!! *slurp*

i should be studying. but i also wanna get my arse up at 930 am tomoro for a swim. can't afford to get myself to work out in the gym after 2 days of strenous exersice. the last time i headed for the gym everyday was about 2 months + ago...sigh...MORAL OF THE STORY- DO NOT LAY OFF FOR TOO LONG!!!

should i sleep or should i study...ok. i'll study for 2 hours then sleep. BRILLIANT!!!

i read a mail a while ago. we shouldn't keep a tv near our beds as it releases some magnetic waves etc. i don't only have a huge tv right beside me, it's on...the entire nite. WHY?!

cos i'm afraid i hear weird noises in the middle of the night...period.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


at least the government has brain.

once again, b4 i start my blabbing, FUCK INDONESIA!

ok. heard the news just now that everything has been cancelled from kindergarten to Uni in selangor. HOORAY!!! thank god. nearly suffocated today during LAN. it's enclosed. but the smoke sumhow sipped in and the lecturer continued toking. no idea how he managed it. he was great wei! tok non-stop for 2hours+. we all did nothing oso feel like tiduring d...erm...i slept lar of course in class...and so did those around me. and we sat in front. HOW SWEET OF US!

woke up at 815 today. prepared for my chinese oral. it wasn't too bad. the lecturer was nice. UNEXPECTEDLY nice. maybe cos i 'good morning miss' all the time....heh!

u know chinese?
erm...a bit bit lar...
from chinese primary school rite?
can understand chinese without english translation?
can geh i think.

SHIT! regret totally. asked me to read some chinese fairytales. 牛郎織女(ngau long jik nui). dun ask me the story. i was totally absorbed into the chinese words and i forgot to understand the passage. and 1/2way through i started reading the words in cantonese! phew! she laughed. that's all. no remarks made though. phew again!

and the words, mind you, in mandarin!! and simplified. shit.

the questions and answer part was horrendous. like i said b4, i forgot to understand the passage cos i paid too much attention to reading. after every question asked, it took me at least 30secs to search for the answer. and i was supposed to answer it on the spot. IN FULL SENTENCE!...

but i ended it well i guess. won't fail lar...WON'T!


anyone reading this you hear someone singing?!! HAHAHAH!!

nice song eh? it's by ronald cheng...鄭中基- 無賴(mou lai). the lyrics are really good.
semakin byk cina apek stuff in my blog. who cares larh! hehe


was reading a blog today.

first thing. why do we write a blog?
1. cos we want ppl to read.
2. cos we wan out frens to know what happened to us and to keep ourselfs in touched!

but to that person out there, if you wanna write something that no one understands but u expect ppl to understand, write it comprehensibly. no one's gonna forever ask what the heck is happening to you when ur attitude has suddenly taken a 360 degree turn. and we're sick of all those secrets hidden. and i mean WE. not onli i myself. we do care. and we won't be able to do it if u don't let us.


OK!! back to reality!...realized i haven't been doing much to the color and sizes of my fonts lately. malas leh. the weather's bad. maybe after the haze is gone la...

sigh...looks like it's gonna take forever...CHOI!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2005


fuck the haze...

fuck Indonesia...the country.

pity the ppl...

the sun is not shining thru...HORRID WEATHER!!

it's been like...a whole fucking week since the haze started.

first, i heard that putrajaya was burning. SMOKE was rising from the grounds it seems. ptah!
and then, as usual, saw in the newspapers that kalimantan was burning. it's forever burning. burn at ur place enuff lar!! stupid smoke must travel all the way to malaysia...tak paham!

累人, 累物, 累街方!!- i'm addicted to typing in chinese. the statement says 'lui yun, lui mat, lui gai fong!'

had a very interested day today. woke up at 7.40...AM!!! went for breakfast with my housemates. had 'ngau jap'...which literally means mixed beef parts. not bad! cost me rm4...very much better compared to the HKD70 wan i had a few months ago!

very into white nowadays. bought a white vincci wallet a monthago, a white watch a week ago and spotted a white bag in MV before going for 7 swords. my mom said it would get dirty very fast. and my sis, like the very older sister, supported her. i threw tantrums like a stupid bitch and my mom gave in. HAHA!! but then i decided i'd get a cheaper one someday else! WHOOHOO! i love my mom!!

7 swords was good. donnie yen was so HOT!! his hairstyle is so...rebonded! hahah
the storyline's simple. about how these 7 swords found their masters and how the swordsmen/women saved the life of a kampung of ppl from the villains.

it wasn't as bad as what the papers said. EH! what the heck you expect lar?! it's a novel lar. and the author is still alive! u can't purposely change the storyline just to make it more interesting rite? the moral of the story is...(i've been telling everyone this since Pearl Harbor was released)...DO NOT TRUST THE STAR'S COMMENTARY!!

the choreography wasn't very good thou. it could've been better if it was done by donnie yen!

i found the tees i'd been looking for by UNDERCOVER. but it's freaking expensive. so anyone going to HK and find that they're loose of cash, buy for me...!

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Film Tree

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Intermission Madsaki x Jun Takahashi Tee

Saturday, August 6, 2005

translation anyone?

屋企個internet line都幾係野。搞左兩粒幾鐘﹐麼都開唔到。

中於開到啦! 以為有運行﹐點知個line又俾人踢斷左。。。

connection又慢﹐computer又慢﹐開個website都要等半日。坐係度望住個麼都無geh screen﹐感覺非常之甘無聊。唔係, 我都唔會打中文字啦。貪佢有寶meh?! 我d識讀geh朋友…三隻手指都數得‘口西’ 啦 ﹗




Thursday, August 4, 2005

it's thursday!!!

whoo i said in lynn's blog, i was still fretting last sunday about returning to pj.
1- It means i've gotta leave home for a whole freaking week again.
2- it's really not fun getting my ass to Utar...

but it's been a nice week.

went to redbox again yesterday and sang...i mean...shouted on top of my lungs. yook hwa is a good singer. her voice's sexy. as sexy as tammy's! SING MORE LAR!!!

i drove my pretty housemates in my tiny kancil to 'the curve' right after class. and 2 things occured that made me almost lose confidence in driving. right up to this minute i'm still kinda scared...STUPID ME!!

here's the story...

i was in front of tiara condominium in section 17 if i've not mistaken. there was a slope down and i was going at about 50km/h...i moved into free gear and allowed my car to glide smoothly all the way down until i realized a red light from a toyota camry flashing a few metres away from my car. HE DID AN EMERGENCY BRAKE!!!

i jammed on my brakes and heard my car srrrreeeeecccchhhh.

phew. it stopped a few centimetres away.

tammy said she almost pulled the handbrake. imagine how close it was. and while i was waiting for my car to stop, the only thing that went through my mind was...

"SEI LOR!! DUN BANG AR!! CAMRY AR! NO MONEY TO PAY!" brain's all wrecked up.

then i was already shaking a little until we saw a freak accident right the the junction before turning into the curve. that wasn't the worst. the dead body was still lying on the floor, covered. we went all quiet...i handed the keys to tammy and she drove us back later in the evening.

we went to the safari. too bad! no dogs. they were cleaning the cages and all i saw was a skinny schnauzer, running in circles. there were loads of funny looking fish...saw NEMO!! haha...and they had frogs too. went nauseatic at the reptiles area. there were cubicles of...ssssnnnaaakkeesss...ALL OVER!!! i mean...not all over lar. they had at least more than 20 different species there. although i dared myself to go near, i dashed off immediately after my left eye landed on a stupid red baby snake which layed itself comfortably in a tub of water...they look awul. soo yin and yook hwa kept telling me how beautiful the albino was...


reached redbox at around 2 and sang til 8. amazingly, i found '大哥' by janice. almost choked and died singing it. but can't wait to get my ass back there to sing with si mou and gutgut...HAHAHA

went shopping with my parents that day and had dinner in 'esquire kitchen'. my mom forgot to bring her lipstick and had to use my lipgloss...surprisingly, she needed a mirror to put it on. and then i realized why i didn't need one. cos my upper lip is of a straight line. i didn't have to bother where the curve was...cos i didn't have one. my lips are round!!

got a mail from Daniel Wu Newsletter today. they formed a BAND!!!!!! GAWD!!

bandmembers- Daniel Wu, Terrence Yin, Andrew Lin and Conroy Chan...
for more information, visit
it's cool!!!

Image hosted by

p.s- i realized it's easier to read with bigger fonts...TEEHEE

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

i'm not...LARH!

YOR!!! i'm not that fucking sensitive larh so stop saying that i am!!!


YEY! i straightened my pix larh.'s the start of the month. my wallet's rejuvenated! WHOOHOO!!! last month was totally sickening. had to ask my dear housemates to gip me petrol money and pinjam rm5 from one of them cos i had no money to balik rumah, just in case my car runs out of petrol...PATHETIC GILER!!!

thanx to a fren who flew back from aus...YES...u lar...linda chin! pigi redbox, pigi makan, pigi tengok this, tengok that...habis kering my wallet. PUIK!!