Thursday, August 4, 2005

it's thursday!!!

whoo i said in lynn's blog, i was still fretting last sunday about returning to pj.
1- It means i've gotta leave home for a whole freaking week again.
2- it's really not fun getting my ass to Utar...

but it's been a nice week.

went to redbox again yesterday and sang...i mean...shouted on top of my lungs. yook hwa is a good singer. her voice's sexy. as sexy as tammy's! SING MORE LAR!!!

i drove my pretty housemates in my tiny kancil to 'the curve' right after class. and 2 things occured that made me almost lose confidence in driving. right up to this minute i'm still kinda scared...STUPID ME!!

here's the story...

i was in front of tiara condominium in section 17 if i've not mistaken. there was a slope down and i was going at about 50km/h...i moved into free gear and allowed my car to glide smoothly all the way down until i realized a red light from a toyota camry flashing a few metres away from my car. HE DID AN EMERGENCY BRAKE!!!

i jammed on my brakes and heard my car srrrreeeeecccchhhh.

phew. it stopped a few centimetres away.

tammy said she almost pulled the handbrake. imagine how close it was. and while i was waiting for my car to stop, the only thing that went through my mind was...

"SEI LOR!! DUN BANG AR!! CAMRY AR! NO MONEY TO PAY!" brain's all wrecked up.

then i was already shaking a little until we saw a freak accident right the the junction before turning into the curve. that wasn't the worst. the dead body was still lying on the floor, covered. we went all quiet...i handed the keys to tammy and she drove us back later in the evening.

we went to the safari. too bad! no dogs. they were cleaning the cages and all i saw was a skinny schnauzer, running in circles. there were loads of funny looking fish...saw NEMO!! haha...and they had frogs too. went nauseatic at the reptiles area. there were cubicles of...ssssnnnaaakkeesss...ALL OVER!!! i mean...not all over lar. they had at least more than 20 different species there. although i dared myself to go near, i dashed off immediately after my left eye landed on a stupid red baby snake which layed itself comfortably in a tub of water...they look awul. soo yin and yook hwa kept telling me how beautiful the albino was...


reached redbox at around 2 and sang til 8. amazingly, i found '大哥' by janice. almost choked and died singing it. but can't wait to get my ass back there to sing with si mou and gutgut...HAHAHA

went shopping with my parents that day and had dinner in 'esquire kitchen'. my mom forgot to bring her lipstick and had to use my lipgloss...surprisingly, she needed a mirror to put it on. and then i realized why i didn't need one. cos my upper lip is of a straight line. i didn't have to bother where the curve was...cos i didn't have one. my lips are round!!

got a mail from Daniel Wu Newsletter today. they formed a BAND!!!!!! GAWD!!

bandmembers- Daniel Wu, Terrence Yin, Andrew Lin and Conroy Chan...
for more information, visit
it's cool!!!

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p.s- i realized it's easier to read with bigger fonts...TEEHEE

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